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Adéle Beaulieu arrived at Camp Half-Blood on February 2018, after receiving her high school diploma only four years after she discovered she was a demigoddess. To date, she's the only known daughter of Nemesis who has wings full-time, an ability that still confuses her to this date. Adéle is characterized by her pettiness, childish tendencies, and a constant need for retribution, something that she's in the works of getting under control, lest it proves to be deadly for any other camper.

Personal Info

Full Name

Adéle Eliane Beaulieu


September 13



Zodiac Sign

February 3

Sex / Gender

Female / Female







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Nova Scotia

Living Situation

Camp Half-Blood

Languages Spoken

English / French / Greek


Name Etymology

Given Name [ Adéle ]


Middle Name [ Eliane ]


Surname [ Beaulieu ]



Addie; Ellie

Favourite Colour

Passion Red

Favourite Movie

West Side Story

Favourite Song

Sick Boy

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Her brother


Her father

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Criminal Record

Killing her father

Medical Record

Intense pains whenever she exposes her wings

Adéle is a child. She always has been, and she probably always will be. While she can be perfectly serious if there's a need to it, she's marked by her childish antics that range between causing someone to reveal the innermost secrets for the stupidest of reasons down to the way she makes more funny faces at those with authority than a child does. She has the mindset of a teenager, which while not necessarily the worst thing, does have some repercussions. People tend to underestimate her, not taking into account just who her godly parent is.

Adéle may not look like a threat at 5'4 (5'2 at best, without her boots, but whatever) with flowy blonde hair and a sweet smile, but she likes to bid her time when it comes to slamming back at someone who's somehow gotten her on a bothersome mood for wronging her one way or another. She's smart - everything she does, she does with reason, without mercy and with no traces left behind. While typically her and her siblings' doings tend to lead back to them one way or another, she's very meticulous with the details of her working; she's a perfectionist and it's the ideal thing in every way you could imagine.

She's petty as hell. Wow, she's petty. It's like it fuels her every step, curling at the pit of her stomach like an insatiable monster waiting to pounce. She holds grudges, long and hard, and definitely does not forgive and forget. She always has a thirst of vengeance when she's wronged, and like most of the Nemesis kids before her, she never sits around until the score is settled; she has energy to shave - sleep is for the weak. It's not like she can't handle going for days without end with no sleep. She was hardwired like this, and she's come to terms with it. It makes her very extra most the times, especially when she's out for blood, but again, it's not like she can help it at this point.

Adèle is all about the sass and the ass. She's quick-witted with a mouth that runs quite quickly. She tends to be very outspoken and quite bold, especially when it comes to stating facts known to be true but never told out of fear of seeming 'rude'. She tends to be quite blunt like that. Defined by a resounding amount of courage, she's never really backed out of anything. From fighting monsters to fighting bullies, she isn't afraid to do any of it. She's quite valiant in that sense. Adèle is easily the kind of girl that walks in standing tall and holding her head high - she'd never show anything less than that. She's actually a very proud young woman who strives to show she's among the elite everywhere she goes.

Adéle likes to think she was born to lead. She has the essential qualities. Adéle has a clear (and sometimes exciting, for Nemesis' standards) idea of where she's going and what she's trying to accomplish side by side with her cabin, and is known for being excellent at strategic planning. She knows how to spot advantages and disadvantages and level the field; it's what she's best at, in all sincerity. Likewise, she's willing to take risks to achieve her goals with no assurance of success. It doesn't mean she likes it, but she knows how to deal with it.

Sincerity & trust is key for Adéle. Despite how much the truth may hurt, at the end of the day, she prefers the harshness of it ahead of a sweet lie. Sincerity is the foundation of trust, which she's come to discover is essential in all parts of life - especially when you're on the verge of being attacked by an unknown organization whose motives are still in the dark. Adéle has been forced to adjust to her new life quickly after being dropped the responsibility of leading her mother's new cabin, when danger is lurking. She's come to terms with it, but knows she needs to rely on those that surround her to get shit done and protect those that ought to be protected.

Humility is a concept with which Adéle still struggles. Having always strived to be the best of best, or to at least stand from a self-respecting point, it's difficult for her to accept that yes, she can be wrong, and yes, others can be better than her. She tries, but sometimes her efforts aren't exactly the best of all. Luckily, what she lacks in humility she makes up for in other areas such as strategic planning, focus and most of the times - cooperation. She knows a beneficial relationship when she hears and/or sees one. She works well with others when she knows the outcome will be good for her and those she truly cares about, but can typically be a hardass when she doubts the positivity of the outcome of any sort of relationship. For this reason, she can also be very judgmental (relying heavily on first impressions) and especially harsh when it comes to critiquing others.

Adéle is admittedly very head-strong and undoubtedly will cause many headaches in the years to come. But at the end of the day, she has the best of intentions with a clear mind, her eyes set on ideal goals, and her heart in all the right places.


Adéle's history is an intriguing one, involving a broken ancient law, winged earrings and a lot of resentment. Mathéo Beaulieu was a married man who held an abundance of love towards his wife; even then, he wasn't the kind of man who recognized the holiness of a marriage and often pursued other women. He was always careful and ensured nobody noticed his womanizing ways. His image and reputation meant everything to him - especially as the pastor of a church. But everyone, everyone, has that lapse in judgement at some point and ends up falling prey to one of their own traps.

His was Nemesis. He wasn't supposed to have an affair that night - he really wasn't. It was the one time he intended to dedicate the night to his wife; they'd been planning to try and conceive for some time now. He knew - or at least hoped - that if she carried his child, she'd be with him despite his shortcomings. But Nemesis always finds away, and in this instance, she manipulated her looks to resemble his wife's. He was a man marked by his brilliance; he should have been able to see Nemesis for what she was - a fake. A wannabe. He'd been in love with his wife for a long time, and had known her for even longer. He should have been able to tell she wasn't her. Maybe if he had - just maybe - he'd have bothered to use protection.

Adéle and Philippe Beaulieu are poignant reminders of everything he lost. His wife, his reputation, his church's respect - all of it. In retrospect, he should have been more careful with who he slept and under the circumstances he did so. Nemesis was a vengeful woman who always righted the wrongs committed against her. Between his first divorce being finalized and his second honeymoon's end, the goddess of retribution had returned. She wanted a second round, despite the knowledge she held in terms of their firstborn child, and tried her hand at seducing him once again. It was as easy as you'd imagine, if you take in consideration her wits and the precautionary steps she'd taken (i.e physically morphing into an identical version of his, ah, favorite maid).

His second marriage lasted a grand total of about three weeks. She'd caught him cheating before, with his maid, but had forgiven him under the illusion that that would be the end of it. But it seemed that once a cheater, always a cheater. Even with the promises he made of rectifying past mistakes and living up to his title as a man of God, Mathéo found a way to disappoint. Not only did he manage to lose his second wife, but he was also condemned to a lifetime of fear and disgust. His children - those he had conceived with Nemesis - had been brought before him by the goddess herself. But they were unlike any other child of Nemesis before them; the reasoning for this gift is still unbeknown to Philippe and Adéle alike, but they were born with majestic wings, resembling that of the angels of the bible.

As you would expect, Mathéo was appalled by the children he'd sired and the woman he'd slept with. He was vocal about it, too. Mathéo had the full intent to kill both his kids by throwing them into a stream, but it was at that point that a curse was bestowed on him. Mathéo fully believed for what remained of his useless life that that had been a blessing, without realizing until the very end that his errors and wrongdoings had sealed his fate and caused his timely demise. Nemesis was able to chain her children's wings with earrings, a design from Hephaestus himself, which would by extension regulate the demigod scent that the wings strengthened. But nothing came without it's condition; this was proven further when it was decreed that:

"You need not see their wings, but they will not be chained forever. And the day their true power is unleashed, will be the day you meet a terrible death."

Mathéo was positively spooked by Nemesis and her constant need for retribution, but he gratefully kept the earrings on his children's ears at all time. Adéle's earring was on her right ear, whilst her brother's was on his left. It was because of this that Mathéo prohibited them from cutting their hair too short; he didn't want to be reminded of the craziness he'd previously dealt with. While he wasn't a clear-sighted mortal, nor could he even fathom to understand the greater purpose their children had originally been born to serve and their mother's world, he had a feeling he still had a lot more crazy to deal with in the future. The concept made him turn towards alcohol. He spent most his free time drinking away his sorrows and trying to hook up with women. Unfortunately, he failed most the time, given Nemesis had, ah, convinced another someone to return his ill manners with erectile dysfunction.

He grew resentful and often neglected his children. Adéle, in particular, suffered a lot from her father's neglect. She knew she was different somehow, but she didn't know how or why. All she knew was that she wanted to experience that fatherly love that all her primary school friends grew up having. She had her brother, but even then, it just wasn't enough. All she wanted was a dad... and she never truly got that. In her spare time, she busied herself with books and all things scholarly. She wanted to be the best of the best and prove herself to her father; maybe then - just maybe - he'd show some kind of affection. Yeah, that didn't work out. Little by little, her hopes for a better life dwindled until Adéle came face to face with reality: her father held no amount of love for her.

Adéle grew up frequently attending the church. Although her father had lost his reputation in front of the clergy, he was still a man of faith, hence their perfect attendance. Honestly, Adéle had never felt even a little inclined to believe in God. How could she? If there was a God, then why couldn't He make her father love her? Things didn't add up, and her skepticism continued to grow until she ultimately faced the realization she was agnostic, at best. Never did it occur to her that she might have even a drop of Greek blood. It's why she was so incredulous when her first attack came to pass. She had a lot of questions when it happened; why did it happen? Who was her godly parent? Why didn't any monster attack sooner? Was this related to the winged earrings she and her brother had; the ones their father prohibited them from every taking off? She assumes so, because for fuck's sake, she isn't stupid. The second that hellhound ripped her earring off, she was overwhelmed with this sheer pain in her back, coming up to her shoulder blades and overwhelming her completely.

At first, Adéle was certain that she'd died. Her vision was hot white and she could only feel this overwhelming, intense pain that covered her body and drowned her in anguish and misery. She doesn't remember much from the attack after she received the initial wound; she wasn't even the one to kill the monster, as she was unconscious from the sudden overload in her nerve system. It had been two satyrs - Lionel and Richmond - that had taken care of the monster for her and her brother. At least so it was according to Philippe himself and the two half-goats. As if that was logical. Half-goats? Who know how to use swords? Sure thing, Janet.

It was difficult for Adéle to refuse to believe what had happened. Her brother nor the two satyrs had put the earring back on, therefore her milky white wings were completely exposed. Her back and shoulder blades still throbbed, out of pain, but she found it was more bearable than the pain she remembered of the last time she was in a fully conscious state. Coupled with the half-goats' exposure of their lack of human feet, and the admittedly convincing explanation as to why she'd been attacked, Adéle had very little space for skepticism. That said, she still found reasons under which she could label Lionel & Richmond liars. Her father didn't tell her anything - not once did he mention anything about the Greek pantheon, let alone that they were the product of him having sex with one of those gods. She didn't think some things added up. It was understandable when you brought into consideration that she'd been raised in a household where she constantly saw herself questioning the existence of any greater deities.

Unfortunately, the answers Adéle sought were out of her reach for the time being. At least from her father, anyways. Because after fleeing the scene in which the attack took place, and arriving home, she was filled with immense rage and a need for retribution. She was frustrated and annoyed. Her life had just taken a turn for the worse and confusing, and she didn't understand why. Adéle Beaulieu is never in the dark. Never. To make matters worse, Mathéo refused to answer any of his child's questions when she confronted him about the situation. He'd merely gone as pale as a sheet and began to pray to his God. The lack in progress she was making continued to get a rise out of her. She wanted vengeance. She needed someone - anyone - to pay for what was going on with her. And it just so happened that the only person in her vicinity she could take it all out on was her father. Mathéo's death came swiftly, at the hands of his own daughter, who plunged a kitchen knife into the front of his skull, through his eyes. She was horrified after a while, when she realized she had been the cause of her father's demise. Luckily for her, however, she and her equally-as-horrified brother were able to hide their father's body with the satyrs' aid and claim he'd left on a sabbatical.

By the time Adéle finally came to realize that her mother was a goddess, another two attacks would have happened if not for her and Philippe's protectors' quick thinking and acting. Only then was she compliant enough to sit down and listen to the satyrs about a camp in New York for demigods like her and her brother. Philippe and Adéle were quick to counter. They wouldn't be attending that Camp until they graduated from school. It wasn't that she enjoyed her popularity, so much as that she honestly valued her education. She still had the intent to get her high school diploma. She didn't care what the had to do, but she would not be leaving Canada in favor of a camp for 'people like her'. Nothing was wrong with her. On the contrary, she was better than ever before now that she knew her mother was a goddess. She was part goddess with wings that sprouted from her back - how could you not find that cool?

Adéle and Philippe lingered in Canada for four years after the first attack. For two of those years, Adéle used what remained of her father's money to hire someone adept at swordsmanship to train her. While the satyrs had offered to train her, as was part of their job, Adéle was intent on not accepting it. She was known for not going back on her original statements, with very rare exceptions made. The woman training her was adept at it, but she didn't know the little things that would make things easier for demigods like Adéle. But Richmond did, and that's why he was so frustrated when she turned down his help. He was forced to fend the monsters off for those four years, mostly because he was aware that should the monster get to Adéle, she probably wouldn't succeed in fending the monster off. She needed his help, but she was too stubborn to acknowledge it until two years after the first attack. Their money supply was falling, and they really needed to cut back on the amount they paid per month, including Adéle's personal trainer. They needed the money for food and clothes, things that were actually needed. Thus, her training with Richmond, Lionel and her brother soon began.

Adéle departed with her brother for Camp Half-Blood in the company of Richmond & Lionel the night they received their high school diploma. Unfortunately, they couldn't celebrate their victories, as their protectors felt it was crucial they got a head start to Camp. Adéle needed to train with her cabin and develop her powers; especially when it came to controlling her winds, which she'd kept in their earring form ever since that time she discovered its true potential. She didn't want to risk being discovered by anyone else, plus from the looks of it... it seemed as though those earrings regulated how strong her demigod scent was, too. It was crucial that she kept them on. She arrived at New York with the boys a couple days later. It wasn't long before she was claimed by Nemesis and moved into her new cabin, where she's sure to thrive for the next few years.


Face Claim

Lili Reinhart

Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Blonde (dyed)


5'4 (with heeled boots); 5'2 (normally)



Voice Type


Blood Type


Distinguishing Marks

Body Style





2 per ear for earrings


Strong (Lavender)




Mathéo Ludovic Beaulieu





Full Siblings

Philippe Beaulieu

Half Siblings

Children of Nemesis







Other Relatives


Significant Other


Best Friend(s)

Philippe Beaulieu


Richmond & Lionel









Maia / Quotev

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