Allen is a down to earth kind of guy, he is patient, kind, intelligent and charming. He often takes his time to finish any tasks, and is extremely focus when he put his mind in something. More often he at times procrastinates in most jobs he does, when motivated he can finish a task quickly.


One night while Henry Holt was attending a festival in his home town of Gila. He met a beautiful woman by the name of Dima Avling, they hit it off right way. The two dated for several months, before Dima became pregnant with Allen. When Dima broke the news to Henry at first Henry was ecstatic to hear that his girlfriend was pregnant, well at least until she also told him she was a Greek goddess, and that she no longer is able to see him. In time he eventually accepted and didn't harbor no negative emotions to Allen's mother, but at the time he was in shock and heartbroken. After revealing the news to Henry, Demeter left, and nine month later after Allen was born she came back shortly, but only to drop Allen off.

Henry ended up raising Allen in his ranch in New Mexico, where he had do chores, learn to take care of the animals, and survival skills. If that wasn't enough he also had to go to school which was difficult since he had ADHD and Dyslexia, but he did makes friends. At the same time Allen did takes some Mixed Martial arts classes, in order to help in learn how to fight if the need arrives. All around Allen had a pretty normal childhood, but all that was about to change when one day while clean out the stables. He was attacked by harpy. Allen at first was in shock and attempt to fight back the best he could, but because of inexperience with fighting monsters harpy was winning. Lucky for him a near by satyr; who was in the area after catching a demigods scent, heard all the noise that Allen and harpy was making and decided to help Allen out. The satyr and Allen were able to defeat harpy, and after the satyr began to explain to him about that he was a demi-god, and about Camp Half-blood then offered him a chance to come to the camp. Allen was off-course shocked by this revelation, but after a moment he accepted that he was a demigod, and the satyr offer. A few days later Allen had arrived in Camp Half-blood where he was immediately claimed.


1) Silver:
File:Allen Pegasus.jpg

Ever since Allen arrived at camp he began to spend more and more time at the stables. He oftentimes help with some of chorus and taking care of the animals that is in there. One day he went into the stables and noticed a new Pegasus. As he went closer to it he saw a note on the floor, he picks it and began to read it. If you are going to spend most of your times in the stables, you might as well be taking care of a Pegasus that actually belongs to you. Luckily I had managed to convince Poseidon to grant me the opportunity to give this one to you. I hope you enjoy your gift son..- Demeter. Allen became very excited by his mother's present and immediately decided to take care of Pegasus. At the moment the pegasus is staying at the camp's stables

Powers and Skills


  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to shoot poisonous pine out from their hands which acts as a powerful paralytic for a short time.
  2. Children of Demeter can create weapons made from plants, flowers, and trees in order to aid them in combat. The larger the weapons, the more energy is drained. Flowers, plants, and trees, can also be reshaped to reinforce existing weapons and only one weapon may exist at a time.


  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create a large protective dome of thick plants around them for a short time. Although they will die after a few moments.


  1. Children of Demeter have the innate ability to talk plants to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death.
  2. Children of Demeter can understand the overall well-being and conditions of plants, as well as fully interpret their emotions and communicate with them.
  3. Children of Demeter are always surrounded by an aura that normally causes plants to grow where they have walked. They can shut it off for a moderate time if they wish.
  4. Children of Demeter are innately stronger during the Spring and Summer months due to the happiness of Demeter with the return of Persephone.


  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create ropes of vines and telekinetically move them.
  2. Children of Demeter can create and control sap, the sticky substance, distract an opponent ,bind their bodies in it and cloak themselves in a coat of sap that grants extreme resistance to physical attacks due to most weapons simply sticking to the thick sap. .
  3. Children of Demeter are able to make plants (i.e. grain, barley, corn, etc) grow so tall that it hampers the movements of those around them for a short time; the longer they maintain the growth, the more energy it drains.
  4. Children of Demeter have the power of Plant Travel which grants them the ability to teleport from one plant to another. A small tree, patch of grass or even a flower will suffice. The further the distance traveled, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create a Venus Flytrap, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will attempt to swallow anything that comes near it. It will only appear for a short time before dissipating.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to animate a tree to the point that it can walk around and fight for the user. The animated tree will be quite strong and durable and unable to feel pain. It only lasts for a short time and more energy will be drained depending on the size of the tree. Only up to 3 trees can be animated at a time.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter can transform their bodies structure to match that of a plant’s for a short time. The user will be a humanoid plant, the type of plant will be completely up to their choice. As long as it’s not poisonous or carnivorous. In this form, the user is immune to pain and can quickly regenerate from any injury, their existing chlorokinetic abilties are stronger as well. Once the transformation ends, the user will be extremely drained. Unable to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Demeter are normally good cooks, as their mother is the goddess of harvest and agriculture.
  2. Children of Demeter generally grow up to be excellent gardeners and farmers, possessing a love and talent for raising plant life.
  3. Children of Demeter tend to be much happier during the spring and summer and often very sour and grumpy during the fall and winter.
  4. Children of Demeter often have a taste and love for bread.

  1. Allen skilled in training animal, and Mixed Marital arts
  2. He also skilled and the knowledge that could help him survive in the wild.

Equipment and weapon

1) Seax

2) Long bow and arrows

3) Whip

4) shield and Viking sword

5) Guitar

Before Camp Relationships

Name Relation Feelings
Demeter Mother I don't know my Ma yet, but I reckon we will get along fine
Henry Holt Father

I love my Pa.

During camp Relationship

Name Relation Feelings
Candice Cabot girlfriend Well she is mighty pretty and nice.

Quest and Special Rp

Lilith's Letter Phase Two/Crossover Team Three

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