Alexia Delphin
Daughter of Cybele

Alexia or, as she prefers to be called, Lexi, is quiet an exquisite young women. With class, elegance, and intelligence to pair with her beauty, it could be said that Alexia is the total package. Which she is, though she is completely oblivious to the fact - as she is a very modest person. This daughter of Cybele is a kind person above all else though. Whenever a friend is in need of a shoulder to cry on, Lexi will be there to offer that shoulder. Or when in need of a listener, Alexia will be that listener. She is one to put others need before her own and will do anything in her power to protect the people she cares for. Even giving people she doesn't know or, who have done her wrong, a chance to prove themselves.

Underneath this though, Alexia is somewhat of a lost soul. She has no idea what her purpose in life is and for the most part, considers herself useless. Despite her passion in ballet and the violin, the daughter of Cybele doesn't know where she is going, wandering around like a soul in the field of Asphodel. In fact, some part of herself believes she shouldn't be on this earth, that she shouldn't exist though, that idea runs deeper. Coming from events from her past that she'd rather forget, if we're being honest.


The Delphin family. Just the sheer sound of the name would make people cower in fear. They were a powerful, rich, and in a way - a royal family. Well as royal as you could get in the year 1999 and trust that if you angered them well, let's just say you wouldn't wanna be on the other end of their wrath.

Vincent Delphin though, he was different from his family. He didn't quiet care for his families statues though, that never stopped his parents from arranging a marriage for him. By the age of 25 he was married and unhappily at that. He knew nothing of his new wife Kristen, only that her family held status in Paris, France and it would only increase the Delphin's families power as well. He couldn't really complain though could he? He had everything anyone could ever want. Money, Cars, House, Anything you could possible think of. However, he didn't have love and what is life without love?

To get away from his infuriating family and clingy of a wife, Vincent would go on many "Golfing Retreats". Of course, he wasn't really where he said he was but, instead he went off to a cabin his family owned just a few hours from the city. It was a way for him to get away from everything, the thing he called a life and while he was out there he was at peace. No stress could ever reach him here and Vincent was quiet happy with that. The day was like any other, VIncent would wake up, eat breakfast, shower, do some small chores like cutting fire wood and after all that was done, he'd set off for a small hike. Something he did almost every day however, this days hike took a turn for the worst. While walking down an unmarked trail, Vincent found himself falling down a small hill - once the ground under him had crumbled. He shouted and once landing he had realized he had sprung his ankle, which wasn't a good thing considering he didn't know where he was at and he was now hurt so he wouldn't be able to make it back to his cabin.

As if the universe was looking out for the man, the sound of another person could be heard minutes later - bringing up the hopes of Vincent Delphin. Immediately he began to yell "I'm down here!!" and just after he could see the figure of a women standing where he had once fallen from. He smiled brightly as he watched her climbed down and was grateful when she helped him bandage his ankle. "Are you ok?" The young women asked, as she gazed at Vincent through her lashes. The young boy was in awe by the women's beauty and for a moment didn't answer. "Uhhhh..." Was all he was able to muster out which cause the women, who later introduce herself as Violet, to laugh. After a short conversation between the two, Violet decided to help Vincent back to his cabin and from there it was the love of a life time. Something the swept Vincent completely off his feet.

Sadly, the love only lasted a few weeks considering Vincent had a wife to go back home to and although he didn't know it, Violet had a very important job to get back too as well. What was that job you might ask? Well, it's being Cybele, Phrygian Mother of the Gods of course. While Cybele did indeed love Vincent just as he did her, She couldn't stay around forever and she just couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. The truth about her title and the truth that she was actually pregnant with their daughter. What if he freaked out? So, just like any other goddess would do, Cybele disappeared but not before erasing every memory about her from Vincent's mind. It was the only way she would be sure that he wouldn't look for her and also that he wouldn't be heart broken once she left.

~4 Months Later~

4 months had past since Cybele left Vincent and just as planned, Vincent didn't remember a thing. All he could remember was his trip to his cabin and how it was as usual as it normally was. Nothing special to be frank and just like before, Vincent's life went about as it usually did as well. That was until Violet, or should i say Cybele, Showed up at Vincent's cabin once more. Vincent was chopping wood when he suddenly heard the voice of another person, the voice somehow sounding familiar. "Hello, how can i help you?" He asked Cybele, having no memories of her he couldn't recognize her. "I'm sure this will sound very strange but, it'll all be clear very soon." Cybele voiced before placing a hand gently on Vincent head and just like that, a flood of memories came rushing back. Vincent was taken back from the flood of memories but once they had returned, he ran to the goddess and took her into his arms. It here that Vincent realized Cybele was holding something in her arms though, that something being their daughter, who Cybele had named - Alexia.

After explaining everything to Vincent, Cybele left, leaving Alexia with her father and leaving Vincent with a better understanding of who Cybele really was and the struggle that'd be waiting for him once his daughter matured.

~Early Childhood~

Alexia Delphin grew up in luxary, living the life of a Delphin child - though she was always somewhat shunned by her family considering she was a spawn of her father's affair. This however, didn't matter to her step-mother Kristen. While everyone saw her as unpure blood and shunned her, Kristen actually loved her like her own and of course, the fact that she couldn't have children herself, was a big part of this love. Because of this, Vincent and Kristen raised the girl together. In matters of development, Alexia excelled more than other children. At just 1 and 1/2 she began to walk, at 4 she started school, and was also put into ballet classes. Alexia fell in love with the art of Ballet, the art of any dance as a matter of fact. though, this wasn't the only thing she fell in love with.

At the age of 6, Vincent and Kristen decided to take their daughter along with them to a concert. A concert where the main focus was violins. It was here that Alexia fell in love with the instrument and after the concert, the young girl asked to be bought one and to be put in classes for the instrument. Of course, since the parents loved their child, they granted the young girl her wish and bought her a violin. From there on, Alexia's life was all about Ballet and Violin and of course she focused on the other important things like school. She actually excelled in school as well.

~First Monster Attack~

After a few years, just like any other child, Alexia grew older. By this time she had reached the age of 12 and things were going quiet well. Her skills in Ballet and the Violin had grow quiet much and in matter of schooling, she was already at the top of her class. All was well and things would have continued to go well had it not been for a stray hell hound.

The beast had attack while Alexia was at home but, it wasn't her the monster was after. In fact, the hell hound was actually after Kristen of all people - who would have thought that Alexia's step mother would turn out to be a demi-god child of Pandia. It was here that Alexia saw her first monster and like any sane person, she was terrified. She watched as Kristen battled the beast and in just a short time, it exploded in a cloud of golden dust. Once gone and all emotions had been settled down, Kristen told Alexia of her heritage and even told her that she was from the same. She wasn't quiet sure who Alexia's parent was but, Kristen was able to sense it. It shouldn't be a surprise when i say that Alexia was shocked at first and somewhat didn't believe it but, what else could explain what just happened? From then on, the daughter of Cybele trained with her step-mother Kristen - getting ready for any monster attacks that might come along.

~Year of a Teenager~

After the incident with the Hell hound, Alexia became quiet fascinated with the Greek world. She read ever story and learned everything she could about all the gods, imagining what it might be like to be a child of each of them - which might have seemed bit childish. She didn't care though, who else wouldn't be excited about this? It was because of this that she spent a lot more time at the library, when she wasn't at ballet class, violin lesson or school. Yes, Alexia has a very busy schedule.

Today was like any other day, after her ballet classes Alexia had made her way over to the library and after about an hour - she was making herself outside. Suddenly though, the sound of music filled the air and because of this, Alexia looked up from her book and spotted the source. It was coming from a boy with a boombox and he was dancing though, the dance was not one that Alexia was used to - she did however like it. The music was good as well, she actually liked the song and her foot began to tap to the beat. Considering the demigoddess was the only other person around, the boy took notice to her and her tapping foot - which he smiled and danced his way over. From there he pulled her into his arms and the two danced, it was something Alexia had never felt before and when they were done she was taking deep breaths, there faces only inches apart.

Suddenly, her phone began to ring and Alexia was snapped out of her trance to pick it up - it was her grandfather and apparently he need her to come over right away. With that, Alexia gathered up her things and ran, thinking whatever her grand dad needed her for was an emergency. She didn't even get the name of the boy she had danced with before leaving...

Upon arrival, the daughter of Cybele walked into her Grandfathers mansion and let her eye wander around the area. Of course, he was waiting for her and it didn't take long for Alexia to find him in the living room - standing along side some boy who looked around the same age as her, 17. "Hello grand father, what was it that you needed?" She asked in a polite tone, looking from her grandpa and the young boy. "Yes Alexia, i called you here because i wanted to introduce you to Xavier Bellamy of the Bellamy family." As her grandfather introduced Xavier, Alexia watched the boy with a slight confusion. "It's nice to meet you Xavier... Grandfather. If you don't mind me asking, why exactly did you call me here?" It was after this question that Alexia's grandfather explained to Alexia that he had arranged a marrige between the two, probably another way for their family to gain more power. "But..but Grandfather why me?!" She shouted, not caring that she might have offended Xavier.

"Because! Despite you being a bastard, it seem your the only women in our family that the Bellamy family is willing to arrange a marriage with! You will do as i say or i won't hesitate to cut your father and step-mother off... then how will they pay for your precious classes?" It wasn't that she cared for herself or her classes but, she didn't want her action to affect her father - he'd struggle to survive, especially with the new bills coming in from Kristen's medical help. You see, a few months ago Vincent and Kristen had found out that Kristen had cancer and it was to late to cure it. The family was heart-broken but, with their wealth - it didn't affect them as much as you'd think. How would they go on if their grandfather cut them off? how would they pay all the bills? Even a full time job couldn't pay everything.

With all this running through her mind, Alexia only looked down and nodded her head - tears swelling up in her eye's "Yes grandfather, i understand.

~A Tale of Two Loves~

Alexia had somewhat come to terms with her arranged marriage after a while, Xavier was even quiet the nice boy. He was sweet and caring and even a bit funny and to top it all off, He played the violin - beautifully. It could even be said that Alexia was actually fall for him but, how was she supposed to choose between a boy she was being forced to marry and a strange boy she met on the street a couple weeks back? Oh, did i forget to mention the boy and how Alexia had actually come to know his name?

Well, it's a funny story actually. After getting the news of her arranged marriage Alexia began to walk home, just passing the gate to her grandfathers mansion when a figure came out of the shadows. "Who are...." Her voice faltered as she saw the boy face and recognized him as the boy from earlier. "Sorry, Sorry... i couldn't let my Cinderella get away though, now could i?" It was from there that Alexia and the boy, who introduced himself as Ronan, talked the night away and even continued to meet on many occasions after that. That's what leads up to the current time. Alexia was spending time with both boy and although it may have been wrong, she loved both boys equally. They both had things she loved and it was hard to choose between the two.

~A Day She'd Never Forget~

For a while everything was good, Aside from the occasional monster attacks, which Alexia was able to get by with the training she received from her step-mother and everything was well with her two suitors. Sadly though, the day took a turn for the worst. While Kristen was getting treatment for her cancer it seems like it had developed to far for it to actually be cure, considering her health took a down fall and she died. Alexia and her father were heart broken not know how to deal with the situation. Not like she had time to deal with it because on a ride home with her father, Ronan, & Xavier a Cyclopes smashed into their car - sending them flying and into a tree. Where the monster came from will always be unknown to Alexia, maybe it was just in the area and smell her scent? Either way there it was and walking over to the car.

Alexia, who hadn't been completely knocked out crawled out of the car and tried attracting the beast away from her father and two "Friends", as she referred to them as. Her attempt succeeded as the Cyclopes chased after her but, it wasn't very effective as it swung it's arm and smacked her - sending her flying and smacking into another tree. A scream of pain filled the air as she hit her back and for a moment she blacked out - her vision going in and out. It was here that, in her in and out black-outs, that she suddenly saw Ronan and Xavier standing in front of her. Because of this she was able to focus and her eyes widened at the sight of them. "Ronan... Xavier... What are you doing!" She shouted but the two just stood there, ready with large branches. What the two boy were seeing was unknown, maybe they were clear sighted and saw the beast in it's true form or maybe they were seeing some sort of mist version - either way, they saw the girl they both loved in danger and they were ready to fight for her.

It was to no avail though as with one simple thrust, the two were crushed under the Cyclopes' fist. Alexia couldn't believe her eyes, as if her step-mother dying wasn't enough, the two boys she had come to love - not only as suitors but as friends had just died before her eye. Her emotions were building up, to the point she couldn't hold them in anymore and finally she screamed. As if it were some kind of switch, the nature around her reacted and branches, rock, vines, even leaves shot towards the beast and impaled it from every direction. The cyclopes shouted in pain and before it could do anything else, it busted into golden dust. That's when Alexia passed out.

~Getting to Camp~

When the daughter of Cybele woke up she was on a bus leaning against the window. Quickly her head shot up and an immediate shot of pain went through her body. "Ughh where..." Her voice faltered as she looked to the side and noticed her father. "Dad?" She asked as she watched the man sitting next to her and recognized him as her father. "Did that really..." Tears stared to sweal up in her eye and before she knew it she was crying into her fathers shoulder. All her dad could do was stay silent and wait for the ride to be over. Once it was though they just transfer to a cab and suddenly the two were at the bottom of a hill where Alexia could see an archway at the top. Vincent finally started talking and began explaining everything. From Alexia's mother being Cybele to Camp Half-blood, which Vincent heard about from Cybele and Kristen - and yes he knew she was a demigod as well. After he was done explaining they said their goodbyes and Alexia made her way into camp. Being claimed as a daughter of Cybele just as she entered and being 18 years of age.



Violin, Ballet/Dancing and Nature (Of course)


Death, losing people close to her, and being useless

Basic Info
Full Name Alexia Delphin
Nickname Lexi
Age 18
Nationality French
Ethnicity Caucasian
Home Paris, France
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location Camp Half-Blood
Gender Female
OOC Plans Rp her with time and others to develop her more
Model Daria Sidrochuk
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Auburn
Height 5'6
Voice ???
Body Style Slender/Fit
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Caucasian
Past Relations
First Kiss
First Love Ronan & Xavier
First Ex None
Most Recent Ex None
Relationship Status Single
Dating(?) None
Sexuality Heterosexual
God Parent Cybele
Mortal Parent Vincent Delphin
Half-Sibling(s) Cybele's Cabin
Full Sibing(s) None
Cousin(s) None

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