Alessandra Curt
War Expert
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"A life of a demigod isn't normal."
She is aggressive at times. She puts out witty remarks to people sometimes. She is very straightforward. She is courageous like most of Ares children. She loves battles, and studies them a lot. She acts sweet, when she is in trouble. She is feisty, you could say. Intelligent is another word you could say about her.

Amelia, Alessandra's mother went to a Weapon Convention. Ares went to it also. Amelia who wasn't paying attention to where she was going bumped into him. Ares looked at her and thought she was very beautiful. Amelia stated that she was sorry and would pay attention next time. Ares held her hand and kissed her on the cheek. Amelia was shocked. "Who are you" she asked. "I'm Ares, a Greek God. You are?" Ares said. "I'm Ameila Curt, and I never knew Greek Gods were real!" she said surprised. Ameila started to like him, after getting to know him. She met with him sometimes. He left a bit before the pregnancy.

Soon Amelia came pregnant with Alessandra. Ameila seemingly looked worried for her child. She was a demigod, Ares told her monsters may come and attack her. How would Alessandra defend her self? Amelia was worried everyday almost for her child. Not knowing when a monster could attack. By the time Alessandra was 7, she was making Bs or higher. Soon at age, 12 she was told that she was a daughter of Ares, making her a Demigod. She didn't take the imformation lightly, but she did end up getting past the fact what she was.

As Alessandra grew up. She wasn't very popular with her aggressive attitude. She never really made freinds, it was rare. She got some hobbies which are reading and researching wars, and fencing. She was in higher up classes for Reading a lot. She was kicked out of schools. How, mostly punching someone. Then she was in the homeroom of a teacher who is a satyr, secretly. The satyr, Mr. Keate took her to Camp Halfblood during the spring.

She faced a Hellhound on the way. Taking her bracelet which was given to her by the Satyr. Pressing onto the sword charm, a sword appeared in her hand with a handle and took the handle part off. She put both hands on the sword, and slashed at the muzzle. It growled jumping at Alessandra. She ducked slicing at its stomach and sliding out of the way. The Hellhound turned back and looked at her. Alessandra held her sword waiting for a swift opening. It jumped clawing her arm. She hacked into its side, fighting through the pain. She then looked for a possible opening for a escape as it was hurt. She saw its neck, she ran towards it. She stabbed the sword into its chest. It squealed in pain landing to the floor. It didn't look dead, she put her swords handle on. She continued to Camp Halfblood safely.

Since then she been here for 1 week. She is still 13. She has made one freind here so far, Amandine.

Basic Info
Full Name: Alessandra Curt
Titles: War Expert


Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Ares' Cabin
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: July 26th
Current Age: 13
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Accent: New York
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Owned By: SabineOfTheForce
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3/6/9 Month Powers: So far she doesn't have them,

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  1. Children of Ares can decrease an opponent’s strength and combat abilities for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  2. Children of Ares are able to clap their hands so hard and fast due to their enhanced strength that it sends a small shock-wave out. The shock-wave generates enough force to knock an opponent off their feet and possibly leaves bruises on their skin.


  1. Children of Ares can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to call forth civil justice onto the battlefield for a short time, making all opponents lose the will to fight if their actions are unjust. However, if the actions of the opponent are justifiable the power becomes redundant, and if the user attempts to attack the opponent while the power is in use it immediately wears off.


  1. Children of Ares are innately proficient in all forms of combat.
  2. Children of Ares are stronger and faster than the average human. Their skin is also capable of enduring more injuries.
  3. Children of Ares are always emitting an aura of violence and war, which makes people around them more likely to attack each other and start fights. They can shut it off for a long time.


  1. Children of Ares have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once which can be used to dodge or attack. Upon landing, a small tremor is unleashed which causes anybody within a few feet to lose their balance.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to empower strength upon nearby allies and instil fear upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry.
  3. Children of Ares have the ability to enchant nearby weapons with either a positive effect or negative effect for the duration of a weapon; some examples would be increasing the sharpness of a blade or dulling it.
  4. Children of Ares are sometimes able to cause a small (3-5) group, to turn against each other by inducing a lust for violence and victory in combat. The targets would become irrational and fight among themselves determined to be the last warrior standing, causing chaos for a short time. The more affected the more energy is drained.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can create an illusion of massive bloodshed, destruction and devastation on a battlefield, instilling everyone around them with cowardice and terror, causing them to panic and be routed for some time, until it wears off and they return to battle. Similarly, they can also do the opposite, causing everyone nearby to go into a battle frenzy, in which they recklessly fight the enemy. This power drains them significantly.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Since their father has command over dead soldiers on the losing side of every war in history, children of Ares have the ability to summon a large group of armed skeletal soldiers, up to seven, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner. The longer the period of time for which they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained. Ex: The user can summon skeletal red coats, confederate soldiers, Nazis etc. Dead Soldiers who belonged to the winning side of the war cannot be summoned.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can draw power from all the violent actions and desires they’ve seen, felt, or committed in their lives and become an embodiment of war for a short time, in this state they are as twice as strong and fast than before and are immune to all attacks. They emit a powerful aura which somewhat makes enemies think they are weak and doomed for failure. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Ares are usually more courageous than most, especially when facing danger.
  2. As Ares is the god of civil order, his kids are often adept at creating order when there is chaos and fighting around them
  3. Children of Ares tend to love the thrill of battle and fighting, feeling natural when partaking in combat.
  4. Children of Ares often love the chance to show off their abilities, they’re often somewhat arrogant and hotheaded.
  5. Children of Ares typically have the potential to become great soldiers, agents or generals. Able to perform remarkable feats within the Military.

She has all expect Month Powers.

Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: She considers her knowledge on war a skill.
Preferred Weapon: Sword
Strengths: Fencing/Sword fighting is a huge strength of hers.
Weaknesses: If she doesn't see an opening quick, is what she sees as a weakness in battle.
Quests/Missions Led: 0
Quests/Missions Been On: 0


"I'll try to fight, as well as the other Are demigods!" [[File:{{{file2}}}|{{{file size2}}}|center]]
Possessions & Favourite Things
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Likes: Studying War Tactics

Hanging out with freinds


Dislikes: {{{dislikes}}}
Colour: Red (any shade)
Music: Imagine Dragons
Food: Pizza
Animal: Hawk
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Quote: "Surely you know how important Wars are?"
Drink: Coke
Song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons
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Sport: Football
Other Favs: {{{other}}}
Appearance & More Images
Model: {{{model}}}
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown or a bit black
Height: 5.2 feet
Weight: 124 lb
Ethnicity: American
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: A lady's 8
Blood Type: Group A
Voice: Normal
Distinguishing Marks: {{{marks}}}
Body Style: Fit and Healthy
One Word to Describe: Smart
Best Physical Trait: She is fast.
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Mental/Emotional disorders: ADHD
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Amelia Curt
Father: Ares
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Half-Siblings: Demigods of Ares
Full-Siblings: {{{full}}}
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Home: {{{home}}}
Earliest Memory: Walking
Best Memory: She is fast.
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First Kiss: WIP
First Love: WIP
First Sex: WIP
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General Info
Nicknames: Aless


Native Language: American
Character Flaw: She is aggressive at time
Fears/Phobias: {{{fears}}}
Hobbies: Fencing

Researching Wars


Personal Motto: {{{motto}}}
Things He Won't Do: Will never try sushi
Most Admires: Ares
Most Influenced By: {{{influenced}}}
Moral Compass: {{{compass}}}
Most Important Person Before: {{{past person}}}
Most Important Person Now: {{{current person}}}
Reacts to Crises: She will maybe get mad
Faces Their Problems: Frustrated
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Quirks: She snorts sometimes when she laughs.
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Special Talents: Fencing
Social Skills: Ok
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: When she can win easily
Main Priorities: To show she means different from other Ares Children
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Darkest Secret?: {{{secret}}}
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Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? No
Perceived by Strangers: No
Perceived by Lover: No
Perceived by Friends: No
Perceived by Family: No
First Impression: She'll seem to be a little sweet,
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Alessandra'sSword.png Alessandra'sSword.png Alessandra'sSword.png
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