NOTE: This quest didn't really end. I aborted it for a personal RP which, in an character's point of view, happened over the course of the quest that was completed. To be short, the personal RP interrupted this quest. I may consider on resuming this quest once that RP is finished.


General Overview

Apate tricked Ariadne in giving her magical String (the string used to help Theseus in the Labyrinth) for her own selfish reasons (which she wasn't able to do so). However, Apate lost the String shortly after her trickery after having an affair with a mortal man. The String dropped inside an open manhole, which rolled off to the Mines of Paris, got washed away by the sewer system and had gone missing ever since. Ariadne asks Sealtiel, a son of Apate, and some of his demigod friends to find the String as a peace offering to his mother. Once found, they will return the String back to Ariadne at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Deceit's Queen checkmated after a fling;
Peace wrought in the treasure five shall find and bring.
Prove worthy in a test of the labyrinth's kings
In heart of love's city for the victim's string.
Forlorn troubles much after vict'ry's song springs.

Locations and Info


On the way back to Camp, they are unknowingly pursued by a Braxas, drawn by Skylar's power. The Braxas envelops Skylar and runs off away from them. This will stem into another quest, in which a new bunch of demigods must save Skylar before she causes trouble and before its too late for her. 


  1. Sealtiel O'Shaughnessy, Son of Apate, Leader, Hyu
  2. Beau Merrick, Son of Hermes, Ela
  3. Skylar Thanes, Daughter of Hypnos, Shady
  4. Tobias Thovain, Son of Melinoe, Demi
  5. Daphne Mason, Daughter of Iris, Kookies

  • 4/17 - Kookies needs to post.
  • 4/18 - Camp Half-Blood Entrance finished. Demi lends me (Hyu) Tobi for three days starting tomorrow because she is going away for a while.
  • 4/21 - Kookies gives me (Hyu) permission to use Daphne whenever she goes inactive.
  • 4/23 - New York City Airport finished.


Camp Half-Blood Entrance

New York City Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport / Paris City

Jardin de Luxembourg / Paris Sewer Museum

  • The cab arrives at the front of the place a few minutes later. The group gets off the cab and walks for the sidewalk.
  • Tiel: Now then, uh, where's that hecking entrance thingy?
  • Tobi: He gestures to a number of people in front of where he thought was the entrance. Would it be there, near all those people, by any chance?
  • Daphne: Might be..
  • Skylar: Well, then come on! She walks over to the crowd.
  • The others follow Skylar, and in a few minutes, they see a large entrance going deep down. The sign on top says... It says...
  • Tiel: He squints and leans closer to read the sign. Whether this is by his dyslexia or innate stupidity for French, he can't understand it. Can anyone read the sign?
  • Tobi: He shakes his head. I can't read French.
  • Daphne: Me either
  • Tiel: Well it looks like the entrance is going down the sewer, so I guess we should check it out.
  • Daphne: Ok, let's just be cautious down in the sewer
  • Beau: I believe I just wasted body spray, let's get going.
  • Skylar: She prays a quick prayer to Hypnos the follows the group, nervously.
  • Daphne: Body spray?
  • Tiel: Meh. We'll need that body spray in the faaaaar future. Let's just go down and see!
  • They carefully go down the stairs, along with some people from different races. When they reach the bottom, they discover the sewer-like architecture, but what fills the place is... a museum.
  • Skylar: She looks around confused. Uh.... why is there a museum in a sewer?
  • Daphne: I don't think people would sight see in a sewer..
  • Tiel: I think that sign says this is a sewer museum. Oh well. Why don't we have a look-see if there's something that can help us here, since we're going to a sewer and all.
  • Skylar: Okay. She wanders away from the group.
  • Beau: He nods and begins to browse.
  • Tobi: He had taken an interest in one of the displays and walked over to it.
  • Daphne: Goes to one display and studies it
  • Tiel: He goes over some irrelevant findings to show that their leader is going around, then scoots over to Skylar. He whispers, Hey, French girl. Can your good sir ask a favor again?
  • Skylar: She looks at him slightly confused. I guess?
  • Tiel: I simply need your expertise-he smirks-on French again. Can you ask around on how to get to the Paris Mines? Don't worry, I got your back, somehow.
  • Skylar: She bites her bottom lip. Fine but, you'd better HAVE my back. She walks over to a male tour guide and begins talking/flirting with him in French.
  • Tobi: He walks over to Tiel, hands inside his pockets. He noticed Tiel and Skylar were talking earlier. I'm guessing you asked her to ask for directions or something?
  • Tiel: He nods. Yep. Asked her to ask those French guys like last time.
  • Beau: He walks to them, noticing that they were standing close. So we're just going to wait for her?
  • Tiel: Well yeah, since we can't actually do anything unless our tongues go French, unlike her.
  • Skylar: She walks back over. The guy said that there's entrances all over the city but, the closest entrance is a closed off area down that tunnel. She points down a small dark tunnel in the corner of the room.
  • Daphne: It's dark...
  • Skylar: She shrugs. So? Nighttime's dark too.
  • Tobi: He says in a soft, nonchalant voice. Graves are dark too.
  • Beau: Let's just get to it. He shrugs.
  • Tiel: Wait! Cease the ruckus! I think we should get a map. With no map, we're going to be definitely lost in the stinky sewer. With that, I need my Hermes minion to come to me.
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