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Andrew mosly likes to play around a lot, he doesn't eat as much as the average guy does. he loves it when people do whatever he wants and loves to dye his hair. He is totally loyal to anyone he is close to especially his sister and father, he would lay his life out for people he loves. (pompous brat)


Butch Smythe was an editor for a local newspaper. He lived just along the coast of California and lived with his wife Isabelle. A rift between their marriage pushed Butch away from his wife. Which eventually led to multiple affairs. The couple got further and further apart. Leading to more and more affairs by Butch. The marriage soon ended after Butch's wife had found out about all the many affairs, but it was to late, as Limos had already gotten pregnant by Butch when she had come down one night from Olympus. Seven months had passed quickly, and Limos had given birth to a pair of twins. Knowing she couldn't raise them, she took them down to Butch who was busy signing the divorce papers at the time. Seeing he was busy, she put the children in a baby's crib and ran off. When Butch returned to his bedroom, with Isabelle, she saw the children and fell in love with them. Unsure how they got there Butch was in shock, but when Isabelle asked where they had came from, Butch thought of a lie and told her he adopted them to keep their relationship in tact.

With the divorce papers being ripped up, and Butch and Isabelle staying together. They named the children Andrew and Riley. Andrew the boy, was older by four minutes. While Riley was his "little" sister. The twins grew up never really spending much time together, always having a different group of friends. The only time they did spend time together was when they were at home, or when they were walking to school. Soon at the age of ten, when they were walking home from school, they had taken a short cut through the forest that was behind their school. The twins had gotten lost and soon, attacked by a hydra. Barely managing to evade the fire coming from it's mouth, the twins had to keep running to stay alive. When they thought they had made it into thick enough brush, the hydra would just burn it down, causing an even bigger problem. As not only was there a hydra after them, but now the forest around them was burning down. When they reached the field of their backyard, the hydra had been stopped by what appeared to be a goat legged human.

They man had quickly scared the hydra of with Greek fire and ran to the twins aid. The satyr took them inside and confronted their father about the hydra. As Butch was not ready for them to leave, he selfishly told the satyr to leave. Obeying his orders the satyr left, but told him he would soon come back on the Andrew and Riley's fifteenth birthday. With Butch now being over protective three years had passed and there was little to no monster attacks, except for the odd hellhound attack. But the twins were easily prepared this time and managed to trap them before they could get close enough to the house. With multiple traps set up outside their house, no monster had made it within a few meters of it without getting caught up in a trap. The monsters that did get captured would end up with a celestial bronze spear, sword, or arrow to the head. With the extra celestial bronze that the satyr had left behind, the twins were ready for anything.

Or so they thought, when it came time for their fifteenth birthday, two Scythian Dracanae managed to flee all the traps and made it into the house. Killing Isabelle and Butch immediately. Will the twins were asleep, the Scythian Dracanae dragged them outside and set fire to the house. Burning their parents. With no weapon to fend them off, the twins had nothing to help them. They're only hope was to lure them into traps. Riley swiftly jumped to her feet and took off towards the tree line, managing to get one of the Scythian Dracanae tangled up in a fishing net. Will Andrew led the other one over to a pit trap. They managed to salvage a spear and a sword from their shed outside and quickly killed the Scythian Dracanae, but soon the satyr had shown up.

He took the twins to the gate of camp, but told them he had to go and save another demigod who was near. When the satyr ran off, two hellhounds jumped from trees and tackled them both to the ground. Struggling to get free Andrew managed to lift his sword up and jab the hellhound in the chest. However Riley was out of luck as she was roughly ten meters away with a hellhound nearly biting off her face. With her spear to far for reach, she was destined to die, until Andrew managed to evade the hellhounds quick jaws and stabbed the hellhound in the neck, once the dust had cleared the twins ran into the borders of camp, where Limos claimed them.



  1. Children of Limos have the ability to force hunger upon a person, causing digestive pain and sudden slowness of movements for a short period of time. The intensity of hunger can be augmented, but drains more energy.
  2. Children of Limos have the ability to drain the life of the plants and soil around them in order to empower their attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Limos have the ability to create a small field around them that employ the effects of hunger to cause muscle atrophy, causing every movement to be painful for a short time. This causes anyone stepping in the field to stop in their movements out of pain. The longer the field is maintained, the more energy it drains.
  2. Children of Limos have the ability to create small illusions of food desired by a person. The food varies for each person, but all the same, these illusions distract them. The longer the illusion is held, the more energy it drains. If the user attacks while the illusion is in effect, it automatically shatters. So the power is purely defensive.


  1. Children of Limos are innately more resistant to hunger, and the effects/diseases/ailments brought by it. They can survive more days without eating or drinking anything without being exposed to effects than others.
  2. The more hungrier the people around them are, or the more their surroundings are rotten/wilted, the more powerful the user becomes. They cannot gain power from hunger and wilting created with Passive 3.
  3. When in the presence of a child of Limos, people feel more hungry and crave more for food and plants tend to die and wilt around them. Making it hard for opponent’s to focus slightly and fight if they’re using plant-based abilities. They can shut off this ability for a long time if they wish.
  4. Children of Limos can sense if either a person or animal nearby is hungry just by looking at them.


  1. Children of Limos have the ability to suppress someone's hunger for a short time, allowing them to think more clearly despite of extreme hunger. They, however, cannot do this upon themselves. Also, when the effect wears off, the affected person may experience stronger hunger than before.
  2. Children of Limos have the ability to employ hunger to cause vitamin deficiency diseases such as anaemia, diarrhea, scurvy, skin rashes and edema upon a person, incapacitating them for a short time. This allows the child of Limos to attack or flee freely. Over time, the disease wears off, making the victim normal and healthy again.
  3. Children of Limos have the ability to curse any edible object to become ineffective to one's hunger, causing the consumer to stay hungry, even if they ate already. They can also cause food or any edible item to rot with a simple touch. This ability does not include animals.
  4. Children of Limos have the ability to induce severe and unsatisfied hunger upon themselves, causing their stomachs to become seemingly bottomless, and their digestive systems to adapt to almost anything a child of Limos ingests for a short time. While in this state, they can consume and digest almost any substance without injury. They cannot also eat any object larger than their mouths and those that their teeth can't chew (they can swallow very small pieces of wood, stone or metal though). The more they consume, the more strength, agility and speed they obtain. When they revert to their normal self, they are incapacitated for moderate periods of time. The objects eaten are then transformed into harmless materials expelled during defecation.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Limos have the ability to create an illusion of a massive famine on the immediate area. Enemies affected by the illusion will begin to hallucinate a raid of locusts destroying the remaining plants, extremely malnourished and rotting bodies (whether animal or people) littering the ground, and everything they see is almost barren, empty and a wasteland. This instils panic among victims, causes them to vomit out of disgust and begin to extremely crave for food. The illusion can reach an extent wherein the panic caused by the famine can create chaos. The illusion only lasts for a short time, and drains the user of a very large amount.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Limos have the ability to employ famine to cause the immediate area around them to suddenly wither, making plants and organisms wilt and become dehydrated and make the affected soil unusable to produce plants or crops and nearby targets very dry and weak for a short period of time. This power is mainly used to render plant-based powers completely useless, weaken opponents and greatly empower themselves. Over time, the effects revert back, and drains a considerable amount of energy from the user.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Limos can draw power from all the hunger they’ve seen, felt or created in their lives and become an embodiment of hunger. This would make them more powerful, making them immune to all attacks, enhancing their physical prowess and power over hunger they previously possessed. This only lasts for a short time, after which the user will be so exhausted they’d lack the ability to even move for some time and could even faint.


  1. Children of Limos sometimes have great appetites, they tend to consume vast amounts of food and always feel hungry. While others don’t often feel hungry at all and can live off of small portions, sometimes it can even get to the point they appear anorexic because they eat so little but have such high metabolisms.
  2. Children of Limos often get hungry right after eating.
  3. Children of Limos normally don’t gain weight from what they eat.


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