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Amy has a very strong personality.She is very strong willed and has a positive attitude toward tough times and always works out a solution to conflicts.She cares a lot for her friends and family.She even cares for her mom even though she has only met her when she was a baby...


Nigel Hokara was born and raised in Hong Kong,Japan.He grew up learning martial arts to become a martial arts teacher.One day while he was training at gym,he met a young woman tearing up the punching bag with different types of moves.He asked where did she learn such technique and she said "I've been around the block for a while and I've picked up a few things".Impressed with her skills,he began to see her more often to learn a few things from her and talk about the places she's been.While spending time with her,he realized how beautiful she was and had begun to fall in love with her.Feeling the same way about him,the woman expressed her feelings to him and they began a relationship.

9 months later,they had a baby together.It was a little girl named Amy Hokara and was born on September 21, 1995.They both loved her very much.Little did they know that the mother wasn't actually human.One day,the woman said she had to leave them forever.Nigel asked,"Why,my love?"She said,"Let's say I cannot be here for long.When our daughter gets older,she will understand what I mean."She takes a long wrapped package from her sack and gives it to him."When the time is right,give this to her.It will help her on her journey."With that said,she left them behind,with Amy screaming for her mother to come back.

As the years went by,Amy got older and still wanted her mom to come back.When she was 5,they moved to New York so Amy could learn English properly.She was very smart for her age and excelled in her classes as she moved up in each grade.While she was learning the basics she took gymnastics and martial arts lessons from her Dad.She was really good in all the lessons and learned a lot of fighting moves and techniques.11 years later,she is 16 years old and goes to Middle Township High School.She is a good student in class and a great one on the field also.Her best friends Mill and Carmen can never seem to catch up to her.Dad always told her that she had skills like her mom and she always loved the compliment.

The day she went to camp was a close call,even for her.It was 7:00 in the morning and she was getting ready for school.Her Dad was already at work and she had to walk to school.She was looking for her backpack when something caught her eye.It was the package her mom wanted her to have but Amy didn't know that.She took it for a closer look and it read "For Amy,my daughter".She thought it was from her dad,but her birthday wasn't for another 2 months.Her curiosity got the best of her as she opened it.It was a katana,a real katana blade.Why would Dad give me a weapon for my birthday,she thought. Just then there was a terrible noise outside.It was a type of a bird screech that didn't sound normal.She went outside with the katana in her hands and got a terrible sight.

In the sky was a very horrid creature Amy has ever seen.It looked like a cross between an old lady and a monster bird.It was heading toward her in a nose dive screaming "Time to die!" Amy wasn't scared but she didn't want to die either.She looked at the sword,figuring she has been training with a bokken,and raised it up as it made contact with the monster.It screeched in pain as it touched the blade and exploded into dust."Eww!"she said as it poured on her.She dusted herself off and checks out her sword,when I voice says "Hey,you okay down there?"Daring to look up,she does.A girl in a dress was gliding down toward her from the sky.Amy thought she must have been going crazy but it all looks too real."Who are you?"she asks the girl.She says,"My name is Makena and I'm a nymph but no time to explain.I have to get you back to the camp.""What camp? Tell me what's going on here."Makena says,"Well,this may be a shock to you,but your a demigod.Your mother was one of the goddesses of Greek mythology""And this camp?"Amy asked."Its a place where all demigods go to train and stay safe.Camp Half-Blood."


Name Relation Feelings
Nigel Hokara Father I love him no matter what
Nike Mother I haven't seen her since I was a baby but I still care for her
Kai Miyazaki Boyfriend He's the most sweetest and cutest guy in the world