The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Bradley,

Hello bradley I know you don't know me, but I have a favour to ask you...well recently, my daughter, joselyn, and her friend, sabrina, went to the underworld to see sabrina's creator..but Sabrina's carelessness caused Joy to get lost ....well it wasn't all her fault as it was Joy's own mistake to not trust people about her condition...*sigh* I'm running out of topic..sorry. Anyhow, Sabrina is now sitting on the chair of forgetfulness...and as I don't want joselyn to get the blame for what Sabrina cause, I want you to get her out of that chair...before Aphrodite finds out understand? Come to the Underworld, someone will be waiting for you.

- Persephone
Queen of the Underworld

Joy and Sabrina went to the Underworld due to see Sabrina's creators. Sabrina had left Joy, Joy wonders off and met several doom but when her life was on the line Persephone not being able to do intervene put her to sleep as she looked for Sabrina to wake her up so that both can escape the underworld unhurt. However before she could do anything, Sabrina found the chair that makes one lose their precious memories. Persephone, not wanting the blame to fall on joy, sent Bradley with vaguely telling him about Joy's condition enough to make him curious.

Five to save she whose memories had tear,
Must follow blessed and life's ignited flare:
Sent to the Mirage to find a herb, rare.
Behind the tests, danger lurks, all beware
Return to doom to grant the joint heart's pray'r.

  1. Bradley, (Eros, Broken)
  2. Joy (Persephone, Mel)
  3. Nolee Carleson (Thanatos, Silv)
  4. Marley Sinclair (Eris, Migs)
  5. Mikaela (Sea Nymph, Kookies)

Dining Pavilion

  • Seungri: Wearing a white v-neck shirt overlapped by a black jacket, cream below-the-knee shorts, and his pair of grey converse shoes; he sits on a bench in the Pavilion, waiting for his questers. He sets his chin on his closed fist and looks like he hasn't slept well in a while, but is still has energy to accomplish this quest. He has his puffy black backpack beside him.
  • Nolee: Walks up with her sideways bag, jeans, black shirt, vans and coffee. She soon raises her eyebrow at him Erm hi?
  • MikaelaWalks up to them holding a can of pepsi Hi, I'm Mikaela
  • Seungri: He eyes her once he is talking. Otherwise, he doesn't even look like his usual self to flirt with any pretty girl he sees Are you Nolee Carleson or Marley?He turns to Mikaela Hey.
  • Nolee: Yawns clearly bored and faces to Mikaela Sup? She soon faces to Bradley It's Nolee, who the heck are you?
  • Seungri: He shrugs as he look like he's not in the mood to care Bradley, son of Eros, your quest leader. I presume you guys know about the quest details and objectives already, right?
  • Mikaela: Yeah nods
  • Nolee: Sips her coffee Hm, yea.
  • Seungri: Great then He continues to slump his chin on his fist, not even daring to take his eyes off the door for Marley's entrance or mind the girls.
  • Mikaela: Umm, Turns to Nolee Who's your godparent?
  • Nolee: Opens the lid of the cup and checks if there's any more coffee Thanatos, you?
  • Mikaela: Poseidon but he turned me into a Sea Nymph..
  • Nolee: Oh...Faces to Bradley Who else are we waiting for?
  • Marley: She walks into the dining pavilion, a knapsack slung over her back and a small satchel hanging over her shoulders. Her knapsack has all her clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and her other necessities. Her satchel however, contains a ziploc bag of ambrosia, cash money, golden drachmas, her reserve hunting knife, a canteen of nectar, a regular water thermos and an apple. Hey guys, sorry I'm late!
  • Mikaela: Hi! You're Marley, right?
  • Nolee: Uh hi.
  • Seungri: We better move.He says once he sees Marley. As he checks them, he shakes his head in disbelief only to realize he is with a pack of girls. He turns to Nolee as he gets up and slung his backpack on his shoulder Can you take us to the Underworld entrance now?
  • Marley: She turns to Mikaela Yup. I'm Marley Sinclair, daughter of the discord goddess, Eris.
  • Mikaela: A daughter of Eris, huh? Do you know Lily Deepedge? She's a good friend of mine
  • Marley: Hmmm.. She thinks for a while before finally shaking her head. Nope, I'm quite new here myself so I'm not all familiar with the people.
  • Mikaela: Oh well nice to meet you, I'm Mikaela
  • Nolee: Yay, lets go to the underworld entrance...

Underworld Entrance

  • The questors are then taken by Nolee into the entrance of the Underworld through a secret path opened in the Dining Pavilion
  • Seungri: Thanks, Nolee. He then looks around, irritated Who are we suppose to meet..
  • Nolee: Dude, I just turned fifteen...and I have a very short memory...
  • Seungri: He shrugs We were just told to stay here until some---He sees dead souls laughing michievously as it enters into the entrance and he side steps.---one approaches us. So far, I don--
  • Macaria: She shadow travels at the back of the questers I beg to differ. She checks her newly black polished nail
  • Nolee: Yawns Uh who are you?
  • Marley: She looks at Macaria, eyeing her cautiously. She slips her hand in her satchel and grabs hold of her knife if ever anything goes wrong.
  • Seungri: So, are you going to help us?
  • Macaria: She shrugs as she blows her nails to make them even glossier Yes, if you help me.
  • Seungri: Great. Let's get started with what we are here for first. He tries to enter the gates
  • The skeleton guards close it by crossing their long lances
  • Seungri: He steps back, but glares at the goddess  What's the meaning of this?
  • Macaria: She drops her hand and turns back to Nolee then towards Marley Let me answer yur question. I am Macaria, goddess of blessed death. Unless any of you want to die horribly, listen to me carefully and drop your weapon. The two girls are inside, but you may not enter since your efforts are useless now. I want you all to find an island that only appears at down in the middle of the Pacific. You are in charge of how you get there, but once you do, you shall meet the god of medicine named Asclepius. You will get two things from him: your potion and my delivery package. Come back and we'll see what we do next.
  • Nolee: Just stays silent
  • Macaria: So, do I get this clear?She faces to the questers, one by one
  • Seungri: He nods reluctantly
  • Nolee: Nods and says quietly Yes...
  • Mikaela: Yes Lady Macaria
  • Macaria: She turns to Marley
  • Marley: She hesitates before finally nodding.
  • Nolee: Murmurs Can we go now.
  • Mikaela: whispers I agree
  • Nolee: Keeps silent
  • Macaria: Well, what are you waiting for? We're burning memories here. Move out!
  • Seungri: You can see unhappiness in his eyes as he bows towards Macaria and turns towards his fellow questers, particularly to Nolee Let's go to the camp entrance and get that van. I'll call mom.
  • Mikaela: Okay..

Camp Entrance

  • The questors move on from the underworld entrance to the camp entrance. 
  • Seungri: So, which one of you knows how to drive a manual van?
  • Nolee: Dude, I'm a fifteen year-old so don't expect me to know.
  • Marley: She shifts uncomfortably. Umm... can we take a... chariot i-instead? I-i'm not r-really good with c-cars or vans or other mechanical v-vehicles.
  • Seungri: He stares at Marley for a whileChari-chariot? Where are we going to...He sighs and looks uneased like ever since the quest has started
  • Marley: She looks down. Sorry... it's just that, technology makes me nervous. She bites her lower lip.
  • Seungri: His eyes widen for a shocked, awkward moment. Ugh, *he sighs in defeat* I don't dare place my car on a wet market port. So, you guys better get in and hope I don't kill you with my driving
  • Nolee: Hits Bradley on the head Dude, lets just ride the chariot.
  • Seungri: Where are we getting a chariot?
  • Nolee: Does any of your friend's have one?
  • Seungri: He shakes his head The most likely to carry or own such things would be Cody and even he doesn't have one.. Yours?
  • Nolee: ...None of my friends have one...
  • Seungri: he notices a taxi pulling over and breaks That's it. Even ifthose things lack space and are totally shabby. We're taking it. End of question. He opens the back door for the girls Get in
  • Nolee: Rolls her eyes Fine, but your buying me another coffee later.
  • Seungri: He shrugs as he still opens the door Fine, after the quest.
  • Nolee: Can I get it if we stop by a coffee shop, please?
  • Seungri: Fine.. but no special stops. He still holds out the door for the two other girls
  • Nolee: Yay!
  • Marley: She frowns and shivers but eventually gets in the passenger's seat. She wraps her arms around her torso and started rubbing her back.
  • Seungri: He awkwardly nods towards that and waits for the last one
  • Mikaela: Gets into the van
  • Seungri: He calls his mom using his phone. He smiles as he gets the answer he likes, but doesn't tell the questors yet
  • The questors soon lose track of time after having some chit-chats and whatnots. 'After a while, they soon arrive at the wet market. 
  • Seungri: Bradley pays the taxi driver.

Wet Market

  • The questors now arrive at the wet market. The awkful smell of fresh fish and other sea creatures fills the air. Everywhere, they can notice more of blood and water mixed together. For short, the typical wet market scene.
  • Mikaela: I've never been into a wet market since I was fourteen, I seemed to have forgotten how bad it smelled
  • Seungri: He covers his nose with his handkerchief We're going to see a Poseidon kid thatowes my mom a favor. Hope you girls like yatchs.
  • Mikaela: Of course I love yachts, I'm a daughter of Poseidon!
  • Seungri: Anyways, if you guys see a man that looks like this.He shows him a picture of the son of Poseidon through his phone. A brunette with blue eyes posses manly facial features, but a scar on his neck, like a slash mark. From the picture, he may look about 6 foot tall. That's him.
  • Mikaela: He looks a bit like Dad
  • Seungri: Dad... He realizes she is talking about Poseidon and not Eros. He turns over to her He's a son of Poseidon, one of your half-brothers.
  • Mikaela: I kind of noticed it
  • Seungri: He nods as he continues to search
  • '"A while later, the questors MAY spot the son of poseidon beside another man with almost alike features. They are aboard the yacht and look like they're findng people as well
  • Mikaela: Is that him?
  • Nolee: Looks up from her phone Hm?
  • Seungri: He places the picture from beside and looks at the man then back. I guess so, he must be waiting for us already. Let's go?
  • Mikaela: Come on then
  • The team approaches the son of Poseidon and the son of Palaemon. They turn their heads towards the questors in a welcoming gesture
  • Son of Poseidon: Aye, lad and lasses. Welcome aboard. He rests his foot on the luxury yatch's rail and leans on his foot for support. I'll be your captain, Paul.
  • Son of Palaemon: Sup dude and dudettes He winks at the girls The name's John. Very single.
  • Mikaela: Stares at the son of Palaemon in disgust Mikaela, and not interested
  • Nolee: Gets a waterballoon from her bag and throws it at the son of Palaemon Hm, I'm Nolee.
  • John: He  looks irritated at Nolee as wipes the water from his face. You'll pay for that He winks before being eyed by the captian Anyways, let's set sail??
  • Seungri: He smirks at John, but is too preoccupied with the thought of Sabrina to argue with himThe faster the better
  • Paul: Well, you heard the lad. All aboard!

-=At Sea==

  • The boats starts to set sail with Paul stirring it. John, however, shows the girls their rooms to sleep on for the night, it actually looks grand and imperial for only a 3 bedroom luxury yacht. The three girls will be staying together in a large room for four people; Bradley would be staying with John; the last room is occupied by the captain. Currently, all of them are at their designated rooms.
  • Nolee: Looks around the boat clearly bored
  • Mikaela: Looks out the window
  • Suddenly, the team can sense the boat rocking and tossing. They also hear werid sounds coming from outside their room and possibly below them. Outside their window, they can find a pack of 10 telekenes on board. A large knock is suddenly heard on the girl's door after a dramatic slam on the other room's door.
  • Seungri: Open up, we've got some company He refers to the telekenes on the floor below their rooms
  • Nolee: Rolls her eyes and murmurs Great, just what I need. Grabs her sword and walks out of the room
  • Mikaela: Great..
  • The team moves down below to find the son of Palaemon fighting. By the time they arrived, the son of Palaemon was able to slice 4 telekenes. The telekenes look very vulnerable due being on board a yatch.
  • Seungri: He unsheathes his sword after it was transformed and goes after two telekenes. With his perfect cross slashing, he was able to disintegrate them both.
  • "The other four lunges at Mikaela and Nolee'' 
  • Nolee: Gets her sword out and charges at one of the telekenes
  • Another telekene gets attacked instead for it had saved a friend. The other telekene, who Nolee was supposed to hit, fills with rage and it runs, which is quite slow thanks to their webbed feet, towards Nolee with his trident
  • Nolee: Shadow travels behind the telekene attacking her and stabs its back
  • The telekene disappears into dust. Only two are left.
  • Paul: Hey, girlie has game!*he callsout for her with a wink*
  • The remaining telekenes goes after Mikaela, taking a right and left position
  • Mikaela: Ugh I hate killings Puts an arrow into her bow shooting two arrows
  • Nolee: Whatever. Rolls her eyes and shadow travels behind the other telekene and stabs it's back as well
  • Mikaela: Rolls her eyes No one asked your opinion
  • Nolee backstabs one of the telekenes and it disperses into dust. The other telekene runs back to the ocean for his life, but was stopped by Mikaela's arrow, dispersing into golden dust as well.
  • Mikaela: Rolls her eyes No one asked your opinion
  • Nolee: Whatever. Rolls her eyes and shadow travels behind the other telekene and stabs it's back as well
  • John: Nice game, girls--He sighs as he notices Bradley glaring at himand boy. Everything's cleared. Let's get back to the rooms, you guys have something prepared for you at dawn.
  • Seungri: He storms out of the place and returns to his room without any question to sleep. He is quite eager to get Sabrina back and will do his best.
  • John: He shakes his head That kid has his problems. Anyways, you girls better start going back before the wolf, or shark visits you. He winks at them before leaving in a casual manner
  • Mikaela: Sure
  • Nolee: Murmurs I can slap that idiotic child of Palaemon in the face so hard right now.
  • John: He peaks his head on the wallI heard that. he returns to his usual stoll


  • After getting some rests in their rooms, it sudden draws near dawn. The captain makes a slow pace along the ship as the son of Palaemon guides him. After a while, another knock can be heard on their door.
  • Seungri: He stands outside of the girl's room, alone seeing that they dislike the son of Palaemon. He is all prepared and newly showered.Open up. We've arrived.
  • Mikaela: Opens door 
  • Seungri: Come on He gestures for them to get out without peeking inside the room, just in case it might be a bad timing
  • Mikaela: Are we leaving now?
  • Seungri: He stretches Yea. He gestures to the island now beside them
  • The questors soon get off board and walk towards the island. They can see trees, and etc like a forest; though it is still dark. While seaching around, the team can hear a voice calling out their names individually in a ghostly manner.
  • Mikaela: Who's that?
  • Seungri: He shivers like he's getting goosebumps I dont really know..he shrugsLet's go check it out
  • Soon, the questors can see a man with a staff like one of those village doctors
  • Mikaela: Um, who are you, sir?
  • Ascelpius: Why, who do you think I am, daughter of Poseidon?He turns towards the others.Son of Eros, Daughter of Eris, and Daughter of Thanatos. Nice to be of all your accquaintance
  • Mikaela: She blushes slightly Are you Asclepius?
  • Asclepius: Now we have seen a daughter of Athena. So, children, what brings you here?
  • Seungri: We want to..he shows Asclepius the picture of the herb we have to get this flower and turn it into a potion for my..he blushes at the thought of itgirlfriend. She lost her memories
  • Asclepius: Ah, I see. Well, you have to prove worthy of yourselves first. I want you to hunt down a few lycans that have been disrupting the plant growth in these parts. Hunt at least two of them and I shall give you what Lady Marcaia wants, as well as your own potion
  • Mikaela: Ok, Lord Asclepius..
  • Asclepius turns back towards his hut, which the questors can now see.
  • Seungri: For a god, he lives in quite a simple place. He turns back to the forest, entering it.
  • Mikaela: Yeah..
  • After the team goes deep inside the forest, they get an eerie feeling of being watched. They also abruptly hear multiple howls, but consecutively. It hears somewhat like two howls.
  • Mikaela: What was that?
  • Seungri: Our guests came earlier than expected.He unsheathes his sword'
  • The sound of padded footsteps reach their ears, seemingly coming from both the left and the right. Growls can be heard as well.
  • Seungri: He readies himself for battle and goes closer to the sound
  • Mikaela: She readies her bow and arrows ready to shoot at the target
  • Not long later, two lycans appear from the left and right, eyes trained on the demigods, fangs bared. They begin circling the demigods, treating the half-bloods as their prey. Although only two appeared, growls could still be heard inside the forest, as though there were others waiting in the shadows.
  • Mikaela: Aims her bow and arrow to one of them, about to shoot What do you want?
  • Nolee: Gets out her sword and murmurs words to herself
  • The wolves continue to circle them. Two more join and they bark at each other, as though talking in their own language. The biggest of the four looked at Mikaela intently. When it barked, the sound seemed to mold into a word ... Demigods.
  • Nolee: Gulps and grips her sword tightly
  • Seungri: He brings the wolves into a state of ecstacy to distract them while he expects the other team members to move, move and kill.Move!
  • Nolee: Blinks a few times Oh okay. Shadow travels next to one and stabs it
  • The wolves stop circling them, due to the state of ecstasy brought upon them. The first to die was one of the smallest of the four. It turned into dust as soon as it made contact with Nolee's weapon. Hearing the cry of it's kin, the biggest wolf snapped out of the spell and barked at the others Kill them. It then lunges towards Seungri.
  • Seungri: He suddenly grows black wings outlined with red from his back. He takes flight towards air to avoid the wolves before making his bow and arrows appear. The funny thing here is, he now looks like Eros. He starts to shoot the wolves from air with four consecutive arrows, aiming for two lycans. However, it is quite hard to see at dawn and he is very careful not to hit anyone of his teammates.
  • Two of the arrows which came from above managed to pierce one of the older lycans. It howls before turning to dust. The smaller lycan howled in rage and pounced on Nolee while the bigger lycan tried to hit Seungri by ripping off a small tree branch and throwing it towards the demigod using it's jaw.
  • Seungri: Tsck.With much disgust, he gracefully twirls in air to avoid the branch before shooting another arrow again at the lycan, aiming at its neck. He sets the lycan at lover-wolf mode while doing so, to distract him as he shoots two more
  • The arrow pierces the lycans neck but it doesn't dissolve yet as it was too big for a single arrow. Unfortunately, due to Seungri's powers, the lycan had become attracted to a nearby tree. It began howling at the tree. Due to this, it did not notice the two arrows aiming for it and turned to dust the minute the two arrows pierced its fur. The smaller lycan who had been pinning Nolee to the floor looked towards it's fellow lycan but saw that it was now alone. It freezes a bit before getting off of Nolee and running into the forest, howling pitifully as it did so.
  • OOC: Special thanks to Demi the lycan--s'XD 
  • Seungri: He drops to the floor, quite exhausted. He makes a -.-" face as he remembers he made a lycan fall in love with a mere tree. He ends up chuckling from the thought, but chokes from breathing too much. He turns to the girlsYou girls alright?
  • Mikaela: I'm fine
  • Seungri: He smiles while breathing heavily.Gr-great. We got more than we needed. Let's go back----
  • Suddenly, a magical yellow mist appears with a familiar figure: Asclepius, waiting for them
  • Asclepius: He claps his hands at the children. Very good. Very good, indead. He hands the potion for Macaria to Mikaela. Child, hold this for me. It is the potion Lady Macaria has seeked. He turns towards Bradley with another potion bottle It has been made faster than I thought. Take it well. He turns to all of them Thank you for your assitance. He gives Nolee a bag of ambrosia I'm sure that is more than enough. He turns disappears from the same way he appeared.
  • Seungri: That was faster than I thought...He sighs before turning to the others We better get back. Captain and Sharky are waiting for us.
  • Mikaela: Let's go then
  • Seungri: He sighs as he unwillingly moves his feet towards the shore. If he has to spend another night with the player shark boy, he'd go mental. Yea.. He sighs as he leads them to the shore
  • The team is then led towards the shore where they see the captain and son of Palaemon waiting for them
  • Captian: Aye. With those looks on your faces, I am proposing you're done, lad?
  • Seungri: He nods before bowing and running straight to his room to get some sleep before the son of Palaemon attacks him again
  • John: Hmm, what's wrong with that boy...He walks back to the ship
  • Captain: You lasses better go aboard. He smiles before entering the ship and starting it to prepare for departure
  • Mikaela: She follows the captain into the ship
  • Nolee: Groans and walks into the ship while eating the ambrosia she was given


  • The ship soon heads out for camp, before the questors knew it, they have already aririved at camp's beach/ shore. Soon, the boat is lowered to allow the exit for the campers
  • Seungri: Thanks a bunch, captainhe smiles quite happily to get to camp already
  • Paul: Aye, no problem laddie.He smiles Take care of those bottles. He smiles before the ship leaves
  • Seungri: He turns to Nolee We got to get to the Underworld now.
  • Mikaela: Let's go
  • Seungri: He nods before leading the team towards the Dining Hall, where they all first met.
  • The team soon arrive at the Dining Hall
  • Seungri: He turns to Nolee while holding the potion for Sabrina tightly. Can you open the gate now?
  • Nolee: Sure, sure...whatever... Does what she is told
  • As the entrance is opened once again, the team hurridly enters it and follow its trails. Soon, they reach the point where they were last time.

Underworld (Again)

  • As the entrance is opened once again, the team hurriedly enters it and follow its trails. Soon, they reach the point where they were last time.
  • Seungri: He excitedly looks around for Lady MarcariaWhere is she?
  • Nolee: I dunno...She looks at her watch
  • Seungri: He sighs before looking around and seeing the same skeleton guardsMaybe she has another manicure appointment. Women, I do not understand them at all
  • Nolee: Just keeps silent and looks for something to eat in her bag
  • OOC: I've asked Mel to play the goddess as well as her own characters, so we just have to wait for her :)
  • Seungri: He looks uneasy as he sits on a nearby rock or boulder. The skeletons eye him closely as he checks his phone. Unfortunately, the signal is also dead, if you know what I mean. >.<" He decides to look at some pictures in his phone which made him smile a bit more.
  • OCC: kk
  • Nolee: Finds a packet of gummy bears Yes! She opens them and starts eating
  • Seungri: He is then disturbed by the sudden "Yay" of Nolee. He then wonders, but stops once he sees the bag of gummy bears When did you have time to pack gummy bears?He makes a -.-" face. Inside, he is also hungry
  • Mikaela: She rummages through her pack and finds a chocolate bar Oh good! Something to eat!
  • Seungri: Where do you all get food?
  • Mikaela: Thinking ahead, it's quite easy really
  • Marley: She tosses a granola bar at Seungri. Hey I know you're hungry, don't complai. Just eat it, 'kay? She grins.
  • Mikaela: She bites into her chocolate bar
  • Seungri: He catches the granola bar subconsciously. Before he knows it, it is already in his hands. He looks at Marley and blushes, especially after hearing her words Thanks... He starts taking it bit by bit.
  • Mikaela: How long is that goddess?
  • Macaria: The gates suddenly fling open and goddess looms out. The bottle entrusted to Mikaela sudden disappears, meaning Macaria had taken it to her hands.Not that long, daughter of Poseidon. Thank you for your services. Now, From the other questors, she turns to Bradley and gestures for him to come over. She grants his entrance towards the Underworld.
  • Seungri: He skeptically follows, taking good notice while clenching the bottle. He enters the underworld. As he turn his back, the gates are closed and his fellow questors are not behind. He sees Sabrina and approaches her. A bright light surrounds the room, thus blocking the viewer's vision of further happenings.
  • The quest ends with Bradley saving Sabrina successfully. Joy is awakened and taken out of the Underworld. Soon, all the questors are back to camp, thanks to Lady Macaria's unexpected. teleportation.
  • P.S. The exact details of how Bradley saves Sabrina will be taken into forum, if Mel wants. Anyways, thanks everyone! Quest ended. :)

  1. Dining Pavilion- The questors will meet up here early morning, ready.
  2. Enterance to the Underworld- Entrance will be blocked by the goddess of blessed death, Macaria. She will give her request to find a herb, saying going further will not help Sabrina any more than standing as the only person able to take someone off the chair was Heracles because he had the enormous amount of strength. Thus, it stated that the herb will help the questors to take Sabrina away from the chair as it gives strength to those whom eats it. Macaria being a "busy" goddess, she will also require them to pick up a parcel for her along the way. She give the location and instructions along with a picture of the herb.
  3. Camp- They will proceed to the camp entrance to ride the camp van to the docks as Bradley calls his mom for assistance. His mother would tell him there is a son of Poseidon that owes the company a favor down at the docks.
  4. NY Dock w/ Wet Market-The team will be greeted by the son of Poseidon. He will escort the children to the luxury speed boat along with a co-sailor that is son of Palaemon. After the team has given the son of Poseidon coordinations for the island, the team will be ambushed by a group of 10 telekenes where 2 will be taken care of by the co-sailor.(The captain would be unable to help due to him driving the boat.) After defeating the monsters, they wait until dawn. Meanwhile, the speed boat will serve as a resting place for the children for the night.
  5. Uncharted Island- The island appears to them for reach. They thank the Captain as they jump down on the mirage island. As they search the forest for the herbs that is alike to the picture the goddess has given. They suddenly encounter 2 empousas posing as nymphs and defeats them successfully. Paranoid of another attack, the team finds a hut wherethe god of medicine, Asclepius, who freely introduces himself and asks of their wandering. He then proposes a test for the demigods to kill a monster in return for the herb; he does this in order to test their dedication as the herb has proven to be a dangerous source to the enemy. In the island, they must kill a pack of 4 lycans that appear at night. After that, the god will reward them with the herb that has been turned into a syrup already; they also pick up a potion for the goddess from the god.But before they leave the island they meet up with a group of nymph whom tried to make the wquestors stay one of them was a fav of [ersephone told them a way to the underworld through the ocean. They wait until the new dawn before going to the shore to meet the son of Poseidon and Palaemon. They spend the night at the ship before going back to camp shores. They will not meet anymore monsters.
  6. Underworld- They will return to the Underworld with the direction given by macaria .there they were found by the skeleton guard to take them to the goddess while showing them the parcel. They goddess leaves and Sabrina appears behind a green mist. The team will have to force her to drink the potion as she struggles. She then comes back into her senses. The team successfully goes back to camp through the enterance at camp

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