The queen of light
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Whitney rose pynn

Only with power you can succeed
At first instance she looks kind and nice naive and someone who would never break your heart but that is just a cover for she's very manipulative. Every move she make she may have already have a long thought out plan for the action. Many may see her evil and heartless but is she really just that?

The titles of kings..

The crown of hope

The throne of immortality

Combine all there would be a powerful ruler within the realm

Have you ever heard the stories of how kings and queens come into power? How royalty got the throne? How the victor is good while the defeat are the vile evil that was conquered …but this is not a tale about the conquerors but to tell about a child… whom wished for powers beyond her own… Aileen was born from royal descendants in the country of Ikhnaie a country which is famous for its oracle as well as having three patron goddesses. Her father was the third in line for a throne a man of full caliber yet lack the resources both his brothers have. He was the weakest and the one considered to be the weakest of the three. His eldest brother was the son of the current queen high and powerful with many connections his second brother was the child of a princess from the neighboring country married to his father as a show of good will while he himself was just a mistress child from.. . He fought his battles to get the throne to get the power yet after a few tries he just decided to give in to fate. The two oldest brothers even started to take side and planned to wage a war with one another when their father’s health started to take a turn for the worst. Each one had a patron goddess guiding them yet not to give them any other aid. The wisest of the three was taken by themis the wise; the strongest was taken by nemesis that valued strength while the third and last one, Aaron was taken by Theia the kind. Theia helped aaron as much as she could yet at that point but all he was interested in was to care for his father. His kindness won the heart of Theia whom came to him one day as a mortal woman looking for a job. Aaron being the kind man he was took the woman in and with her he attended his father every need until his death bed.

“don’t look for gold..

Don’t look for glory..

Look for the light that shines..

In the harshest of moments”

~Her grandmother..

With the death of the king the two sons waged a war with one another with the goddess full support while all Aaron did was attend to the people something the two forgot to do. Theia continued to be with him maybe this is what lead to Aileen...or her name before this Arina? The day after it happen many would have assume theia was the first to leave but no it was aaron whom was angry for him sin he begged and prayed for mercy to the three patron goddess of the city for that who he was a gentle and kind man fearing revenge from the goddess three. Theia hearing this laugh as she showed herself to him which made him even more scare to the point he went to Hyperion's temple and prayed for the gods forgiveness for the sin he had done toward his wife. Hyperion was shocked as he liked the other gods and goddess had some affairs along the line but not one of them reacted such a way that Arron did. Hyperion saw him pray daily to the point he was offered post for priest at his temple. He was about to accept before theia came to him with a child.. his.

“don’t fret dont cry

Don’t run.. and dont ever hide

Let your star shine bright and true

For the throne belongs to you..

~Her mother..

Theia told him how he was meant to be king she told him how he was worthy despite what the rest say. She gave him the child telling him for as long as he stays true to himself he'll be a good king. Then Hyperion came and told him the same. He told him the only way he'd forgive him is if he'd became a good king and send him off. well not before he gave a gift to Arina and Aaron. Hyperion passed aaron a sword that can show anyone the right way while little arina a blanket that could hide her from enemies. As for theia she gave the young king an pendant that could keep him save while for her child a bracelet that could change to a sword thhat could help her defend herself when the time comes to fight. Aaron was relunctant to take the child as all his life he was belittled by his brothers he felt he could never be the father it deserved or the king his country should have. But both gods encouraged him and with that he returned home with the child in tow. True to the goddess words his city that he loved was in ruins . The war his two brothers started had exhausted their resources and now the city was in ruins. Taking in what thiea said he star over and became the king he could be to the country and a father to Arina. For a while the kingdom prosper but alas it could never survive.

“What makes a curse so good?

Is it lust or envy?

Temptation or mere jealousy?

Howerver it goes... if we add them together it will be one disastrous recipe

~Her mother..

As the kingdom began to raise so did the demand for the king. Aaron soon found himself drowned by demands by his ministers. Unaware the two goddesses anger toward him was far from over. Themis cursed the king to forever be in doubt of his decision as for nemesis she cursed the man that he will be killed by revenged and his life was never safe. Both agreed to spare Arina after theia begged them to for she knew their vengeance was strong but for a price.. she needed to cast a curse on him as well so he cursed him to be blinded for all he had. As time pass the curse took on its effect from the kind prince aaron turned into a ruthless king someone arina barely knew.

“The past can never be the future

The future can beat be the past

Yet the present is forever certain

However can it be yours?

~Her mother..

By the time Arina was 12 she saw her father killing men and saw how men killed her father she felt helpless for in the greeks culture even if she was a princess she was still a woman and they regarded her as merely a toy. She heard the curse the two goddess placed on her father and prayed daily for her father to be released from it but no use as the two goddesses was too strong. Like a princess she was treated with respect ..the highest respect any lady could be given here but she wanted none of it as all she wanted was her father.

“With power comes respect and honor

With power comes corruption and desist

Yet power can save all the lives that was lost

And with power I can save you for once and for all...


By the time she was 13 she got her first attack...well not monster as someone came into her room one day when she was asleep. There had been a party so she was use to people trying to come into her room but that night someone actually managed to come in and tried to rape her. Luckily for her she was trained and managed to apprehend her attacker and as she went for the final blow she saw why the maids let the man in.. it was her father. Or whats left of him. She saw his eyes was red with envy, green with pride and blue with lust. He came forward as she was there frozen in shocked. Once again the man tried to attack her once more. Luckily her pendant save her and as her father was unconscious she ran which she then met up with Artemis. Artemis offered her a spot which she agreed and with the huntress she saw the world. She noticed how artemis had the power to do all she wanted and slowly she wondered if she could save her father. Yet however before she could ask hypnos come into the story. Hypnos had fallen in love with the princess and had tried to court her. She refused but the god didnt take no for an answer as he began harassing her for a night. Fearing the worse she went to her mother taking sanctuary in her temple. There hypnos was unable to touch her. Angered by this Hypnos cast a curse upon her to forever sleep until its a millennia . Theia pitied the child yet not being able to do anything gave her a gift. A gift where she could see the world in her sleep. With that gift she was able to see the world changed people coming and going, the gods destroying one another and her father dying from the curse. Seeing all of that she sworn revenge. Soon she was awaken and send to camp with the gifts she was given but she had no place there. Thus she opted out to the BC to which idea's detest her. Then She heard a new option.. the champions and with that she's here now... with a new name get revenge

Basic Info
Full Name: Aileen
Titles: Queen of Light
Current Location: The Spire
Affiliation(s): Anyone that she likes
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Not my main concern
Born or Created On: Older than you
Current Age: None of your business
Species: Demigod...sadly
Nationality: Greek
Sexuality: hmm maybe I'm straight maybe I'm bi what is it to you?
Accent: Any
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: Meloney
Inspiration Behind Creation: Chess pieces
Love Interests Char/Owner: None
Active RP's: ...
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Plans: None
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Word Bubble
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: catching a liar and assesing what people are worth
Preferred Weapon: her bracelet
Strengths: her skills
Weaknesses: Her heart
Quests/Missions Led: none
Quests/Missions Been On: none

Power and lust go hand in hand.. but so does power and trust
Possessions & Favourite Things
Pets: None

All the gidts she received from her past

Likes: being awake
Dislikes: seeing people she loves get hurt
Colour: Yellow
Music: none
Food: is food..
Animal: ...why do I have to pick?
Book: ...none
Quote: Death cannot kill anger...nor can it silence the unjust it had received
Drink: ...water..
Song: none
Movie: ....why?
Sport: None
Other Favs:
Appearance & More Images
Model: Whitney rose pynn
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blond
Ethnicity: European
Handedness: right
Shoe Size: 7
Blood Type: AB
Voice: Charming
Distinguishing Marks: none
Body Style: Slim
One Word to Describe: smart
Best Physical Trait: Her brain
Worst Physical Trait: Her personality
Mental/Emotional State: Sane
Things to Change: her past
Mental/Emotional disorders: None
Medical Problems/Ailments: none

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Theia
Father: ...the prince that went insane
Half-Siblings: Selene,Helious and Eos
Full-Siblings: none
Other Relatives:
Home: Wherever the wind leads me
Earliest Memory: Seeing father
Best Memory: Her brain
Schooling: Homeschooled
First Kiss: None of your business
First Love: No time..
First Sex:
Other Firsts:

General Info
Nicknames: ..This is classified
Native Language: greek
Character Flaw: She's very calculative that she wont take a chance if she thinks its not worth the risk
Fears/Phobias: Losing everything..again
Hobbies: winning..
Personal Motto: If you cant win you cant succeed
Things He Won't Do: Lose
Most Admires: none
Most Influenced By: Success
Moral Compass: Never straight
Most Important Person Before: her father
Most Important Person Now: none
Reacts to Crises: quick
Faces Their Problems: smart
Reacts to Change: her past
Alignment: either way
Dream Job: To make whats wrong right
Current Job: None
Smile and let people put their guard down... only then can you attack with less casulties
Vices: None
Bad Habits: She's very manipulative..
Sleeping Habits: Light and quick
Quirks: she would stare at you for a looong time
Attitude: Very sweet but distant
Special Talents: She can do arimathic in her brain
Social Skills: Flawless
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: When she's alone
Main Priorities: Winning
Past Failures: her dad
Biggest Accomplishment: Waking up
Darkest Secret?: Its not a secret if you know
Secret Known by Anyone?: none
Personal Tragedy: Seeing her dad die from the curse
One Wish: to go back to the past
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? none
Relates to Others? good
Perceived by Strangers: A very nice girl
Perceived by Lover: None
Perceived by Friends: someone that always have a plan
Perceived by Family: ...they're dead
First Impression: Someone that can make you smile
Family/Friends Like Most? none
Family/Friends Like Least? none


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