Apate won the God/Goddess of the Month Poll competition for October 2012.


Gender Female
Status Immortal
Parents Nyx and Erebus
Hair Colour Black
Home Olympus
Siblings Nemesis, Eris, Lyssa, Moros, Thanatos, Momus, Geras, Oizys, Keres and more

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Then subtle-minded Hera began to coax wily Apate (Deceit) with wily words, hoping to have revenge on her husband: ‘Good greeting, lady of wily mind and wily snares! Not Hermes Hoax-the-wits himself can outdo you with his plausible prittle-prattle! Lend me also that girdle or many colours, which Rheia once bound about her flanks when she deceived her husband! I bring no pretrified shape for my Kronion [Zeus], I do not trick my husband with a wily stone. No! a woman of the earth compels me--whose bed makes furious Ares declare that he will house in heaven no more! What do I profit by being a goddess immortal?

Apate was the goddess/personification of fraud, deceit, trickery, deception and guile. She was one of the evil spirits released from Pandora's Box. Apate is the child of Nyx, the ancient goddess of night before the Olympians took over, and Erebus, the ancient god of darkness. She was one of the number of beings trapped within the pithos given to Pandora by the Olympians, but was set free when Pandora opened the pithos out of curiosity. For several millennia, she roamed the Earth, sewing havoc wherever she went as she used her gifts to deceive mankind and to teach them to be deceitful.

Apate's male counterpart was Dolos the daimon of trickery and wiles. She was also a companion of the Pseudologoi (Lies). Her opposite number was Aletheia the spirit of truth. Her Roman counterpart was Fraus.


Apate is the minor/primordial goddess personifying deceit, fraud, and deception, which also sums up her personality quite well. She is cunning and cruel, and her thought process is usually twisted and vile. She has no love for anyone or anything and takes pleasure only in rooting out people’s weaknesses and using these as weapons in her own favor. To her, everyone is fair game. She is certainly not past empty promises and stabbing those near her in the back. The only ones who have any form of slack against this are her siblings, though even this is not guaranteed.

As her title suggests, Apate is also a master of the art of trickery. She is a natural liar and, when that fails, she has the ability to twist a person's thoughts to believe what she wants them to. She acts only out of her own selfish desire for power and revenge.


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