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Her Room

Diana Renee ~ Daughter of Morpheus
Nina two
Shes on her bed reading new trends, and daydreams about finding her mother. "Oh hi, what you need?", She says as she snaps out of her daydream.
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More Info:

-A Beautiful Dream

 Age: 16  Height: 5'4  Weight: 120 lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Toronto, Canada  Main Weapon: Sword with her name inscribed on it
 Accent: Neutral
 – Have a Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare~ Beyonce, Sweet Dreams (Beautiful Nightmare)

Diana bedroom

Location of Room

Her room is located on the second floor, and is the first room on the left in Morpheus' Cabin.

Cabin Mates
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