Her regular nature being docile and innocent, Ailee is a very kind and joyful girl. Beneath that she hides layers of pain and remorse for her father and his state. Ailee enjoys friendships and has always wanted something permanent, something to hold. To love and treasure. She can be somewhat rude and spiteful sometimes though it is usually brought up by her thinking if her father. Her sometimes sad/melancholic manner can be attributed to this as well.


Ethan Willows was a happy man living a bright and happy life in Baltimore. His life was somewhat uneventful but it didn't really affect Ethan. He had a good job as a psychologist but still he wanted something to make him feel not so lonely. And he found it one night. It was a rainy day and as he drove from his office to his home he saw a young woman. She called something out to his car as he neared her and he stopped. The young woman was sopping wet and he heard her ask him if he could drive her home. Ethan happilly complied and along the way he sparked up a conversation with the young woman who was actually Psyche, goddess of the soul

They went on a couple of dates, her telling him her name was Miranda. He was happy. Very happy and he felt complete. One night they slept together but when he awoke he found himself alone in his home with only a note left on his bedside table. It told him that Miranda was not who he really thought. She was a goddess and she couldn't stay with him. Saying he didn't take it well would be an understatement. Thoughts of Miranda, his now empty feeling, his lost love drove him into a state of depression. He lost all connections with his friends and family. He lost his job. And one day he awoke to a wail. He searched through his home until he found the source: a baby wrapped in a blanket resting on a sofa in his living room. Ethan was surprised but when he saw her he knew this had to do with Miranda because the baby girl bore her eyes.Ethan loved the girl and named her Ailee. Ailee grew up in Baltimore under her father's living care. She was happy and sweet and to her,nothing could ruin her life with her father. But she was wrong. One day,when Ailee was 7 and at a friend's birthday party,her father was victim of a car crash. Due to his very unstable state, Ethan WS then on in a coma

This event seemed to tear apart Ailee. She was put under the care of her paternal uncle, Jacob Willows and his wife Macy. The two adults were very happy to have their niece live with them as Macy was unable to bear a child. Ailee would visit her father every Friday and Sunday and her love for him didn't weaken but it tore her seeing him like that. One of Ailee's teachers at school, Miss King,was actually a daughter of Psyche as well who was sent to protect her by their mother. Ailee was oblivious to this until she was attacked by a hellhound at age 12. While walking home one day the monster appeared but the girl was saved by Miss King. The teacher led a very confused Ailee to a park nearby and there she told her everything. About the gods,the monsters. Ailee then questioned her teacher on why her mother didn't help her father get better. The teacher replied that their mother probably would but changed the topic to camp. Ailee wanted to go to camp so she and Miss King llied to her aunt and uncle ttelling them it was an art camp in Long Island and conpletely free and child-friendly. The couple complied and Ailee left Baltimore to go to Camp. She learned how to use a sword and thanks to some demigods from the armory, managed to fashion a celestial bronze sword into a little bracelet that would morph into it's weapon state when one of the gems was twisted. She loved camp and learned to defend herself from monsters. The blonde went to camp from the monster attack(age 12 in 2010) until she was 14(2011). From that point on she stayed in Baltimore and mantained her camp training with Miss King. This made it easier for her and her uncle abd aunt had wanted her to stay home more.

Trouble arose when she was 15. She was in her bedroom thinking aboout her father and how her pleads for her mother to help him were not responded. This brought a sorrt of revelation to her and she fell into a sort of depression.

Everything felt useless, pointless too the daughter of Psyche. She would visit her father and cry there, her mind clouded with confusion and despair. She refused to speak to Miss King and her talks about how the gods were great abd maybe their mother just couldn't help her yet. Ailee thought othetwise and stopped pleading to Psyche for help. One day it was all just to much for her. The gods, her unresponsive mother, her father who was seemingly clinging to life. And she ran away. Ailee couldn't bear it anymore and she fled Baltimore. Her original idea was to stay eith her Aunt Candy in New York but then she thought that her Aunt would probably tell her Uncle Jacob and Aunt Macy about her staying with her. Ailee decided to just try her best to live in New York. Her plan was cut short when a harpy attacked her and a BC demigod saw her. He approached her and told her he kbew she was a demigod and introduced himself as Caleb. She introduced herself as well and over coffee told him her story: her father,her anger, het worries. Caleb told her she should go to the Broken Covenant, a group of demigods,spirits and more that wanted to overthrow the gods.

He led her there and when she did she was marveled by the Sanctuary and the acceptance she received. She decided she would like to be part of it and she joined Civitas Popularis.



Children of Psyche can apply temporary symptoms of emotional and mental disorders upon a target. The harsher the symptom and the longer it lasts, the more energy drained.

Children of Psyche can create telekinetic weaponry (no bigger than 2-3 times the size of the user) that can be used in combat for a short time. The longer the weaponry is held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained.


Children of Psyche can form telekinetic protective spheres around themselves and others for a limited amount of time. The longer the sphere is held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained.


Children of Psyche are able to read and manipulate the thoughts, emotions and desires of targets for a limited time. The more the extreme the change (in accordance to one's personality) and the longer it lasts, the more energy drained. Without proper training, however, they cannot force actions upon a person.

Children of Psyche are able to move objects (no bigger than 2-3 times the size of the user) with their minds due to the strength of their minds. The bigger the object and the distance it is moved, the more energy drained.


Children of Psyche innately remember things for a longer time than usual, in particular significant memories.

Children of Psyche have a high resistance for any manipulation of their thoughts, emotions and desires, magical or not. They also have a resistance against any mental or emotional disorders.

Children of Psyche are innately able to collect more information and collect it at rapid speeds, due to the strength of their minds.

Children of Psyche know the previous incarnations of their soul well, along with the occupant's thoughts, emotions and desires.

After 3 Months

Children of Psyche, after proper training, can sprout large butterfly wings that can be used to fly. The wings' appearance and coloring are always in accord with one's personality.

After 6 Months

At this stage in their training, children of Psyche can force actions upon a target. The target will remain under control for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains. All other limitations set before are preserved.

After 9 Months

Children of Psyche are able to use kinetic force to create a semi-living construct, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, that lasts for a short time to fight for the user. While the construct is fighting, the user is incapacitated. The longer the construct is held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained.


Children of Psyche have a clear view of others' auras.

Children of Psyche are often able to recognize soul-mates when they are together. However, they cannot see their own soul-mate in this way.

Although fully aware of the desires, emotions and thoughts around them, Psyche's children are often unaware of their own.


Name Relation Feelings
Ethan Willows Father She couldn't love him more
Psyche Mother Mother? She isn't sure Psyche could even be defined as her mother. Loath and hatred toward her.
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