Anna has long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is about 5ft6 tall and is quite slim.


Anna is not shy, but she doesn't seek for attention. she is quite mellow, not really caring, as long as she is happy and the people around her are happy, and if they arent, she is always ready to listen. she is sometimes described as a wallflower, just staying off to the side, watching everything that happens around her without being involved unless someone drags her into it. she easily trusts people, but is not naive.


Anna's parents meet at a camp ground while her mom was traveling across the usa before going to university. they had what you might call a summer fling and it was over when she left. 1 month after returning to Lafayette, Louisiana she found out she was pregnant. not having the heart to abort it, she kept the baby, who she named Annastasia. Anna grew up pretty normally, her mother, after not going to uni because of her, got a job at a cafe, which payed for the rent of their measly flat and her sister, who was a stay at home mom, looked after Anna. When anna turned 3 she went to kindergarten, then to elementary school, and went to her mom's work after wards, where she sat either behind the counter or at a table.

Life continued normally, until when anna was 13. She was walking home one day from school and had taken path that took her through the park. about halfway along the path she heard a growl.Turning around, she saw nothing, but she still quickened her pace. she had walked not 5 meters before she heard a growl again, and this time she saw something move between the trees. this time she ran along the path, trying to get to the other side of the path, but was cut off by a big dog with red eyes. Anna screamed and turned and ran the other way with the huge dog right behind her. Anna ran into the mass of trees on her right and ran for a while before hiding behind one of the big oak trees. Anna was breathing hard and was praying to whoever was out there to help her, or that she was just going crazy. she heard the growl again, and she wimpered, causing the growling to stop, and the sound of paws on the ground coming towards her. she looked around in the leaves for a stick or something she could use when a glint caught her eyes, and she picked up a sword made out of celestial bronze that had popped out of nowhere withen the leaves. it was then the large dog put its head around the tree and was about to bite her when she sung the sword as hard as she can, cutting the dogs head.the dog disappeared it an array of golden dust, and she dropped the sword, which, after composing herself, she couldn't find anymore. this happened two more times while in Lafayette, but each time ended in telling herself she was either dreaming or going insane

Anna, never told anyone about the incident, afraid they would call her crazy and put her in a mental institution where they would drug her up and she would become like a mindless zombie. She was glad when she was 16, her mother, after doing a few night courses, was offered a job up in New York to be a PA for some big shot. so they soon moved to New York, where they lived in a nice cosy flat. After about a month it was her birthday and she had gone out with a few new friends to hang out. after saying bye, she started walking home. She was walking along a not very used street and had turned into a series of alley ways she knew would take her pretty much to her flat, that she used pretty much everyday. out of nowhere, a figure came out off the shadows and tried to attack her, but she just slipped out of reach running away. she didn't get very far when she bumped another figure running. it was a youngish man with brown hair. She quickly started telling him about how someone was trying to attack her. the man suddenly pushed her away and sung a sword, that chopped the head right of the thing that was attacking her.

She stood there, shaken, before theman sat her down and started to explain everything, how the Greek gods where real, and that she was a demi god, that he was a satyr and that there was a camp that was safe for her. Anna, slowly regestiring what the satyr said, nodded, but asked about her mother. the satyr said she could call from camp, where it was safe for her to call with out being attacked. she agreed to go with the satyr to camp. after 3 days she got to camp with only one monster attack.


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