ακουαμαρίνης's Bedroom

You have entered Aquamarine's bedroom. It is located near the Nymph Sanctuary There is a big letter on the door written in neat cursive:

"Please refrain yourself from touching anything in there. I have a little OCD, so I'll scream at you for moving anything. Also, don't think about looking in my diary! (If you ever find it) Or I'll really scream at you and embarrass in front of the whole camp!"

Signed by: ~Aquamarine

Aqua's bedroom
Aquamarine headshot

❤Marine❤ -Dolphin Nymph
-The Dolphin's Beauty
Age= Immortal Height= 6'
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= Greek
Species= Nymph Main Weapon= Her trident

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*She glares at you after she opened the door* "What?" She sharply said.

Those have been in her room

  1. None so far
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