He appears to be in his mid teens. He stands about 5'10" and is somewhat skinny from a recent growth spurt. He has short brown hair and deep blue eyes. He is usually clean cut and well groomed.

He likes to wear whatever looks nice, whether it is from current fashions or from a more retro look. He does not always have to be the first one to try a new look and will certainly not bankrupt himself to keep up with whatever trends are out there. While he doesn't wear an outfit once and then replace it, he doesn't exactly wear clothes down to the bare threads either.


Andre is a pretty easy going guy who has learned to look past outer appearances and focus on the real person underneath. When he finds "real" people, he tends to be friendly and even charming and is very easy to get along with. For "fakes", he is not necessarily mean, but tends to devalue the things they say or do.

He tends to be open minded and have a very balanced perspective on most things. He is often called upon by friends and family to mediate disputes. Even when faced with an issue where he has a strong personal opinion, he is still able to play devil's advocate in many cases and make sure the bigger picture is being seen.


CSI shows, reading (all types of books), Gardening and flowers


People who try too hard to be someone they are not.


Andre was born to a French immigrant who ran a flower shop in the heart of Las Vegas. He planned to follow in his dad's career and eventually take over the family business, until fate decided otherwise.

He escaped the notice of most monsters by living in the general area of the Lotus Hotel. Despite being approached many times by its employees, growing up in the city of excess dulled the shine of the hotel's wonders and Andre never really got sucked in. Eventually though, his budding powers started drawing monsters in from further away. He had several close calls before a satyr found him and brought him to camp.

Disappeared without notice between November 2011 and March 2012. Returned 4-2-12.

Known Abilities


Skilled with whips and throwing knives

Is fluent is French.

Can do a number of card and coin magic tricks. Stage magic, not the real thing.

Items of Note

He carries a set of throwing knives. Half of them are made from steel and the other half are celestial bronze.

A pirate costume for the fall dance.

Relationships of note

Alana - Fiancée. What can I say? She is my everything and I will love her forever.

Braelyn - One of my best friends since arriving here. We had a fight at one point, but we are much better now. I am really happy that she is engaged now. She really deserves it. Hope I get to do the flowers when they finally do get hitched.

Annie Wendla - One of my sisters. She seems pretty cool. We get along great!

Inno - Things have been a roller-coaster with us. We hot some rough spots and split up for a bit. I don't even want to discuss what we went through while apart, especially what happened to her. We decided to give it a second chance, but now she left?!?! She didn't even say goodbye....

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