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Servile, Loyal, Selfless, Curious, avoids unnessacary violence and killing (Will defend camp, but refuses to go to war). Enjoys helping out around camp, even especially in the places where he is the least capable to help


26-Omega was built by Agathias Moros, a child of Hepheastus, in 132 B.C. He was the 26th model Moros built in his Omega series of automata. The Omega series was designed as front line troops to help defend Greece against the Romans. However, 26-Omega was the last automaton built in the series, as Moros's workshop was overrun and detroyed a few months after his consturction. Moros destroyed all of 26's brothers before his workshop was lost, but was forced to take 26 with him. Agathias took 26-Omega to the ocean and ordered him to jump in and swim away. 26 obeyed, sinking into the Mediterranean Sea. He walked west on the sea floor until he ran out of power, and was buried in the sea floor. Hephaestus, however, loathed to see such a marvelous creation be lost forever. Just recently, Hephaestus raised 26-Omega from the beach at Camp Half-Blood and reactivated him. 26 had no idea that Hephaestus had revived him, and managed to sneak into the Strawberry Fields. 26-Omega only remembers his life before waking up at camp when he is under the influence of his original programming, and he's not usually in a talkative mood when that happens


  • 26-Omega is very durable (2 inches of Celestial bronze armour), with high tolerances for all temperatures. He can survive falls from higher distances than humans, as well as survive deeper deaths in the water, but if he does not completely dry off after being exposed to water, he rusts. (Will be very, very, rusty when he arrives at camp)
  • 26-Omega is much stronger than humans (Capable of lifting a ton), but he large fingers and lack of fine motor control means he has trouble handling (Safely) anything smaller than a softball.
  • 26-Omega has a much larger battery than the average automaton, and is capable of channeling electricity into his fists, resulting in electric punches
  • Despite his weight, 26-Omega can run as fast as, if not faster, than most humans. However, he is as graceful as an elephant on roller-skates, and about as stealthy as one, too
  • 26-Omega fights mainly with his fists, which are heavily armoured. His chest also opens up, revealing storage space enough to hold a human, albeit a little tightly. This space is not airtight.
  • 26-Omega has a highly advanced personality program, and knows a great deal about defensive formations and military sieges. His usually pacifistic nature makes him unwilling to use these measures unless absolutely necessary
  • 26-Omega is able to mimic any sound he has heard, from voices to music. They are of low quality, and will only fool low-level computers.
  • 26-Omega can record all visual and auditory input he receives
  • 26-Omega has no data connection points. However, anyone with a bit of robotics experience can open up his head and connect him to a computer using a cable.
  • 26-Omega is capable of pushing himself until he breaks, and will do so for a friend
  • 26-Omega is immune to poisons, as does not need food and drink to sustain him, but he is susceptible to things like acid.
  • 26-Omega has a relatively large battery, and is capable of performing day-to-day activities for a week without recharging
  • 26-Omega has a miniature repair automaton. This drone is connected to him via a 1 meter cable, runs off of 26's power, and is only capable of repairing minor damage to 26 and nearby machines.
  • 26-Omega's drone can also enhance other machines, although it is draining for 26 and he needs to know how the machine functions
  • 26-Omega can store vast amounts of data in his brain, and has access to thermal and night vision.


Name Relation Feelings
Agathias Moros Maker Don't know who you're talking about
1 to 25-Omega Brothers Who are they?
Anja Nikolaievitch First Contact at Camp She seems nice, I hope I don't accidentally crush her..


  • 5 buckets of strawberries and leaves (Mostly leaves)
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