Aiden Zhang
Son of Aetna • Head Counsellor

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Personal Information

Full NameAiden Yuchen Zhang
[ Zhang Yu Chen / 张雨宸 ]

Birthday12 July 2002
Age16 y/o
Zodiac SignCancer
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityAsian; Taiwanese Descent
Sexual OrientationBi-Curious
Romantic OrientationBi-Curious
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceTaipei, Taiwan
Living SituationAetna's Cabin
Languages SpokenEnglish / Greek / Taiwanese Hokkien / Mandarin / Cantonese
Weapon(s)Dual Sabre Blades


Aiden is very much so someone with a lot of internalized issues that someone his age shouldn't have. The inherited fiery temper from Aetna aside, as that can't be helped, Aiden has dealt with living in his sister's shadow his entire life and always felt like he didn't matter as much as she did. It took a huge toll on Aiden and deep down it made him feel almost unloved and unwanted in a way, and despite that definitely not being the case and being out of the environment now he can't help but still feel like that.

Covering up all those internalized issues though is your average new age teenager. Aiden has quite the personality to cover up how he feels inside. He's as soft on the outside as the rest of him is on the inside, being very clingy and affectionate to both friends and family. It's quite common for Aiden to want to take part in skin ship with his friends, whether it be cuddling or just holding onto them all the time. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, making it very obvious how he's feeling before he even opens his mouth. It almost seems unreal for such a cinnamon roll of a kid to be hiding such internalized feelings.

Accompanying his inherited temper, Aiden can also be incredibly sarcastic and sassy which people tend to confuse with his temper starting to flare up when really he could be in a great mood and just want to be a little troublemaker. He likes cracking jokes and playing pranks, especially on his sister who he is closest with despite the underlying jealousy.


Zhang Liuxian was always a big businessman, ever since he was young. He started out in a big firm as an intern and soon gained the knowledge to open up his own like it when he was a few years older. He was powerful and cunning and it didn't take him long to become one of the most successful businessmen in Taiwan. He was of the envy of many women, mostly for his wealth, and he knew that and exploited it to get his own way. So much so, it wouldn't be an understatement to say his company had shares in every sector of Taiwanese society.

One night during his usual escapades of leading women on, Liuxian met a woman who claimed to be a tourist, Oizys in reality, and he was attracted immediately. There was a strong aura of her and she seemed unfazed by whatever Liuxian said. She became his new conquest to tackle and, after a few weeks of a long and gruelling wait for him, Liuxian and the woman mated. Like those before, she left the following morning and he assumed he'd never see her again, to which he was oh so wrong. Not even a week after the two parted ways, the woman arrived on his doorstep and handled him a bundle which, inside, had a little baby girl that was unmistakably fathered by him. The woman offered him no explanation as to how the child was birthed so quickly and left with a small note with the instruction to read as and when the girl reached thirteen years old. Confused, but knowing a child abandonment scandal would wreck him more than him having a daughter, Liuxian took her in and named her Meiying.

Liuxian took to his daughter fairly quickly and soon fell in love with the father lifestyle. Juggling being a prominent CEO on top was a challenge but it was one he rose to, not wanting to let his new bundle of joy down. Three years later, he met another woman in a similar way he did to Oizys but this time it was unintentional. The woman herself ended up being the volcanic mountain goddess Aetna. Liuxian didn't intend to hookup with anyone but years without doing so meant he was desperate and, sure enough, not even a week later after the one night stand he was handed another child but this time a boy. Seeing no choice, he took him in and named him Yuchen.

Meiying rose to the challenge of being an older sister, doting on Yuchen whenever she had the chance. And, for the most part, that was completely fine but Liuxian noticed she had a tendency to not know how hard she would playfully hit him, still having no concept of pain as children of Oizys lacked one. Yuchen had his own issues as well, from a very early age he had a short fuse and didn't put up with a lot of things. Babies and toddlers don't really have anger in them, which was Liuxian's first indication that Yuchen was going to be a handful like his sister, just in a different manner. Yuchen could go from playfully fighting with Meiying in a child like manner to getting angry quite quickly.

The suppressed worries Liuxian had about both Yuchen and Meiying began to crop up again but, probably hoping both were just going through phases. However, no changes ever came about and slowly Liuxian began to get worried, especially as the two got older and play fights became more common - Meiying could do the smallest thing that came off slightly crossed and Yuchen would lose his temper in seconds, where as Yuchen could attack Meiying all he wanted, but she never would have a reaction indicating pain and when she retaliated, Meiying never knew how hard she hit which only led to Yuchen getting angrier with her.

Multiple things built up, Yuchen grew to have such a fiery temper that it had spread from not just Meiying but to Liuxian and strangers as well. That, paired with Meiying being far too apathetic for someone her age, Liuxian found it too hard to handle and sent his children to live with his sister in Toronto. The two adopted English names to go along with their new lives; Yuchen became Aiden and Meiying, Luna. By a stroke of luck, their aunt was a demigoddess herself and was able to at least sense a demichild aura from the pair, albeit not knowing who they were children of. She looked past Aiden's fiery temper and Luna's apathy, pinning it down to traits they had no control over inheriting.

The lifestyle difference for Aiden after moving to Toronto, despite being only three years old at the time, was quite evident. Obviously being so young, Aiden really had no distain towards his father Liuxian, but the quality in care was like night and day between him and Aiden and Luna's aunt. Their aunt actually spent time and tried understanding their inherited traits, where as Liuxian never did. Their aunt originally cited Aiden's fiery temper to him being a child of Lyssa or a goddess of the sort, not even taking the fiery volcanic goddess Aetna into consideration.

Being the Aiden was so young when he moved to Toronto, it really wasn't hard at all for him learn English as he hadn't really grasped Mandarin and Cantonese yet either, in fact since coming to Canada he only ever spoke the languages still because his aunt didn't want him losing his roots. Life in Toronto was great for Aiden, starting pre-school shortly after arriving and then kindergarten right after. There were times that Aiden's temper flared up again, like when another student would accidentally knock over his block towers or take a crayon he needed. It was hard for Aiden to control something that was wired into his personality.

As Aiden got older and his aunt took him to see therapists, they were obviously never able to find a direct root as to why these outbursts of anger were happening but regardless gave him different methods to help control his temper when he felt like lashing out. The methods helped a lot, and within a few years Aiden was more in control of his outbursts and could stop himself from having them, obviously flaring up every once in awhile of course.

Being in a house with three demigods, Aiden's first monster attack happened much earlier than that of a normal minor demigod would have. Being nine years old at the time and Luna being twelve, it took place in a nearby park when their aunt decided to take them out. It happened so fast that Aiden barely remembers it, only remembering his aunt killing what he was told were two hellhounds while a satyr killed the third. The satyr seeing the aunt as a suitable guardian for their age, left Aiden and Luna in her care.

After the attack Luna began training and got her own weapon, Aiden on the other hand wasn't allowed to. He was jealous for years that Luna was able to learn how to defend herself and he couldn't. At times even making his temper come back worse than before. He felt helpless a lot whenever a monster would attack them and he had to rely on either his aunt or Luna to defend him. Luna getting such special treatment from their aunt also made Aiden feel like he wasn't going to amount to as much as his older sister could, or that he didn't deserve the special attention and never would be allowed to get it.

Around when Aiden was thirteen, Aetna showed up to their house while he was at school, giving his aunt a pair of sabre blades. His aunt initially didn't want to let Aiden train, viewing him still as the baby as well as figuring Luna and herself were enough protection for him. This led to her hiding the swords in the garage until she was finally willing to let go of Aiden being a baby.

It wasn't until Aiden was fourteen that he stumbled upon the swords in the garage. He noticed that in one of them there was an engraved message on it saying Aiden, my son. With this new discovery, Aiden brought the sword to his aunt and everything was revealed to him. Luna was already well aware of the Pantheon, even knowing that Oizys was more than likely her godparent. Aiden on the other hand felt like he had been living in the dark that was Luna's shadow his entire life.

His aunt did her best to catch Aiden up to speed, doing her best to prep him for camp life while also still trying to figure out what godparent Aiden had. As he had no clue how to use any of his powers there was no real indication aside from the temper, but even then that really didn't narrow anything down. Truthfully he wasn't that interested, feeling like it was just because she felt bad for excluding Aiden for years while helping Luna. Aiden took to learning how to use his sabre blades quickly, seeing it as an escape. Learning how to use them offensively and defensively quite quickly. He never truly got to see what he was capable of when it came to using them, seeing as he was always either with his aunt or Luna.

Truthfully speaking, Aiden wasn't ready when he and Luna were taken off to camp. He was still a bit rusty with his swords although he had learned the basics quickly, and he didn't know how to defend himself without it. But of course, his aunt didn't take him into account when wanting to send Luna off to camp and lumped Aiden in with her. Almost immediately he was claimed as a child of Aetna, the first of his kind to ever be inducted into camp, becoming the head counsellor immediately.


Powers of a Child of Aetna:

  1. Children of Aetna have the ability to conjure weapons out of hardened ash which can be used for combat; however only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to increase the kinetic energy of atoms in an opponent’s weapon or their own for a very short amount of time, ranging from bearable temperatures of heat to something too hot for normal people to hold onto without suffering heavy burns. As a child of Aetna they will be unbothered by the heat, but for an opponent it can cause them to drop the weapon or item in hand. If used to disarm an opponent it can only be used once during a battle.
  3. Children of Aetna are able to construct armour out of obsidian and molten rock for a short amount of time. Although heavy in nature, while being used as a form of armour the rock is quite light while retaining its durability.
  4. Children of Aetna are able to create a wall made out of molten rock that breaks through the earth. The wall is no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and it can be used to temporarily block attacks.
  5. Children of Aetna have an innate resistance to heat and hot temperatures as well as fire. Although the effects of burning can set in if in proximity for too long, they generally have a stronger resistance than most. Furthermore, children of Aetna have complete resistance against lava and magma, being unfazed by the liquid's properties.
  6. Children of Aetna are able to survive/adapt to volcanic fields with dormant, active or dead volcanoes. They are able to deal with the extreme temperatures, smoke, noxious gases, hazardous terrain, and various side-effects of eruptions such as superheated gases and lava. When in contact with such gases and smoke they are able to breathe as one normally would without the presence of the fumes.
  7. Children of Aetna are stronger in mountainous, volcanic, and hot locations.
  8. Children of Aetna are able to change the temperature of lava whenever they please without altering the physical state of it. Making it cold to the touch or a temperature that while still hot, doesn’t match the actual temperature of lava. This temperature is as hot as all their lava based powers can get.
  9. Children of Aetna have the ability to absorb heat, magma, and smoke from a nearby source. As the heat or smoke is absorbed into the child of Aetna’s body, they gain energy from the drained element’s source, being able to use it as a temporary power and speed boost. Although only lasting for a short amount of time, it can be used three times in battle.
  10. Children of Aetna have the ability to travel using clouds of smoke, ash, and even magma beneath the surface. The user merges with the element and reforms elsewhere. The further they travel the more energy it drains.
  11. Children of Aetna are able to create a cloud of smoke and ash around them, spreading through their surroundings and potentially distracting their opponents which gives them time to flee or launch an attack.
  12. Children of Aetna have the ability to generate a fair amount of lava and being able to telekinetically move it with their minds. The more lava generated/moved means the more lava drained.
  13. Children of Aetna have the innate ability of being able to heal their own wounds by draining in substantial sources of heat, smoke and magma. Like a campfire. The ability can quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds. The source drained disappears once the user has healed themselves They cannot heal from heat-based attacks from an opponent.
  14. Children of Aetna can create a small volcanic eruption with an eruption range of about 10 meters from its source. The eruption releases mass amounts of lava, ash, and smoke. All of which the child of Aetna is immune to. The effects of the eruption vanish after a short time. Using this power is substantially draining.
  15. Children of Aetna are able to turn roughly ten meters of their surroundings into a volcanic field by either forming it from nothing or using the existing environment around them and shifting it to their desired form. In doing so they can cause multiple small volcanic eruptions, minor earthquakes, and even the potential for the earth to break apart exposing magma underneath which would cool into stone rather quickly. Using this power is substantially draining.
  16. Children of Aetna can transform their body completely into homogenous matter made up of either ash, magma/molten rock, or smoke. Depending on the homogenous matter making up their body, the child takes on different abilities. They can only transform into one form at a time and they cannot maintain it for very long. The user is quite drained after they revert.
    1. If transforming their body into homogenous matter made up of ash, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, as well as enhanced control over ash, durability, lung capacity, and fire immunity.
    2. If transforming their body into homogenous matter made up of magma/molten rock, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, dermal armour, as well as enhanced control over lava/magma/molten rock, durability, endurance, lung capacity, strength, and heat generation.
    3. If transforming their body into homogenous matter made up of smoke, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, near intangibility, flight, as well as enhanced control over smoke, agility, durability, and lung capacity.
  17. Children of Aetna have been known to have rather fiery and explosive personalities.
  18. Given that Aetna is a volcanic goddess, her children often make great volcanologists.
  19. Children of Aetna often tend to prefer hotter climates as they are able to withstand the heat that comes with it, they can find great comfort in the heat.
  20. Children of Aetna tend to excel at rock climbing, mountain climbing, etc.
  21. Children of Aetna our known to have an affection towards lava and fire, often being pyromaniacs.


Face ClaimLai Kuan Lin [ Wanna One ]
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourVaries between brown and black
Weight139 lbs.
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeO+
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlightly fit; slim
ScentEuphoria Men Calvin Klein

Family Information

FatherZhang Liuxian
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsLuna Zhang
Children of Aetna

Guardian(s)His aunt
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Aiden ]Anglicized form of Aodhán
Middle [ Yu Chen ]Yu -> Rain [ 雨 ]
Chen _Morning [ 宸 ]

Surname [ Zhang ]Family name without any special meaning, can also mean to spread or stretch out [ 张 ]



Favourite ColourSky Blue
Favourite MovieLilo and Stitch
Favourite SongRed Flavor, by Red Velvet
Favourite FoodGrilled Cheese
Favourite DrinkIced Tea
LovesVideo games / sports
First KissN/A
First CrushAriana Grande
First LoveN/A
First TimeN/A
Sports PlayedHockey

Instruments PlayedN/A
GoalsStay as counsellor passed a month
AchievementsBeing the first Aetna kid at camp
Biggest HopeTo become successful
Biggest RegretHaving such a bad temper his dad didn't want him
Best MemoriesN/A
Worst MemoriesBeing sent to Toronto to live with his aunt
Mental IllnessesSeparation Anxiety
Social Anxiety

Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

  • He's allergic to shellfish.
  • He has a blanket and a stuffed dog plushie he can't sleep without.
  • He likes to think he's smooth when it comes to flirting, but he really isn't.
  • Being the only guy in a house with Luna and his aunt, Aiden finds it easy to get along with girls over guys.
    • The only guy friends he usually makes are through his sports teams.


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