Andre Virtuoso

Andre human

Name: Andre Alexander Virtuoso
Owner: Ajacopia
Species: Automaton
Born: August 24
Nationality: British-American
Language: English
Race: Caucasian



Andre is quiet, calm, and collected, often thinking things through before acting. He is also completely reliant on his master, Theós Hampton, for directions, often striking his coworkers (Drew Campwood and Kaitlyn Williams) as a "lapdog".

Unfortunately, Andre holds no memory of his past life, before death. Formerly, Andre was Drew Campwood's best friend. Together, he and Drew committed several hundred murders in London. Andre, who was a demigod, just like Drew, at the time, was convinced by Drew to attend Camp Half-Blood. Upon arrival, Andre changed his mind, causing a fight between the two of them, that resulted in Andre's death. Andre, former Son of Tyche, suffered from mental illnesses ranging from psychosis to dementia, but the most potent was dissociative identity disorder. Upon recreation, all his other personalities were erased, but Andre obtained their different skills.


Theós Hampton was a very busy man. He had little time for retrieving spell components or doing his cabin chores, which was the reason he got two subordinates. But they were clumsy, reckless, and very hard to control, no matter what he did to them. So, Theós had an idea. He tricked his subordinates into making blueprints for a automaton. Surprisingly, the blueprints were good, and then Theós got to work. After three long days and three long nights, Theós created him. Upon reveal, both his subordinates were uncomfortable; Kaitlyn from being used, and Drew from seeing his dead friend being remade, but they both knew better than to question their leader. Theós then used two different spells to retrieve Andre's recently deceased soul and animate the machine. Then, Theós smiled and said the command. "Control_power.exe". Andre then awoken.

Following his creation, Theós helped Andre become used to being a machine. Teaching him more code phrases and his full capabilities, Theós smiled at the thought that he created the subordinate he always needed.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazelnut
Skin Colour: Palish-peach



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