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Name: Alexander Hopeland

Age: 17 but is 285 years old

sexuality: Gay/homosexual

Relationship: single

Alexander Hopeland son of Elpis.png

Mortal parent: doesn't know

God/Titan parent: Elpis

Year of birth: 1735

Place of birth: Gambia

Appearance: African/African American/Black, slim body type, at the height of 5'6, dark brown eyes, and have whip marks on his back from being a slave.

Personality: likes to read books and learn, warm weather, has really high hopes, he always tried to see the bright side of things, and quite soft spoken at times, and want to knew morn on the gods and the new day of age

History: Alexander life in Gambia didn't last long because just the day after he was born and given to his father slave sellers kidnap a ton of his people including himself causing him to be separated from his father as a infant. During the whole long ship ride to the US he was taking care of ton of the slave woman will call him the baby of Hope because they always sense this hopeful or around him. They got to the US one to follow female slaves take care of him and nurse him as he was like her owns. Even know he doesn't have no remembering of his biological father a lot of the slaves who were taking care of him were like his mother father figure to him. As he was growing up he even sell to five different different plantations and the sixth one he was sell to was located in Texas where he was sold to the Hopeland family/plantation. Normally he was supposed to be cotton-picking like the other slaves that are outside but his new master ordered him to become his sons John's playmate since there are the same age. And through that the fourth John and him were on separable you never see John without Alexander who Alexander was the name that John giveth him too and it sticks. While Alexander is still growing up one rule that he has to never eat the food that was inside the house John near the head will always make food for him and Alexander to eat I want those days the mistress some John sneaking some to Alexander is she only scolded John but she whip Alexander multiple times to the point he was bleeding behind his back after that John was sneak out and comfort Alexander even helping him with his wounds at that time. As he spends a lot of time with John he find out that he was gay and have feelings for John his slave master's son but knowing that it was wrong he kept quiet. But then John then confessed his feelings to Alexander who caused Alexander to tell his feelings back during one day daily hangouts who from that day for us the secretly were lovers and boyfriends the only people who do know about the relationship are the other slaves but they kept quiet knowing that Alexander was happy. Also during this time while John and Alexander we're out one night having one of their secret dates as they're walking around at night a Manticore appears from the shadows attacking them instantly but it mean target was Alexander. As the two keep on running John trip over and fall as it looks like the Manticore was going to attack him as Alexander was not going to let that happen especially when John protected him so he quickly steps in not knowing what he's doing then not realizing it a light shines from his palms of the hands is it blinds the monster still shot but realizing that it was a chance for him and John to run who while the monster is still blinded. As the two quickly run back near the plantation still got baffled on what just happened sincere too tired they immediately went to bed after that. At the age of 17 Alexander and John were planning on running away because first of all John wants to see Alexander free our second of all John did not want to be forced marry to a woman and once to be with Alexander. So as soon as possible they took off since no while they're on the run no one really expects them to be lovers because people think that John was Alexander's master but once they reach up to the north they know that they're free and that they can be together. But Alexander have an idea and that he went to help other slaves to become free and so what the help of John there go back down to the South and free other slaves or help other runaway slaves in the underground railroad. They've been doing this for a good 7 months but one of these trips went totally wrong. There is in Mississippi helping a group of running away slaves to a safe spot as they're running from the hunters who tried to get them one of them was going to back to shoot Alexander but then John got in the way and got shot with the bullet instead who he was shot right through the heart making him die instantly. Wanting to keep the grip of slaves safe he told them where's the safe house at while he distracts the hunters and their dogs. As he was running away the dogs injured him pretty badly as bite mark on his leg a bad bite mark on his arm in a scratch mark on his back too. As he was running he found a lake as taking the chance to go underwater to hide from the dogs. After a little while was he finds out the dogs in the hunters were gone he used the last bit of strengths to get off from the water cold wet tired and bleeding he's laser as he thought he was going back to die. Then his mother Elpis appears she saw how badly her son was treated in the pain that he has to endure from hate therefore with her goddess abilities she summon a great jar as using her magic to put Alexander in the jar they're so Alexander can rest and heal his wounds too. She promised you would not let anyone open the jar until she thinks is a good time for him to awaken. Therefore she hid the Greek jar somewhere in the lake to let her son rest. As 285 years has passed and slavery has and she thinks about her son Alexander thinking it's a good time for him to wake up and out of the jar their show she send a Satyr by goes by the name of Isaac to fetch the jar. She told him the location and everything tell him that the jar was located at Tunica Lake. Once Isaac got to Tunica luke he quickly found the jar she was talking about as he opened the Greek jar who has dirt around it from being there for years. As he opened it a yellow light verse out of the jar as Alexander appear from it still wearing his old clothes when he was valley attack by the dogs as the dogs bite marks were all healed as he slowly wakes up he realized that there's something different. When he was fully awake he would start to worry about the slaves that he was trying to say who Isaac research him that slaves don't exist anymore who Isaac tells him that he was asleep in a jar for 285 years and that he was a demigod that he was looking for and and that he wants to take him to Camp half blood. Alexander was so confused about everything as he just took the s words satyr. Isaac didn't give them some new clothes because as their journey up to Camp Half-Blood he doesn't want people giving him weird looks. As the two were traveling up to Camp half blood Alexander was so surprised on how the cities look so advanced and how everything has change. While traveling with Isaac he asked a ton of questions on what happened to the slaves as he starts to notice that he sees a lot of African American people hanging out with other white people. Who I think just tell him about what happened at the American revolution war and the equal Rights movement too. And after explain he was a lot more happier knowing that there is no more hate against racism or at least not a lot in this damn age. It took them a little while but they made to Camp half blood and went to got there he was claim by his mother Elpis and when he find out he told her thank you for saving him back then. He then realized that he doesn't have a last name he didn't think about John and how he saved him to honor his fallen lover he give himself the last name Hopeland.

How did Elpis and Alexander father meet: Elpis meet Alexander's father when he was the tri-leader for Gambia that the time. She admire his leadership is his kindness to his people so one day she disguised herself as a pretty woman who from that she was able to get detention of his father. The two was spend time a lot with each other who Alexander's father will fill Elpis with confidence about her appearance and so did Elpis to him to. They're so after they're one night stand she left not until 3 months later on April 22nd 1735 she left her son on the tribe door set who Alexander's father quickly realize who the child's from and realize it was his. This is all happen before he was separate from his father and taken to North America as a African slave.


1-2 years old: during this time when he was separated and take away from his father from his home country. Women will help mother him while they are on the ship and he was also given the nickname baby of Hope

3-6 years old: during this time of his life he used to live in five other plantations before he was selling into the Hopeland's family plantation. And this is when he met the master's son and befriended him John

10 years old: this is the time where he got whip by the mistress a bunch of times from sneaking eating food.

11-17 years old: during this time this is when he finds out that he has feelings for the Masters son John. But kept quiet about it. At the age of 15 John affected his love to Alexander who Alexander affects back who did to start secretly dating for 2 years only the slaves know about their relationship but then say anything.(during this time too there is attacked by Manticore during one of their date nights and this is when Alexander saves John from the monster) Also during this time he run away with John to become a free slave and so him and John can be together. But also at the age of 17 with the help of John they helped runaway slaves to freedom. This was also the time where he saw his lover John got shot and killed just for protecting him and has he got badly injured from dogs chasing him. This is also the time where Elpis found her son I see use her goddess magic to seal him into a Greek jar so he can rest and heal as she's in there. Who she waits until the world was a lot more safer until he was abled to wake up knowing how much that he has to endure.

285 years leter: during this time he was free from the jar by a satyr who goes by the name of Isaac. Who told him about him being demigod and how he was sleeping in a jar for 285 years. During this time while traveling to Camp half blood he learned about what happened the past 285 years while he was in the jar and how African Americans and whites live in harmony with each other. And this is the time when he got to Camp Half-Blood he was immediately claimed by his mother Elpis who he think her or saving him back then. And to honor his fallen lover he giving himself the last name Hopeland.

Weapons/items: swords, Spears, spear of Hope ( the sphere of Hope is a golden pocket watch that can turn into a bronze spear that glows a yellow hope aura around it. And people who are around the user of the spear becomes more hopeful)



  1. Children of Elpis can summon small, combustible jars that explode upon impact when thrown at enemies. These jar bombs release minimal shrapnel (i.e.: several large shards that make a blunt impact, not countless tiny shards that can pierce the skin) and cause a mild feeling of negativity and unease to linger over the area of the explosion. The more bombs summoned, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can hope for an event to happen (e.g.: for an attack to hit or for them to remember where they misplaced an object) to slightly increase the chances of that event occurring, but with no guarantees, it'll happen. Hoping for events that are outlandish or overly specific (e.g.: for their opponent to spontaneously catch on fire as meteorites rain from the sky) has virtually no effect, since the chances of those events occurring are extremely low in the first place. The more strongly they hope for an event to happen, the more effective the boost will be, but the more energy they use. This ability must be selectively activated: if children of Elpis hope for an event without deliberately intending to boost the chance of that event occurring, they will not use energy but thus will not receive the boost.
  3. Children of Elpis can fire an intense, golden beam of fiery hope which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Elpis can blind an opponent with hope. This affects all forms of sight (spiritual vision, foresight, seeing potential futures, etc.) beyond just physical sight. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.
  2. Children of Elpis can rapidly summon a large Greek jar (pithos) around themselves to act as a resilient shield. The lid of the jar can be removed, but anyone who tries to open it in such a manner immediately feels sick and is hit by a wave of negativity and unease. The jar disappears after the user exits it.


  1. Children of Elpis radiate an aura of hope and optimism which can be suppressed through conscious effort. Furthermore, they have the ability to detect how hopeful people near them are feeling.
  2. Children of Elpis do not tire as easily when they have their hopes up. They are more energetic and heal more quickly in locations where hope is especially strong.
  3. Children of Elpis see potential positive futures and ways to achieve them, though they have difficulty visualizing negative futures.
  4. Children of Elpis feel comfortable in small, confined areas (e.g.: inside a pithos they summon for defense). They can breathe freely in tight, enclosed spaces without running out of air, as long as the enclosed space is not filled with a substance such as water or sand.


  1. Children of Elpis can project their consciousnesses to locations where hope is especially strong. Although they can see, hear and smell their projected surroundings, they are unable to touch anything. They appear to onlookers as faint, intangible apparitions, and their physical bodies are unable to move during consciousness projection. The longer they project themselves, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can summon a pair of shining, golden wings that allow them to fly briefly. The longer they fly, the more energy they use.
  3. Children of Elpis can bolster their teammates' spirits through their motivational words and actions, granting them a boost of hopeful energy in combat.
  4. Children of Elpis can summon several pithos to hold objects or act as decorations. Maintaining these constructs requires concentration, for they disappear once the user stops concentrating on them.
  5. Children of Elpis can emit a faint golden glow to brighten their surroundings in the dark. They can glow more brightly in locations where hope is especially strong.

3 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can blind more than one person with hope at once. If this power is used, it will simultaneously blind everyone, friend or foe alike, within what would be their field of view. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.

6 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can summon a pithos containing an essence of negativity, representing a negative spirit that was trapped inside Pandora's Jar alongside Elpis. When the essence of negativity is released, it will plague a single target for several minutes, affecting the target differently depending on which negative spirit it represents. Children of Elpis can choose only one essence of negativity to summon at a time and will feel moderately drained afterward.

  1. The essence of disease (representing the Nosoi) causes the target to feel sickly and nauseated once released. The target may develop a fever and shiver uncomfortably, and their limbs may feel weaker than normal due to illness. In rare cases, the target may spread the disease to their nearby allies, causing them to experience similar symptoms.
  2. The essence of pain (representing Achos) causes the target to feel sharp, stinging pain across their entire body once released. The target may develop headaches, and they will experience greater pain when moving or being hit.
  3. The essence of hunger (representing Limos) causes the target to feel a deep, insatiable hunger--like someone who hasn't eaten in a week--once released. The target may be distracted by the severity of their hunger during combat and will feel much less energetic than usual.
  4. The essence of despair (representing Oizys) causes the target to feel hopeless and distressed once released. Though they experience no physical discomfort, the severity of their mental pain will be strong enough to distract them during combat. Thrown into the depths of despair, they may be overwhelmed by anxiety and will have difficulty summoning the motivation to keep fighting.
  5. The essence of insanity (representing Mania) causes the target to have difficulty thinking rationally once released. The target may make abrupt, uncontrollable movements and may mutter nonsensically or laugh crazily. They will have little to no sense of self-preservation for the duration they are targeted.
  6. The essence of old age (representing Geras) causes the target to feel decades older once released. The target may have much lower energy than usual and will have aching joints that noticeably slow down their movement and reaction speed.

9 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can draw power from all the hopeful actions or environments they’ve witnessed, committed, or visited in their lives in order to become an embodiment of pure hope. This would make them more powerful and immune to all attacks, enhancing both their physical prowess and power over hope. In this state they retain access to their other powers, enabling them to fly freely using their golden wings, to passively radiate hope among their surroundings, etc. This only lasts for a short time, after which the user will be extremely exhausted and unable to use this ability for at least a day. However, the more frequently children of Elpis use this ability, the more hope they will have experienced in their lives, so later uses of this ability will be progressively stronger than the first.


  1. Children of Elpis tend to have inspirational, uplifting personalities.
  2. Children of Elpis tend to make natural-born leaders, revolutionaries, and motivational speakers.
  3. Children of Elpis tend to be highly driven to make their hopes and dreams come true.
  4. Children of Elpis tend to have good mental and physical health.