She is very youthful, very adventurous and somewhat naive as the teenager that she still is. She believes that she still has a lot to learn and she tries her best to keep up with older people. She likes reading a lot. She's very sensitive with insults or such whether it's for her, or some other person or possibly even her enemy.


Ada was born to Iris and Ernst Halvorsen, a skilled demi-god son of Boreas. They met after a quest that Ernst fulfilled from his latter days in camp. Before the quest even went on, Iris has already taken a liking for him from Olympus and bothered to get one of her children do her a favor to find her herald's rod after throwing it by Tokyo's coast, just to meet Ernst. It was a pointless idea of hers and it was rather selfish and foolish, but she was greatly infatuated. After meeting him, they kept in touch through Iris message which is always obviously available for the goddess, making them fall in love and they decided to reunite when Ernst had a trip to Australia and then after making love in one of those many nights, she bore him a daughter. Ernst thought that maybe, just maybe, it was allowed that they would live together the way Ernst wasn't able to with Boreas; but he was wrong. It wasn't allowed. For the many times that Iris begged, she always received 'no' from Zeus and so, they didn't. Ernst and Iris immediately separated ways, gaining hatred for each other as they blamed that the other didn't do anything to live the way they want to; although with that, Ernst still kept the baby.

Ernst raised Ada well along with a demi-god four years her senior, Aleks, who has been known as her brother. (Aleks was the godson of Ernst to his best friends in camp and he lost his parents at the age of four as they died in a bus accident.) Ernst had taught Ada to always think through things before doing so because there were so many risks that Ernst took that destroyed him. She learned about being a demi-god and some other experiences of her father in camp including why a god parent could not live with their child, excluding who her godparent was as he left it unanswered and about their (Iris and Ernst) hatred for each other. At a young age of ten, Ada started with archery although she learned other weapons as well; even Aleks trained. The three were always on the move because of the strong demi-god scents she, Aleks and her father held. In a risky attempt when she was seventeen, they stayed in Beaumont, TX a little longer than they should have and a pack of lycans were able to track them and attack them. Ernst was killed and Aleks almost reached that superior point.

The two went to the hospital for Aleks' recovery and had Ernst cremated. It was a devastating phase of Ada's life. A few days later, Aleks has decided that they will go to camp as instructed by Ernst if he dies, but they were ambushed by a mortal gang. By that event, Aleks was also killed and she was running around the country alone, booking a flight to New York, not knowing which airport to go to. There was something about camp that didn't seem appealing to her as she reflected over it a lot in the times she spent alone.

She felt like there was an injustice between the gods and the demi-gods  as myths, and her father's stories have read. It wasn't that she hated them. It was just that things weren't going down equally for gods, demi-gods, even for the other Greek species. The gods have always had their children and servants do things for their reputation instead of them. Can't their children just be free to do what they want just like their parents? Can't the automatons, spirits and nymphs be free from the trouble of serving the gods? Why can't the Greek world just be equal for all beings? Why can't demi-gods have a say for anything that gods want? That's what Ada had asked herself, but she went anyway.

Arriving in New York, she was almost attacked by a demi-god in the airport after she chased him to supposedly ask directions for camp's address. She told this demi-god that she is going to where her half-siblings are and the other demi-god realized that this was an up-and-coming camper. The demi-god asked her if Camp was what she really wanted, if she really wanted to go to camp, if she really wanted to serve the gods and the answer would be no. She told this demi-god that she was questioning it and the demi-god revealed himself as a member of the Broken Covenant and revealed its ordeals and goals and invited her and said 'yes.' In the Broken Covenant, it is revealed to her that she was a daughter of Iris after testing all types of godly powers a demi-god could have and they've given her a bow with different sorts of arrows; she joined Civitas Popularis.

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