Aito Tanaka
Son of Oizys • Lieutenant Counsellor

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Aito Tanaka

Personal Information

Full NameAito Tanaka
[ Tanaka Aito
たなか あいと / 田中 愛東 ]

Birthday23 March 1960
Age20 y/o [ Immortal ]
Zodiac SignAries
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityAsian; Japanese descent
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationHomoromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentNew Yorker
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York
Living SituationOizys' Cabin
Languages SpokenEnglish / Greek / Japanese
Weapon(s)War Fans


Aito is a very alluring and flirtatious young man. Some may call him some rather unpleasant things such as a man whore or a slut, and they definitely aren't wrong, but Aito prefers to say he just simply likes attention from males. It's hard for him to resist when he sees a man he's attracted to, and with such a wide scope for his ideal type it's hard to find someone he isn't attracted to or willing to flirt with. If he isn't going to try and sleep with you, he'll definitely flirt with you and at least try and get some cuddling or spooning out of it.

It may be hard to believe given his past and flirtatiousness, but Aito isn't all sex crazy and hormones. Granted it is a large part of who he is, he also tries to live a carefree and adventurous lifestyle. He really does want to do everything he possibly could in life, such as travelling and living a high class lifestyle full of parties and concerts. He may sound like a complete scumbag just trying to sleep with hot guys and party all the time, but he truly is just trying to get it out of his system before inevitably deciding to settle down.

Living on Olympus and seeing Zeus and Hera's relationship with all their children truly did make Aito jealous, and perhaps that was the reason why he wanted Zeus so bad to have a taste of that family dynamic he always wanted and was always lacking without having a father in his life. Once he's gotten all his partying and whoring about out of his system, Aito wants to get married to the man of his dreams and raise a family, having loved kids ever since he was a young attendee to the younger demigods and nymphs up on Olympus.


Hideki Tanaka, a Japanese immigrant who moved to New York with his family when he was only twelve, was now a successful lawyer. From the outside, it appeared as though Hideki had everything. A large house, plenty of money, and a successful career. However, Hideki was missing out on actual human relationships, favouring one night stands and casual flings over a lasting substantial relationship due to his busy and demanding career.

Life was demanding on Hideki, and he tried hiding it by burying himself in his work. He only ever allowed himself to have a night of fun once a week, once every other week if he was too busy. On the night of his birthday in 1960, March 19th, Hideki allowed himself to have a night of fun in celebration of not only his birthday, but winning a case. While out drinking with some of his close friends, Hideki met a rather alluring woman who seemed to be around the same age as him. There was an almost heavenly air to her.

The night got away from Hideki and the woman, and in the morning he woke up in a bed in the back of the bar. His clothes were thrown half-hazard on the ground insinuating that he had gotten up to something the night prior. Hideki recalled exactly what had happened, and although it wasn't ideal to happen in a bar, Hideki didn't regret it. He went home to his condo after collecting himself and went back to his usual work routine.

You wouldn't be able to explain the thoughts running through Hideki's mind when a baby boy showed up on his door step only six days after his night out at the bar. Having a child was far from Hideki's plans, and honestly put a huge weight on his shoulders that he wasn't ready to endure. Figuring he'd give being a father a small shot, Hideki named the child Aito. Despite being born in America he still wanted the baby to fully embrace his Japanese heritage.

Five days later and Hideki quickly learned parenting wasn't for him. He made the hasty decision to put Aito up for adoption, leaving him in the hands of child services. Oizys saw what Hideki did from up on Olympus and she certainly wasn't pleased, considering Oizys didn't have as many demigod children as some so for one of her kids to be mistreated, it didn't sit well with her. She aired her grievances to her mother Nyx, with no real goal or wish to come out of the conversation. However the next day Nyx went to the adoption agency in New York and brought Aito up to Olympus.

Oizys was originally shocked that Nyx went down to the mortal world just to retrieve one of her kids, but obviously had no problems with it. Aito was raised by some of Nyx's handmaiden nymphs, obviously not being able to get taken care of by Oizys due to direct interference. Aito spent all of his childhood in the care of Nyx's nymphs, living amongst the gods and goddesses up on Mount Olympus but never truly interacting with any of them until he was about twelve or so.

At the age of twelve Aito began what would be a long life of being a servant to the gods up on Olympus. There was no real structure to his life as a servant, helping out wherever he was needed and with whatever god or goddess needed him. He was mostly used by quite a few of the male deities for pleasure purposes after he turned seventeen, some of his most regular "clients" if you will being Ares, Apollo, Zeus, and Dionysus. Although Aito slept with pretty much every god up on Olympus, those four were among his favourites and the ones he went back to the most.

By the time Aito turned twenty he was granted immortality by Zeus, Zeus saw it as the age in which he looked the best and wanted to preserve Aito's appearance. For decades the gods used Aito as a call-boy at night while he was a servant to the goddesses during the day, and for those decades he managed to keep the two jobs separate, not letting the goddesses know about his night time activities. That is until one night when Hera was searching around for Zeus and found him in bed with Aito and Apollo, both the gods using Aito at once. Hera was flabbergasted and banned Aito from ever sleeping with Zeus again, will also warning him that she'd tell the other goddesses if it kept up.

The punishment didn't just suck for Aito but also for Zeus, it had become quite common for Zeus and Aito to hook up in the dark of the night and even sometimes during the day. While the ban was in place it was torture for Zeus to watch Aito scamper around and continue sleeping with Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, and the rest of the gods up on Mount Olympus. Going against his wife was no new thing for Zeus, in fact he was known for it. So when he picked up his affair with Aito, nobody was really surprised. The two managed to hide it for some time, sleeping together whenever Hera wasn't on Olympus and then Aito would go back to sleeping with the other gods until the next time she was gone.

Unfortunately things can't always be hidden forever on Olympus, and Hera found out about Zeus continuing his affair with Aito. Not only did she banish him from Mount Olympus, but she also placed a curse on him where if he were to ever get someone pregnant the baby would only have a 5% chance of actually being born. Aito obviously didn't know about the curse, and even if he did he probably would have shrugged it off due to his homosexuality. But it'd obviously screw up his future had he ever wanted kids.

Now being 2018, Aito stepped down into the mortal world for the first time in his entire life. Before departing Oizys gave him a map to a place called Camp Half-Blood. She said there was a new cabin for kids of hers there and that he would be safe if he chose to attend the camp. Obviously having nowhere else to go, Aito went to Camp Half-Blood where he began staying in Oizys' cabin, as well as finding new guys to sleep with and fill the void of the gods who mated him for decades.


Powers of a Child of Oizys:

  1. Children of Oizys can inflict a limited amount of physical pain upon others nearby. The more pain inflicted, the more power is drained for them. The continuous usage of this power leads to the user become increasingly fatigued.
  2. Children of Oizys can inflict a limited amount of mental pain upon others nearby, the intensity dependent upon the will of the attacker. This will stun those attacked and render them confused and less mobile for a short while at a time. The more intense of an attack dealt, the more power is drained from the user. The continuous usage of this power leads to the user become increasingly fatigued.
  3. Children of Oizys are able to channel any feelings of pain, anxiety or depression that they are feeling into forming a weapon of these emotions. The more pained, anxious and depressed the child of Oizys is, the larger the weapon, however it cannot be bigger the one who conjured it. Only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it is only materialised for a short amount of time.
  4. Children of Oizys are able to enshroud themselves with an aura of misery and depression, causing anyone to get too close to them to feel intense feelings of the two and become unmotivated enough to not put as much effort in their attack. The aura remains for a short amount of time before dispersing, allowing those affected to return to their normal state.
  5. Children of Oizys are able to make those nearby feel anxious enough to turn on each other, even if the parties are fierce allies,to divert the attacker's attention away from them.
  6. Children of Oizys can make themselves immune from all physical and mental pain for a few seconds at a time. It is incredibly draining to the user and prolonged use will make the user increasingly vulnerable.
  7. Children of Oizys are generally more powerful among those suffering from feelings of doubt, misery or depression.
  8. Children of Oizys are innately more resistant to mental and physical pain.
  9. Children of Oizys are empowered by the pain of those surrounding them.
  10. Children of Oizys are able to detect what is causing a pain and will know the most efficient way to cure it.
  11. Children of Oizys, when their energy is drained from using their powers, will experience sharp pains akin to that of what they have caused.
  12. Children of Oizys are always able to cause slightly more pain, not damage, when they attack, regardless of what the attack is.
  13. Children of Oizys radiate an aura of misery, depression and anxiety which can sometimes heighten these feelings of those nearby - however this can be turned off as and when the child of Oizys wants.
  14. Children of Oizys can control mental/emotional misery, sorrow and woe at will, either lowering its severity or boosting it. This, however, cannot heal permanent or long-term symptoms of misery-related emotional and mental disorders, such as depression. The bigger the change to the severity of misery, the more it drains them.
  15. Children of Oizys can control pain at will, either lowering its severity or boosting it, though not to the extent of healing/wounding. The bigger the change to the severity of the pain, the more it drains them.
  16. Although incredibly draining, children of Oizys can perpetuate a state of pure distress which forces the victim to focus solely on the sorrow and misery in their mind, causing them to panic.
  17. Children of Oizys are able to make any recently healed wounds feel as if they have never healed, causing the opponent considerable pain depending on the wound. Additionally, they can alter any current wounds that their opponents have. Both cannot be done where the opponent is in too much pain, but enough to make them feel it and be weakened consequently. The more wounds affected the more energy is drained from the user.
  18. Children of Oizys can inflict intense symptoms of mental or emotional disorders associated with misery, pain or sorrow. The harsher the symptom and the longer it lasts, the more energy drained. This cannot be used to make someone end their own life or greatly harm themselves.
  19. Children of Oizys can place invisible pins on certain points on a target's body which inflict a limited desired amount of pain for a limited time without the need for one to mentally inflict the pain, which lowers the amount of energy drained slightly, as continuous usage fails to drain them. When placed on the head, the pins can inflict mental pain. The larger the amount of pain inflicted, the more energy drained.
  20. Children of Oizys are less likely to develop depression and have a higher chance of being confident due to being less susceptible to anxiety.
  21. Children of Oizys make proficient psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors because whilst apathetic to the pain, they understand it innately.
  22. Children of Oizys are horrifyingly more apathetic than the average person.
  23. Children of Oizys can sometimes be too dismissive of feelings of misery, anxiety and depression as they typically never experience these emotions as much as an average person would.
  24. Children of Oizys tend to not get upset as easily as others.
  25. Children of Oizys tend to be more sadistic and masochistic than the average person.
  26. Children of Oizys are able to give empowering speeches that will diminish the anxiety and doubts of others who hear it.


Face ClaimSota Fukushi
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Weight138 lbs.
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim / Slightly Muscular
ScentDior Sauvage

Family Information

FatherHideki Tanaka
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsChildren of Oizys
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Aito ]Affection [ あいと / 愛東 ]
Middle [ - ]-
Surname [ Tanaka ]Rice field and middle [ たなか / 田中 ]


Favourite ColourMint Green
Favourite MovieBattle Royale
Favourite SongGalaxy Supernova, by Girls' Generation
Favourite FoodUnagi
Favourite DrinkWatermelon Ramune
LikesFireplaces / cold weather / sakura trees
DislikesRude behaviour
LovesSex / winter / watermelon
First KissDionysus
First CrushZeus
First LoveApollo
First TimeAres
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedN/A
DrinkerThe odd time
GoalsTo find something he loves doing
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best MemoriesSleeping with the gods
Worst Memories
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

  • He loves the snow and whenever there is snow he can normally be found outside.
  • He is allergic to shellfish.
  • He likes men who have very bushy armpits, he doesn't really know why.
  • He also likes men with really good bodies, for obvious reasons.
  • His overall ideal man has an amazing body, bushy armpits, family oriented, and knows how to work wonders in the bedroom.
  • His call boy lifestyle could probably be cited to not having his father around.
  • Out of all the gods he slept with; Zeus, Apollo, and Ares were by far his favourite.


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