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AndreapixelAndrea SwanAndreapixel
Daughter of Zeus
Owned by: AoCatrene
Andrea Theme

“They tell you to be you. Now they judge you.”
Andrea have been in camp for years. Although she have a few friends she still wanted to be alone. Andrea is Daughter of Zeus she's 17 years old. She's straight and currently single.
she is very dominant and sometimes loner but when you and her are close she is very open-minded and helpful. In a group, she will be a leader.She can be sometimes mean but she's really kind and thoughtful inside.She loves reading any romance book.

Andrea's Mother Divine Swan who is a mortal who can see through a mist was a proffesional/Natural Air Glider. One time she met Tyrone a very handsome and attractive man, They Liked each other after they met, Soon Tyrone invited divine for a date. Divine Prepared for it, Light blonde curly hair blue eyes and white fancy dress Tyrone was really attracted to Divine So soon they made love. February 13 1996 when Andrea was Born and soon Tyrone left them.Despite that Divine was a mortal who can see through a mist she knew Tyrone was a god and Understand why he left.As the day Andrea was born she was showing signs that she really is a daughter of a god (zeus), When Andrea was 7 Despite that she don't have a father anymore her classmates kept teasing her that she is a loner and she don't have a father Ofcourse Andrea would got Pissed but she didnt do anything but to cry, as soon as she started crying it also started raining and numerous Lightning Appeared it rained like there was a typhoon but as soon as andrea stopped crying the rain stopped too and the sky went to light blue.10 years old when andrea went on shopping to buy random thing for their project then suddenly a Stymphillian Birds attacked them, Luckily they managed to escape. Right after that andrea rushed to divine and she told her mother what happened earlier after that divine packed all andrea's things up and decided to take Anna to summer camp for her safety. When they were near in the camp another flock of stymphilian birds were following them. Divine saw it and felt nervous, soon Andrea also saw the stymphilian and she heard his father's voice telling she can call and control lightning by just snapping. She was determined to fight the birds. She told Divine to stop driving, Andrea steped out the car waiting for the birds to come closer, Soon the birds was closer and Andrea soon snapped and numerous lightning appeared in the sky which struck the birds, she was surprised that she can do such a thing, then she snapped once again and the flock of stymphilian birds was knocked down. Divine changed her mind on taking andrea to camp , She decided to train Andrea on using weapons (a resident satyr gave her a CB sword 'cause Divine helped on of them.) Andre became fairly good with sword On her Graduation in high school Giants and Stymphilian birds suddenly attacked on the ceremony. For the whole school's safety Andrea called the monsters outside the field. Divine was determined that andrea can beat the monster. Andrea Snapped and it knocked the birds down then she attacked and stabbed the giants, right after that Divine escorted Andrea to camp and Divine gave Andrea a Cellphone though she must only use it in Emergencies

Anna Stepped on the borders and she was quickly claimed by Zeus

Basic Info
Full Name: Andrea Swan
Titles: Daughter of Zeus
Determined Lightning
Current Location: Zeus' Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: February 13, 1995
Current Age: 17
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: AoCatrene
Inspiration Behind Creation: *shrugs*
Love Interests Char/Owner: Reading
Active RP's: None
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3/6/9 Month Powers: 3 - 6 & 9 monthly power

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Word Bubble
Andrea Swan ~ Daughter of Zeus

"That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt."
"I didn't live to impress sh*tty people.
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'8  Weight: 46kg
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: America  Main Weapon: Armband that can turn into a cb sword
 Accent: American
 – "My purpose in everyday life is not to impress or entertain people."

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Daughter of Zeus:

  1. Children of Zeus have the ability to create small bolts of lightning that can be directed to strike near them; doing so drains them a moderate amount.
  2. Children of Zeus have the ability to flow an electrical current into any sort of metal weaponry which will shock anyone it strikes; the current can only be maintained while they are holding the weapon.
  3. Children of Zeus can send an electric current through their body which gives them the ability to move extremely fast for a short time; however, they cannot have a weapon drawn so the speed is purely for evasion.
  4. Children of Zeus have the ability to emanate a field of electrical energy which stuns anyone nearby them for a short time; while maintaining the field, they cannot move.
  5. Children of Zeus are innately resistant to both electricity and lightning.
  6. Children of Zeus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them.
  7. Children of Zeus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; this can also be used oppositely to slow the movements or attacks of others.
  8. Children of Zeus are able to call to their aid a flock of birds, that will then help to either defend or attack, but only for a short time.
  9. Children of Zeus are able to cause a booming thunder to sound, that stuns an enemy for a few seconds.
  10. Children of Zeus can summon a weather front to an area for a short time, it can only be one type of weather at a time, whether it's a thunderstorm/rainstorm, snowstorm, hail storm, sleet/ice storm or a wind storm, and only lasts for a short time.
  11. Children of Zeus have the ability to create a large lightning storm which will begin to randomly strike the nearby area with large bolts of lightning, with no regard to friend or foe; doing so drains the child of Zeus extremely.
  12. Children of Zeus are able to transform into an eagle, as an eagle they are able to fly faster longer without tiring, but the longer they sustain this form, the more time they need to rest between transformations.
  13. Children of Zeus generally make strong leaders.
  14. Children of Zeus are generally good at predicting the weather, as Zeus was also the god of weather.
  15. Children of Zeus are rarely afraid of heights.
  16. In some cases children of Zeus are prone to being claustrophobic, as they generally prefer open spaces.

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Zeus powers

Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Can summon a weather front. Fairly good with sword
Preferred Weapon: Sword
Strengths: Mostly Offensive
Weaknesses: Defensive
Quests/Missions Led: 0
Quests/Missions Been On: 0

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: a single room at Zeus' Cabin
Pets: WIP


Likes: She likes and loves reading books that has romance and action this wee the genre that she will always read. While reading a book she listen to music she also like music and adores them. She like rains she find peace in every drop
Dislikes: {{{dislikes}}}
Colour: White
Music: Pop
Food: Pastries
Animal: Dog
Book: The Mortal Instruments trilogy
Quote: "If you obey all the rules. You'll miss all the fun"
Drink: Hot Chocolate
Song: Make you feel my love
Movie: Twilight
Sport: Swimming
Other Favs: WIP
Appearance & More Images
Model: Vocaloid IA
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Light Blonde
Height: 5'4
Weight: 43kg
Ethnicity: American
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 6
Blood Type: O
Voice: WIP till I find this out >.<
Distinguishing Marks: N/A
Body Style: slim
One Word to Describe: Cold
Best Physical Trait: Eyes
Worst Physical Trait: Height
Mental/Emotional State: WIP
Things to Change: Doesn't mind
Mental/Emotional disorders: WIP
Medical Problems/Ailments: WIP


Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Divine Swan
Father: Zeus
Creator: N/A
Half-Siblings: Other children of Zeus
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Unknown
Home: America
Earliest Memory: Air gliding with her mother
Best Memory: Eyes
Schooling: N/A
First Kiss: Liam Anderson
First Love: N/A
First Sex: -
Other Firsts: WIP


General Info
Nicknames: Andrea, eya, Adie.
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: you get to be more close to her if you put an effort.
Fears/Phobias: Abandonment
Hobbies: Reading, playing
Personal Motto: :)
Things He Won't Do: Cheat
Most Admires: Zeus
Most Influenced By: Mother and Friends
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Mother
Most Important Person Now: Mother and Friends
Reacts to Crises: Doesn't Bother
Faces Their Problems: Handles it by herself
Reacts to Change: Doesn't mind
Alignment: Good
Dream Job: :3
Current Job: N/A
“The more you care the more you get hurt”
Vices: WIP
Bad Habits: She leaves a group or party of she's bored
Sleeping Habits: sometimes her sleep becomes 12 hours
Quirks: She'll lock herself in her room if she's sad
Attitude: Cold
Special Talents: Can be a good leader
Social Skills: Cold
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: Alone
Main Priorities: is to see her mother every now and then
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: WIP
Darkest Secret?: She cares
Secret Known by Anyone?: No
Personal Tragedy: WIP
One Wish: She can be with her mom all the time
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Sometimes
Perceived by Strangers: Cold
Perceived by Lover: WIP
Perceived by Friends: Soft Ice
Perceived by Family: WIP
First Impression: Cold
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least? Attitude


Andrea Theme
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