Anja Hjort
Daughter of Nike
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Basic Info
Full Name: Anja Hjort
Titles: Daughter of Nike
Born/Created On:
Current Age: 16
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood; Nike's Cabin
Current Status: Alive; Single
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Danish
Ethnicity: Danish
Accent: Danish
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Love Interests: N/A
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Model: Freja Riemann
Gender: Female
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Weight: "Um.."
Blood Type:
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style:
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Nike
Father: Nikolaj Hjort
Half-Siblings: Nike's Cabin
Other Relatives:
Home: Copenhagen, Denmark
Schooling: Homeschooled (Year 5 - onwards)
First Kiss: N/A
First Sex: N/A
First Love: N/A

General Info
Nicknames: TBD...
Native Language: Danish
Language(s) Spoken: English, Greek, Russian
Character Flaw:
Moral Compass:
Most Important Person Before:
Most Important Person Now:
Dream Job:
Current Job:

Anja has what you might call a Danish accent, but as the accent is quite neutral she finds it easy to slip into the accents of those around her - she does, however, speak rather quickly and sometimes needs to be asked to slow down. She is annoyed by people who are lazy, late, or think the world owes them a living without work, because those are values instilled deeply in her by Nikolaj Hjort - exercise well, be punctual, work for what you deserve. It was rich coming from him, or at least the latter was, but she believed him. Very active, Anja is easily befriended by those who enjoy physical activity, but gets very restless if she remains still too long and so finds it harder to spend time with those who prefer more idle lifestyles.

She can often be demanding when it comes to her physical agenda, and can be accidentally demanding of others when it comes to the same. If you make the effort, she can become intensely loyal to you. One of her very bad habits that comes from this is to eat too little, because she doesn't feel like she has the time to do so over her timetable, so she definitely needs somebody to sit her down and reminds her to do so. This can get her in very bad shape, so she tends to drink the occasional energy drink or protein shake to keep herself on her feet, as well as a bit of an addiction to caffeine. Because she loves to run at night and is a general fan of the night life, she has fallen into the bad habit of living everyday life on very little sleep - she doesn't really feel it anymore.

Her only real hobbies revolve around sport - including running as a favourite, as well as swimming and cycling. She is also a fan of soccer, baseball, basketball and rugby as sports and can often be found in the gym on top of these. The only real idle pleasure she ever indulges in is a good hand at gambling and other games, she is motivated by these and can sometimes waste hours away if she allows herself to. Exercising for leisure is something that comes very naturally, and in the games involving a ball, and racing, she is very competitive and very confident in herself - a streak of confidence that could be sourced from either Nike herself, or Nikolaj Hjort.

She does get very upset and embarrassed when her competitive nature results in a loss, and will at all costs try to get a win back on the chalkboard to herself. Much unlike Nikolaj Hjort, constantly stacks herself up to others to see how she measures in an unhealthy habit. This urge to be better than everyone is to the detriment of herself, rather than others, although she can boast she can often see it as untrue internally, and strive for unhealthy levels of success.

Nikolaj Hjort was a demigod son of Apollo and a Danish football player at the FIFA World Cup, which led to Denmark qualifying. He thought his performance was quite astounding, thank you very much, because he was overconfident and somewhat of a playboy. Even though he was overlooked by most, a cute blonde that he'd noticed in the crowd happened to notice the determination and confidence in his abilities with which he carried himself, and went up to congratulate him after the game with a drink or two.

Of course Nikolaj Hjort felt she did not deserve his time; but the moment she mentioned the addition of drinks to the occasion, he was sold, in addition to the fact she was very pretty, and the more he was around her, the more daring he felt he was. Accompanying her to a Copenhagen club, the pair got recklessly drunk and, in the heat of it all, had a one night stand that Nikolaj could not remember aside from a kiss and the name Hanne.

His heated lover's disappearance barely shook Nikolaj at all, and he quickly moved on to other women as he would. He was, rather awkwardly, engaged with a girl called Analisa when there was a knock at the door, and he was greeted with the mysterious Hanne at the door with a baby girl when he had clothed himself. Needless to say, he never saw Analisa again, and needless to say, he didn't care as he stormed past her and Hanne stepped inside. There was not another heated night, and Nikolaj found it hard to come to terms with her true identity when it was explained. He was given a package to be given to Anja when she was running a risk of monster attacks, with similar weapons to the ones he'd held in his days at camp.

How Nikolaj Hjort found it in his heart to even attempt to care for the child nobody could say. Although he did not sacrifice his national career at first, his one night stand baby Anja Hjort led him, and her, to be hounded by the media, and he retired from his professional career to move to a more rural area of Denmark and seek just a little more privacy. He was not the most doting of fathers, but there was definitely a sense that he cared as she grew up, even if she did have to get used to who came in and out of Nikolaj's house, and try not to get used to any mother figure that may have been.

Anja Hjort was a competitive child and was raised by Nikolaj to be very active, something that seemed to come naturally to the little girl. The child and her father bonded through sport and exercise which they delighted in engaging in with each other. Her quality of upbringing increased over time as she was becoming a sportswoman. He sent her to primary school, in which she only truly excelled in Physical Education, and was encouraged to make the sports teams by Nikolaj, several of which she did along with extra curriculars unrelated to teams.

He did, however, take her out of school and began to home school her after year five, which upset Anja until she finally adjusted to the life. As a demigod himself he knew the risk she ran to herself, and maybe to other people, if she attended mainstream schooling. He also notably enrolled her in martial arts classes, which Anja was happy to engage in, until she was rather adept in several forms of combat. He gifted her the weapons, Tordenvagt, and a small dagger, and began teaching her how to use them.

At the age of twelve, Anja was attacked by a flock of Stymphalian Birds. She was able to run well, but the birds simply would not give up. She struggled to hold the sword still but her martial arts training assisted in giving the stance to not drop the blade. Being able to knock one bird out of the air with the flat of the blade, purely by accident, she quickly switched to the dagger, relying on her speed and winding up with a long gash on her arm.

She lied to her father and said she had fallen in the woods and had been cut by a long tree branch, having returned her weapons to their short form after cleaning them hastily so if he inspected them he would not know.

The attacks grew more and more frequent over the years between that and her arrival at camp, but Anja conspired with a classmate of hers in martial arts, Lila, who had learnt from her parent, similarly a demigod, that she was a daughter of Pandia. The two girls began to stay together and stray from their parents, although the fathers also had some degree of contact and vaguely knew each other. The next attack of note came when they were fourteen and attacked by a fire-breathing horse. With a few burns and a moment of shock, Lila and Anja had to try to come up with an excuse.

Lila's brains led them to a story that they had burnt themselves trying to add wood to Lila's grandfather's campfire, which was where they had been prior to the attack. It seemed plausible, so this wasn't questioned, because Anja cleaned both sets of weapons on a cloth again after the success of her first lie years earlier. Nikolaj reluctantly believed her, although Anja could tell he had suspicions as she was accompanied by him more than usual. But as years stacked up both parents grew more and more suspicious of the lack of attacks. Although Nikolaj had been attacked young, he began to put the pieces together, considering the ages of his campmates.

When the two girls were sixteen, the two men insisted on accompanying their daughters to the woodland in which there was a clearing where Anja and Lila enjoyed martial arts sparring. The two girls were attacked by a pair of harpies, attracted there by the teenage demigods, one for each. The two adult demigods leapt into action, surprising their daughters and assisting in slaying the monsters. Now there was real, solid proof that the girls had been attacked, it gave them cause to take the girls to the camp, their previous home where they knew it was safe for their children.


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