Name: Billie Tanner

DOB: February 18th  2003 (Current Age 13)

God Parent: Ares

Mortal Parent: Amalie Tanner



Appearance: Billie had blonde hair when she was younger but it got darker when she got older. She usually has her hair in two plaits and a hat or just scruffy and down her shoulders with a beanie. Also, Billie has beautiful dark brown eyes with orange flecks in them. As she is a tomboy, Billie likes to wear boys clothes eg: jeans or knee shorts and hoodies or denim jackets with Nike sports trainers, preferably in blue, dark red or black. At the tips of her hair it goes slightly purple/red as it is actually part of how her hair works!

Personality: Billie is a very rough, aggressive, competetive and sarcastic girl. She likes to hang out with the boys because she says "The girls aren't rough enough". Being a tomboy, Billie finds it hard to fit in with the 1 or 2 girls she is friends with. As she got older she got more responbile.. Only a bit though, because she thought life would be easier if she just went with the flow. Billie is very good at contact sports like rugby or american football and is the best on her boys team. Also she finds out she is very good at leading battles at Camp Half Blood and in not shy atall, loves all the attention she gets. Her fatel flaw is ambition because she wants to make her mark as not a girly girl but a epic tomboy! Moreover, Billie doesn't like to listen to others and is very stubborn.

Parent History: Amalie was a great actress, she loved to get on the stage and perform in war performances! As Ares is the god of war, he was interested in this particular play and went to see it. How could he resist a women who was beautiful AND good with a sword? After the play, Ares went to Amalie and did some really bad flirting... Typical. Amalie fell for this tattoed man and invited him over to her apartment near Long Island Sound (Of Course) and then went into her bedroom. What happened in there was dirty so I won't explain any details.. xD In a while Amalie had two pieces of bundling joy! Billie and her sister Chanelle. Sadly Chanelle died during the birth and Billie was never told! Amalie wasn't prepared to break the news. When Ares came back for one last visit to tell Amalie who he was, she slapped him and told him to get out. Ares left and never came back again leaving Amalie with a leather bracelet for her child, it was a sword. Amalie had wanted someone to share the rest of her life with and was annoyed and surprised when he said he was immortal.

Billie aged 1-5: Billie was living a normal life for a few years, being loud and having fun with her mum! Amalie was very fond of Billie and didn't want to tell her who she was, so she was very over protective and that made Billie slowly despise her mother for this reason. 

Billie aged 6-10: Life started to get strange, By this time, Billie had been kicked out of 2 schools for being aggressive to other pupils. (Aged 7 and 10 she was kicked out.) 

Billie aged 11-Current: (Aged 11) The day before Billie went to school, Amalie presented her with a leather bracelet, she told her to always keep it on her and in emergencies, take it off. Now Billie is in secondary school. There is a satyr trying to work out if she is a demigod whom is new to the job,  (he comes half way through the year.) hanging around Billie. Billie is starting to like him, there have been a few incidents that have gotten her suspended. The first incident is where one of the teachers had come and made her clean up the band room and put away the instruments. A soon as Billie got into the band room, some harpies came out of nowhere and attacked. Billie remembered what her mother had said, take it off in emergencies. She took it off and was amased that it turned into a sword! She just swung her sword at the surprised harpies (They didn't think she would have a sword) One of them down, 1 more to go. 5 minutes later she left the band room having defeated them.  She then consulted Adam about them. The satyr - whose name was Adam - warned her to stay away from them, Adam now asked her to come with him because he wanted to explain something ( he was trying to take her to camp)  She just ignored him and carried on with the day, still feeling a bit worried after the attack but not paying any attention to Adam. (Aged 11 almost 12) The next incident was during P.E just before they broke up for the Christmas Holidays, they were going into the street on a running course when out of nowhere some harpies attacked Billie who, through the crowd, managed to slip into T.E.S.C.O.S where the harpies couldn't find her. Nobody got hurt. Adam was worried about Billie because he had seen it, and afterwards, tried to get her to come on a walk ( he tried to take her to camp) she didn't listen to him.

Life at home wasn't going too well for Billie, Amalie had started drinking late into the night then returning during midnight, therefore waking Billie up. Amalie started to get aggressive and agitated, hurting Billie. This happened for over a year well into Billie's 12th Birthday. 

One day after school, Billie was with Adam walking home (he was now going to get her to camp), when a hellhound came out to her. Adam shouted RUN and Billie just followed him into some woods where they hid in a bush where (hopefully) the hellhound couldn't see them. Adam thought the time was right to tell Billie about her past, she was a bit surprised that Adam had been protecting him but not really as her life was really weird. =) 

Her Leather Bracelet/Sword

She took her leather bracelet off and got her sword. Then she went out of the bush and got ready to fight. The hellhound turned towards her and attacked, quick instincts told her to swing and luckily it hit it. A magnificent battle arose between Billie and the hellhound. Adam could only sit and watch the battle. 

Billie Won!

Adam then took her to camp and on the way explained that Camp Half Blood was a home to all demigods (which is what Billie is) and they walked into the camp.

The End. =)

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