Azalea Marquis

Huntress of Artemis/Daughter of Erato
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This character is a hunter of Artemis.

Azalea Azalea marquis
Azalea Marquis
Status Alive
Born May 12, 1022
Other Names Lea
Location Camp Half-Blood (currently)
Normandy, France (formerly)
Physical Info
Species Demigod/Huntress of Artemis
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Pink

Ian (father)

Erato (Mother)

Loyalty Artemis' Cabin



Azalea flowers

I was born to a poet named Ian, a man in Normandy during the reign of the Duke Richard I. The goddess of love and lyric poetry fell in love with him under the guise of the woman named Rosa Marquis. Later, Erato gave birth to me. Ian fearing the burdens of raising the child refused to raise me. Erato knowing that she could not bring the child back to her realm, gave the child to a servant living William the Conqueror's palace. The servant was Adelle, an elderly cook who raised me. When I grew up, my fame as a poet was heard around the palace.

I was rather intelligent than most men during my time. It was unusual for servants to be educated. My fame was soon heard by the King or the Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror. The rival noblemen were plotting against him as he is an Illegitimate child. Trying to take a break from it, I was asked by William to recite poems that I wrote. When I was fifteen, William was knighted by the King of France. We soon got close. He would shower me with loving words and praises in front of the audience. The bards and poets in the court were jealous of me.

We soon fall in love. However, the duke had to secure control of Normandy by defeating rebel barons. He left me and I was left hoping to get married to him. But later, when he returned back, he told me that we would just be friends since he had fallen in love with another woman, Matilda of Flanders. I left him, heartbroken. I met the moon goddess while going out into the woods. The huntresses were fighting against an Amphisbaena. I asked her who she was. After much explanation, I decided to join them after much sadness with William.


She is free-willed and talented girl. She is a creative poet. She hates arguments and rather stay out of it. She is an ardent feminist. Azalea loves diplomacy rather than punching each other's heads out. She is an eloquent and a charming speaker, something she cannot remove. She enjoys her life as a huntress. She does not have any animosity towards men but rather treats them as an equal and on friendly terms. However, she does not allow flirting with her. She writes poems when she does nothing or when she is depressed.




  1. Huntresses are natural masters of archery, tracking and survival.
  2. Huntresses possess heightened agility and dexterity, beyond what their bodies would otherwise be capable of.
  3. Huntresses have enhanced vision that allows them to see clearly across long distances or in low lighting.
  4. Huntresses are resistant to the effects of extreme air temperatures.
  1. Huntresses' powers come from their vows to Artemis - "I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt." If they violate the pledge, Artemis can revoke their abilities.
  2. Huntresses are issued blessed silver bows, and other silver weapons they request, that are effective against all forms of monsters and spirits.
  3. Mortal huntresses gain clear sight through the mist, if they do not already possess it.
  4. Huntresses stop aging upon joining the Hunt, remaining eternally young.
  5. Huntresses give off a subtle silver aura.


Name Relation Feelings
Erato Mother I don't care about her
Ian Father I don't care about him either
Artemis Patron Loves her
Artemis' Cabin members Friends Loves them
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