Briareus (Call the dude Briar for short) – An importunate lad and can’t keep himself silent, brought by ADHD too. The only one he listens to is to his brother unless you can get his respect and heart. Unlike Edberto, Briar is hot tempered and likes to create a trouble every single hour.

Aside from all of that, the twins are very alike. They think the same and always agree on things. They enter and solve every problem in life together. And they are a very great tandem.


Bellatrix Andrews, a high-ranked soldier who is notable for being a brave, smart and pretty woman, was on leave that day. She was on her way to the store when suddenly the market blew apart. Alarms wailed and people screamed in panic. At the other side of the road Deimos stood, grinning widely and looked very please. Without any hesitation, Bellatrix lounge at him. The god was about to attack but too distracted by her beauty. And there the story started.

When Bellatrix gave birth to the fraternal twins, as most gods do, Deimos left her but she understood his reasons and didn’t want to spoil the god’s duty. But Bellatrix asked a favor to Deimos, for the last time: that Deimos is the one who’ll name the kids. “Edberto and Briareus Andrews…the clever and strong warriors.”

Naturally, the twins grew up without seeing their dear father. Still, their mother kept telling them about their endless love story and the god’s adventures, so they didn’t really know nothing about him. Though afterwards, they reckoned that their mother was just making things up or perhaps she’s just too obsess in Greek myths. But neither of them could explain the strange happenings in their life since they were born. For instance: being attack by a legion of sea-lion like looking dogs or having a chase with a giant ice cream man which happens once or more times every year. But that wasn’t the only reason they had to transfer to a new place after another. They were trouble kids, making dangerous and scary acts in order to create riot and to terrify people. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only problems they had, their mother was assigned to a far place to do her duty to the country. So the twins were left with their nanny as their guardian.

Then a terrible disaster happened. One day, when Bellatrix was fixing her papers inside their barracks for her rank promotion. A group of known terrorist attacked them. Many soldiers were killed, and to the twins’ worst nightmare, she was included at the list. And so, at the very ripe age of 8, the two became orphans with nothing but their mother last words. “Never leave each other”.

They were sent to an orphanage instantaneously after their mother’s burial. However, the two didn’t like everything about the place. So they made an immediate plan in three weeks. Their operation was a success but after that they had no clue what’s going to happen.

The twins, being sons of a soldier were trained and knowledgeable in survival skills, lived freely behind the midst of those who might harm them. But their team was once tested in an unexpected circumstance.

Phobos discovered the twin’s condition in pronto. He was prompt to find out the boys’ fear. Then he plotted his evil scheme as though it’s just a hobby of his. He knew that the two were confident and firm together so he decided to divide them apart while figuring out their worst fear.

In the very morning, when they were barely awake, two Cyclops came after them. When they’d somehow pulverized the first one they got split by the other’s anger and by a new batch of monstrous pigeon-like birds (stymphalian birds). That’s their worst day ever. They were hopeless and pathetic during those times. Edberto ran out of ideas and Briar lost his tracks together with his bravery, both had forgotten how to fight.

When Briareus was trapped, Phobos appeared above him. He asked him to choose whether he would pass through the baricade that Phobos will break for him and go to a somewhere “safe” without his brother or face a certain death. But Briar did not choose any of it. He recalled the Labors of Heracles and about demon birds, he had no choice but to reveal his hidden talent. He sang. Some of the birds got distracted, the other went flying away, even the god who was watching happily disappeared, but still, many of the birds remained. Before Briar turned to pieces, he reached the bridge; below it was Edbert fighting the Cyclops using a ruined trumphet. Briar tackled a crate that smashed the giant into ashes. However, the stymphalian birds were still busy tearing Briar apart. But they’d found a way to help it. Edberto played the seemed-not-in-the-tone-trumphet while Briar sang.

Deimos was furious when he heard this story. Instead of confronting Phobos when he sees him, he greeted him and gave his thanks for doing such a cruel idea that nearly killed his children. It’s because the twins learned a very important thing that their mother used to say: “Two is better than one.” They improved their teamwork a lot and survived every danger or problem they met.

After a year of peace, a terrorist happened to pass by (in a secret operation of bombing). He got pity of the two being all alone by themselves and got an idea. He asked them to bring the bomb to its destined place and to activate it for money. It’s easy for them to do it since it’s easy for kids to sneak without adults questioning them. Besides, the twins were happy to help and seemed excited. They seriously ‘like’ causing trouble and destruction, not aware of people being hurt. Their operation was a success but that’s not the last. The terrorist adopted them because they’re useful and handy in things. They’d stay like that for 4 years. They’d become the famous “Demon Twins” at the underworld and black market. They’d work for the most notorious criminals and corrupt officials in the world. But no one ever knew their real name. And they later got sick of it.

At their 13th birthday they decided to blow up some terrorist bases and sell some information to the government. They did that for revenge; pay back for their mother’s death. Deimos knew this. Since the twins reached the age where they’ll be attack more frequently he gave them gifts. He sent Hermes to do it. For Edberto; a celestial bronze spear, and twin blades for Briar.

When the twins got bored, they seek for Hermes and they asked to work for him. Hermes agreed to it to lessen his jobs a bit. They delivered and stole ancient/ non-ancient artifacts; they also buy orders and et cetera, until they reached 17. But they can’t help doing other things that doesn’t involve their role. One time for example, they tried to sneak inside the Intrepid Military Museum (Ares’ Temple) and stole his chariot. It was a big mistake; Ares was impressed instead of turning them into rats. He discovered their full history. He proposed a contract with them to be his long-time warriors, means immortality. They accepted it eagerly. As a sign of their contract, Ares burned his symbol at the right arm of Briar and Edberto; two crossed bow, so that everyone would acknowledge that they were the servants of Ares and they would set every of their victory as a gift to him.

Phobos was not so happy about it. So Deimos asked a favor to his father right away. Since the twins were still in a young age, they must’ve prove their selves and train more to prepare for their life-time duty. Ares allowed this without hesitation and sent them to Camp Half-blood.


Children of Deimos have the ability to send a wave of terror out in front of them which causes anyone effected by it to imagine something they fear; the bigger the wave, the more energy used.

Children of Deimos have the ability to unleash their battle-lust and fight to their full potential; however, they are temporarily blind to friend or foe and attack anyone nearby.

Children of Deimos are able to project a person’s worst fears into their mind, causing temporary trauma and confusion into them. This power is only active for a short time.

Children of Deimos can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.

Children of Deimos are innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.

As more people near them are affected by fear, children of Deimos become stronger.

Children of Deimos know the fears of everyone around them



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Edberto Andrews

Twin Brother Neutral
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