Alena Beckenbauer
Daughter of Cybele
Owned by: MetroMara
Alena Beckenbauer

"Unwind on a hanging seat, you get more when you leave behind some of the things you don't really need..."
You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.

We all exist in our own personal reality of craziness.

Alena never truly grew up from being a child, she is very bright, extroverted and peppy and much intolerant of boredom. Constantly active, she is naive and needs everyone to be her friend; she gets confused when people don't like her, and when people are sad or moody. People might say Alena needs a babysitter because she is a bit of an unintentional troublemaker, she still loves to watch old kids movies and cries at things that are really only slightly emotional. Very much a spontaneous heart she can often decide to do things on a whim, and dislikes responsibility, preferring to live life on a whim. She is caring and often tries to give advice, this is often unhelpful even though she lives by it herself. She is an ESFP (Extraverted Sensory Feeling Percieving.) Bright, she'll take a party over work any day and can often be found doing an awkward dance or bursting spontaneously into song.

Ludwig Beckenbauer was a singer, a profession his parents had never approved of - and he frequented a pub called 'Das Loch in der Wand.' A bit of an alcoholic, he sang there on the assurance of tips and free pints of beer, while the bartender reaped extensive funds from those who came to hear the 'Wundermann' sing. He liked it when the women who come to hear him came to talk to him, exchange small talk, and such like, so initially for him Monika was no different. Over the time they spent talking, they got more and more drunk, and the last hazy memory he retained was them going to one of the back rooms that the place offered.

"I don't like one night stands," Ludwig professed, after coming up with the idea of three days.

"So you want to have a three night stand?" she asked, with a raised eyebrow, before going out to buy him some more beer, and never returning. Ludwig moved on with his life, and didn't particularly think about it until a letter came through his door bearing a confusing message.

It told him that the girl he had had a one night stand with was her, and she was the goddess Cybele and she'd given birth to his child. Sure enough, outside the door on the doorstep there was a wailing child lying in the July heat. Refusing to let a child he had no proof was his impede his life, he went to the hospital and found out the child was, indeed, his.

Ludwig had been told a little love could change him, and it was apparent that it was right to say. Being this child's father was important because she was his, and apparently she couldn't have a mother. He sold his apartment and bought a two bedroom house in the outskirts of Cologne. He would sing songs to her that he had written, and right from a young age she used to sing back to him.

Her favourite thing to do was to go on day trips in his roofless car, and to use spray cans on the car to paint it weird patterns temporarily. They would sing loudly as they drove, and they'd always have fun on their trips out - he'd spoil her a lot. Ludwig's own inner child came out, and it was obvious Ludwig Beckenbauer had changed.

Alena had a lot of friends, and thus his house was often filled with running children. Ludwig was, Alena said, a 'cool dad', and her friends tended to agree. He would often bring her friends along with them on trips, and that would make it even more fun for her. She was not too bright at school and often disruptive, but no matter what her other teachers said he loved to hear her drama and music teachers sing her praises (literally.) She was very curious and artistic, although in art she often got more paint on herself than on the actual painting.

She began undergoing monster attacks from the age of eleven, the first time it was Stymphalian birds and she was helpfully saved by her drama teacher, a daughter of Athena. She was far too young to go to camp in her teacher's opinion, but her teacher gave Alena a sickle to defend herself with if this happened again, which she was sure it would. Alena said nothing about this to Ludwig, as she was scared he would get protective and not let her go to school or go outside - she loved her father too much to scare him.

As this continues she keeps not telling her father, because she knows Ludwig wants her to finish her education before she elopes to who knows where. The secret is probably better kept, and since she was usually able to get out of the situation relatively uninjured with several saviours, it was easy to come up with a little story to cover up the wounds, like splitting open her arm because she fell into something, and he was able to take her to the hospital.

This continued up to the age of seventeen, by which point she was still as childish as ever, when she was out with Ludwig himself and it happened for the last time - this time, a fire breathing horse. Ludwig at first didn't believe her as he could not see it, but there was no other way to explain the wounds and burns his daughter and himself were sustaining. A satyr came and saved the two who were near-death, Alena having been far too scared for her father to concentrate, insisting that Alena go to Camp Half-Blood. Alena didn't want to go, but now that she understood she should never have hidden them from him anyway, reluctantly went with him.

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Born or Created On: 1997
Current Age: 17
Species: Demigod
Nationality: German
Sexuality: Pansexual
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"A little break off to the side, can change more things that you've ever thought of."
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Quote: "Wild and exciting I'm breaking you down, you're making a comeback, I'm taking your crown..."
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"Unwind on a hanging seat, you get more when you leave behind some of the things you don't really need..."
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