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Anton Troy
Son of Apate

Prince of lies

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London Worthy and Anton Troy are in a relationship

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Son of apate
Prince of lies
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Justin Troy, Apate, Apate's Cabin
Status Alive
Languages Spoken English
Age 15
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'5"
Other Information
Weapons Short sword
Enemies None

Justin Troy met Apate in Toronto by running into them on a windy day. His suitcase popped open and he kneeled down to quickly gather things. The woman he ran into also kneeled and helped him. When their fingers met, Justin fell in love. Then they dated for six months, before Anton was born. Anton came on his father's doorstep, Apate said to take care of him, then gave Anton to a shocked Justin. Justin watched in grief as his love walked down the road, soon going out of his sight. He was so heartbroken he tried to give Anton to apdoption, but didn't, thinking that he might be the last reminder of his love.

Anton grew up as the kid who no one knew. That as in, no one knew his inner self. His emotions were often hard to read on his face, and his tone always stayed normal. When he was 4, his dad bought him a computer, but Anton never used it. Anton often would go out in his backyard and play football or soccer with his neighbor's kids. His father would often keep a fair amount of distance from Anton, who gave Justin too much memories of his wife.

When Anton was 12, he turned bad. He would often get low marks on testes, and would have to get them signed. But Anton didn't really show his father, he would forge his father's signature on to the test, then hand them back in. Then when report cards came, his father saw his D's. his father then home-schooled him, because they couldn't afford a tutor. His father was also hoping Anton would change. Anton refused to make any changes and kept touch with his old school mates. then, Anton would lie to his father and soon got into the habit of lying to everyone. After that year, he started dreaming and seeing weird things. Like once he saw this hairy goat leged boy who was screaming his name over and over in a dream.

Also, Anton had a monster attack when he turned 13. He had received a scar on his back from a harpy. Anton was by his old school when it happened, he had saw the human-chicken thing, panicked and then there was this sudden blackout. While Anton was knocked out, there was a friend of Anton's (Sam) who had fought the harpies off. Anton woke up with a 3 claw scar.When Anton hit 15, that was when bad changed to worse. Once, he tried to hijack a BMW. The owner founded out and called 911, but Anton had smoothly lied and said that he and his friends were just strolling by, unaware of anything.

Later on that year, he and his friend, Sam, were about to loot some candy from the candy store. When suddenly, a gaint dog popped out of nowhere. Then the hellhound's blood red eyes focused on Sam and Anton, then charged. Anton got tackled as the hellhound leaped, and Sam was left on the floor,the same hellhound on him. There was another boy who had tackled Anton, and then he ran to get Sam.

The fight was bloody but they finally managed to kill the hellhound, thanks to the boy's bow and arrows. But even so, they were all wounded. Sam had placed a hand on both of them and instantly the wounds started to heal. The boy said that he was named James, and then explained who Sam and Anton were. Then when Anton came home, he told his father about Camp Half-Blood and said he needed to be there. His father looked at him with sad eyes and nodded. Then they went to go tell Sam's mother, who turned out to be not his real mother.

Sam's mother had stopped them after they said "Mom/Ma'am we need to tell you that I/you son is-" and explained that she took Sam from adpotion, not knowing who his real mother/father was. Sam had choked up and said his goodbyes, then both of them left. James tried to be nice and upbeat by telling jokes, but it was not helping the two demigods. One day, Anton woke up just to see Sam committing suicide. It turns out that Sam had remember that his real family had died, and was stuck with sudden grief that he couldn't stand living anymore.

Anton tried to stop his friend, but Sam was already jumping off the cliff, his eyes on Anton. His last words to him was, "See you, Ant. Just....stay strong.". James woke up too late, and saw a sobbing Anton, who was holding his friend's watch. James took no more time waiting, fearing that Anton might want to join Sam. James gave him a short sword, watching Anton look at it like he was waiting to see his fate in it. Then they left. So two weeks later, Anton entered the gates of Camp Half- Blood, still holding Sam's watch, thinking how this was time to turn a new leaf.



Anton is kind and caring. However, he has a serious habit of lying. Anton is most likely to steal your things if he thinks it's 'worth the risk of getting caught'. He likes to pull pranks on the people he thinks are easy to prank.

Powers and Abilities



  • Children of Apate are innately able to see through lies, illusions or any form of deceit, as they are innately so well skilled with deceit themselves.
  • Children of Apate have the innate ability to confuse, mislead or deceive others for a short time, the longer they try and keep up with the lies/deceptions, the more energy it drains


  • Children of Apate are able to make a fake copy of an object not bigger than them, but they must clearly imagine the object in their minds for it to completely imitate the original object. Also, if the original object possess magical properties or whatsoever, the imitation will not copy those properties.
  • Children of Apate can use their powers to lure someone into lying or coming into agreement with them when they truly don't want to without the person influenced even noticing. The bigger the lie, the more power drained. A person with a strong will can fight this, and most will remember being deceived shortly after.

Children of Apate are able to mimic sounds or the voice of a person or creature they already heard speaking or making noise. The quality of the mimicry depends on the focus and skill level of the user.


3 Months After Character is Made===

  • Children of Apate can create illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and therefore is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also delude single individuals in the same fashion.

6 Months After Character is Made

  • Children of Apate are able to make a copy of their body, that they are mentally connected to, but cannot interact with its physical environment. It can be used to spy on others, bring back intel, distract others, carry messages, etc. It drains the user moderately.

9 Months After Character is Made

  • Children of Apate are able to make a copy of their body, that they are mentally connected to. It is essentially a real copy of themselves, with all their powers to a weakened extent and can actually interact with their surroundings, however while the copy is active the user is entirely incapacitated. While the copies are active, the user is drained, so the longer the copy is active the more they are drained. Once the copy is gone, they must wait a substantially long time before making another copy.


  • Children of Apate tend to be treacherous, fond of treachery or amused by it.
  • Children of Apate are cunning, sly and uneasily fooled.
  • Children of Apate are very good liars and at making alibis.
  • Children of Apate are good at forging signatures and hacking systems.
  • Children of Apate have deceit "intuitions", meaning they may have a hunch if someone will try to deceive them. However, their predictions may not be accurate every time.


Sword Picture.jpg

His sword that James gave him






Justin Troy





Never met her

Cabin mates

His Half brothers/sisters

He likes them, though he doesn't really know them well



She's the first person he met. She's amazing

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