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• Cassie Cryar •

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Name Cassandra Cryar
Nickname Cassie, Cass
Day Of Birth August 30th (Virgo)
Age 15
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian


Hometown El Paso, Texas
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Cassie is extrovert and cheerful. She always wants to help people, even those she doesn’t really know. With an excellent sense of direction, she hardly ever gets lost. Her happy personality sometimes makes others think she’s naive, but it’s not true, you still have to work for Cassandra’s trust.


Andrew Cryar and Ariadne met at an international puzzle festival. They quickly fell in love and spent the festival, which lasted for a week, together. When it ended, they parted and never saw each other again. Andrew wasn’t depressed after the festival ended. He knew his relationship with Ariadne (whom he knew as Anne) wasn’t to stay. Half a year later, he found a baby girl with a labyrinth-shaped ring on his doorstep. He was a bit shocked by the fact he had a daughter, but decided to take care of her and named her Cassandra. He found a job in an export company in his hometown- El Paso, Texas. Andrew and his daughter had a good relationship. They trusted each other very much. Cassandra knew she can talk to her father about her problems and that he will do everything he can to help her, like with her school problems, which turned out to be caused by her ADHD. She had many school friends, but still always spent some time with Andrew. Everything was good for some time, but then Andrew lost his job. He and Cassie started going through major financial problems. Cassandra wanted to help her father, even though she was too young to be normally employed. She decided to earn money by cleaning for her neighbors. She hated it, but was highly motivated and telling herself it’s only for some time. One day during the summer holidays the 13-year-old girl was going back home from one of her clients’ houses. It was already dark. Suddenly she saw a horse ran right at her. She always liked horses and even learned to ride for some time, but this one was somehow terrifying. Cassandra’s feeling proved to be right when the horse breathed fire at her. She managed to roll away, but burned her leg a little. While avoiding the monster’s attacks, she dropped her ring. Irrationally, she caught it before it touched the ground, as she knew it was the last thing she had left of her mother. Just after she squeezed it in her hand, it turned into a bronze spear. Luckily, Cassie got this weapon soon enough to stab the monster horse with it. She was shocked, and told her father everything. He didn’t know what to think of it either. Five days later, and two days after her 14th birthday, on her first day of middle school, one of her new classmates, who was really a satyr, told her about who she was, although he didn't know her god parent yet. She agreed to go to Camp Half-blood to stay safe, despite being a bit depressed to leave Andrew.


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