Cecilia Spall
Daughter of Rhea
owned by: Huntress
Poppy Drayton (2)

No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone.

Cecilia Freya Spall (legally Cecilia Freya Adkins née Spall) is the former Demititan daughter of Rhea and Jack Spall, who was turned into a Music Nymph by her ex-lover Apollo. She is the mother of Kyna Adkins and a stillborn son by her estranged husband Marcellus Adkins and of an unborn demigod child of Apollo. She is the cousin of James, Bowen and Harmony Spall on her father's side. She is a former assassin, and worked for the group still being run by her estranged husband. She is currently residing at the Sanctuary at Camp Half-Blood, and is immortal, though she became a Nymph at the age of twenty-two.

Full Name: Cecilia Freya Spall

Born: August, 17th

Age: 26/22

Status: Immortal, Married

Gender: Female

Species: Music Nymph

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Australian

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Relationship Status: Legally married, though is estranged from partner due to a very violent break-up

Accent: Australian

Birthplace: Victoria, Australia

Native Language: English

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Current Location: Camp Half-Blood

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Possessions: Backpack, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wallet (with credit card and cash), house keys, diary, pens, music book, mp3 player with headphones, photo album featuring pictures of her various friends and family, Odette beanie kid (Cuddly Kid) that belonged to her daughter

Bedroom: Her room

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good, The Rebel

Owned By: Huntress

Inspiration Behind Creation: Boredom, Too much Reign and The Tudors binging, She finally came together when James asked me to make her

Love Interests Char/Owner: She's not looking

Plans: A few:
Rp her with her cousins
Have her study music further
Some sort of plot arc with a son of Apollo
Some sort of plot arc with the assassins
Some sort of plot arc featuring her daughter (won't happen for a few months)
MAYBE have her slowly turn against the Gods

Remember that strength that so many have tried to take from you, it is in you still.

One thing that is true about this Music Nymph is that it is usually wise to not mention that she is a Nymph; she is actually still quite annoyed at her ex for turning her into one. She has a cold exterior due to having been trained as an assassin, which only worsened when her children were killed. Cecilia has a severe sadistic streak, which meant that she would usually hospitalise anyone who wronged her (in her eyes). She is relentlessly stubborn and also slightly vain. However, that is all that holds true to Cecilia's personality, especially since she a) she often reinvents herself and b) she acts differently around different people. She can be sweet to family and friends, both her exes often described her as loving, she can be charming when she wants something, or absolutely cruel if she doesn't like you.


Parent's Meeting

What am I to you? Certainly not a daughter as you have never been a mother to me.

Jack Spall, very much like other members of the Spall family, was a doctor, a genealogists to be exact. He spend most of his time at the ACU in Ballarat, Victoria, doing research on the link between disease and human genes. However, it was not his work that led him to meet the Titaness Rhea. Rhea had tried taking some time away from the other deities, especially her sons, and, while she was travelling around the Earth and exploring new things, she had come across a land in the Southern Hemisphere known as Australia. She had decided to visit Victoria, where she was hit by the diversity of the place. She decided to go to a Japanese restaurant to have some sushi - wanting something familiar as she had once spend time in Asia - which is where she and Jack met. Jack was making a quick stop by his favourite sushi place before heading off to do some night work. The pair spoke and took a liking to one another, with Jack offering to take her on a date to show her around his home of Ballarat.

The two dated for a month, during which Rhea conceived a child. Discovering she was pregnant, she figured it would have been the best for her to leave, knowing how her youngest son felt about deities staying around their children and mortal lovers. Jack didn't think much of Rhea's sudden disappearance, choosing to focus more on his work than on the occasional dates he had with her.

However, seven months later, when any memory of Rhea had been forgotten, he found an infant girl on his doorstep, looking barely older than two months, and had a bronze bracelet around her wrist. He tried to look for anything else on the young child, to indicate who she was or why she was left there, however, he found nothing except the basket, the girl herself, the blanket she was tightly wrapped in, and the bronze bracelet on her wrist. Not wanting to risk giving the child away to the foster system where she could be endangered, Jack took her in, giving her the name Cecilia.

When he told his family, they convinced him to take Cecilia to a hospital to do some basic tests, to see whether Cecilia was healthy, however, they also suggested that he has a paternity test done on her, to see whether there was a chance she was his biological daughter. Even though he doubted it, Jack did everything his family suggested. It was revealed that Cecilia was two months old, like Jack suspected, and was perfectly healthy. However, when the paternity test results came in, Jack was more than a little confused, since it showed that he was Cecilia's father. Even though he was happy to have a child in his life, he could not get over the fact that he could not work out who the mother was.

Early Life

Do reasons matter when there's nothing that can be done to change things?

Jack never really took paternity leave to care for his daughter, so he often left her at the childcare centre at the ACU, which allowed him to better focus on his work and the lectures he would often give to bio-medical students. Even though some of his colleagues and his family would often try to persuade Jack to spend more time with Cecilia, since the years would travel by so quickly, however, while Jack did love his daughter deeply, he also loved his work, and believed it was more important than his happiness and spending time with Cecilia.

As Cecilia grew up, she didn't have any problems with her father working often, since it allowed her to make friends easier at the child care and at school, plus, she still saw him every night and he did take her on amazing trips every year, as he was forced to take a certain amount of time off every year, so, he decided to take trips with her to new and exciting places, something which Cecilia loved. Sometimes they stayed in Australia, and sometimes they would go overseas.

When Cecilia was five, after begging her father for months, she was finally allowed to take Karate classes, though she would often also dabble in Aikido. One of the reasons Jack eventually figured it was a good idea to put her in Karate classes was because she was often getting into fights with other students at her school, and he figured the classes would a) help her defend herself better and b) channel her anger better.

When she was six, during a trip Jack took her on to the Northern Territory, Cecilia asked him about her mother. It hadn't been hard for her to notice that her family was different from everyone else's, and, while she did have amazing aunts to look up to, she did not have a mother around. Jack decided to tell her the truth, or what he knew about it anyways. One day, when Cecilia was roughly two months old, he found her on his doorstep in a basket, with nothing but a blanket and the bronze bracelet which Cecilia would still wear whenever she got the chance. Jack told her that, when he took her to a hospital and had a paternity test done, the results stated that Cecilia was Jack's child, though he was clueless as to who her mother could be.

When Cecilia was eight years old, her father took her to NSW, and they visited Bondi Beach. Cecilia enjoyed her time there, until the two of them saw someone getting pulled out of the water, having been bitten by a shark. It was enough to make Cecilia terrified of sharks, even though her auntie, Amy, did often tell her that sharks were usually harmless when they came to Wollongong to see her.

One time when she was nine, Jack came home from work early because Cecilia was having a friend sleepover. Jack went to sleep early, though told the girls it was okay for them to continue to stay awake until eight o'clock. Cecilia let her friend choose the movie they were going to watch, and, because Cecilia had such a nice friend (not), she choose to watch a horror movie with clowns, which caused Cecilia to have nightmares about clowns, and cause her to hate carnivals.

Another Spall Baby

You are a woman of questionable birth.

When Cecilia was ten years old, she began noticing her father was bringing home young women. Jack had started fooling around with some of his students, doing everything he could to keep it secret, in fear of losing his job. One time, he brought home a student named Reagan, and the pair had a short casual relationship lasting three weeks. Jack thought that, like all the others, it would amount to nothing greater other than having to tweak a few grades for her as long as the pair were together, however, it resulted in something far greater.

One time when Reagan was staying for breakfast, Cecilia felt something strange whenever she was near her. Even though Cecilia did not know it at the time, it was because of her powers being able to sense that Reagan was pregnant. The more time Reagan was there that morning, the stronger the feeling became for Cecilia, until she suddenly had the idea of Reagan’s pregnancy floating around her head. It got to a point that, when Reagan had left, Cecilia actually asked Jack about it, though he denied that Reagan was having a baby, unaware of the fact she actually was.

Two weeks later, after Jack and Reagan had ended their relationship, she told him at the end of one of his lectures that she was pregnant, and that Jack was the father. Jack, knowing that it would undoubtedly cost him his job if anyone discovered, offered to pay Reagan money in exchange for keeping the baby’s paternity a secret. Reagan gladly took the money and began living a high-class lifestyle, drinking alcohol and smoking whenever she got the chance, not caring much for what it did to the baby.

When Reagan came over again to collect the money, Cecilia sensed that there was something very wrong with the baby, and tried to tell her father about it, however, he didn’t listen, waving it off as his daughter’s strange fantasy. However, just as Reagan was about to leave, she started feeling extreme pains in her stomach and Jack rushed her to a Hospital. At the Hospital, Reagan gave birth to the fetus of a nine week old baby boy, whom doctors said had died due to Reagan’s habits of partying. Jack, in rage, took all the money he had paid for Reagan’s silence back, though strictly advised against her telling anyone about what had happened and, in fear, Reagan agreed.

First Monster Attack

We each survive in our own way.

Shortly after the baby incident, Cecilia turned eleven. She was at her best friend’s house for a sleep over when she could have sworn her bracelet started moving. Unknown to Cecilia, her mother, Rhea, had enchanted the bracelet, so that it would alert Cecilia if a monster was nearby (like, within a 10m radius of where she was), though it could not tell her what it was or how far away it was. Cecilia, beginning to get annoyed at her bracelet’s constant movement (and also slightly confused) got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom, where she tried to remove it, to no avail because it was shaking so violently.

Since Cecilia knew she wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon, she decided to go outside to enjoy the cool air, especially since being outside helped her relax. While leaning against a tree, she closed her eyes for a few moments, only to be awoken by her bracelet moving even more violently. Cecilia opened her eyes and tried to remove it with her hands, however, instead of coming off, it turned into a bronze sword, and thankfully just in time. When she had just realised what her bracelet had done, a monster began to attack her.

The Hellhound knocked Cecilia off her feet, throwing her sword away from her. It very much had an advantage over Cecilia, and came charging at her again. In fear, she subconsciously used her magic build a wall of Earth between her and the Hellhound. The Hellhound hit the wall tremendously hard, which allowed Cecilia sometime to pick up her sword. However, the wall fell down again and Cecilia felt weakened. Using her sword, she tried to hack away at the Hellhound, hoping it would leave her alone, however, she wasn’t that lucky. In another case of fear and panic, Cecilia subconsciously caused an Earthquake, which was enough to knock the Hellhound off balance. Seeing an opportunity, she slashed the Hellhound’s head off, and she saw it turn to dust.

When the Hellhound was gone, her sword turned back into a bracelet, which she put back on. With the adrenaline that had been allowing her to use her powers gone, she collapse from exhaustion. Her best friend came outside to see what was with Cecilia, and, when she saw her friend unconscious, bleeding and covered in bruises, she yelled out for her mother. Cecilia was taken to the hospital, and, when she awoke, Jack had taken some time off work - very much at his boss' request - to make sure Cecilia was okay. She told her father everything she could remember, though he simply believed it was just some fantasy her mind concocted while she was out. He told her that she must've not been sleeping for the past few days, and, while she was outside, possibly collapsed or slipped, which caused her to hit her head. Not believing that was the truth - but knowing her father wouldn't listen to her either way - she simply agreed while trying to work out what the hell had happened.

Arson Attack

There's no justice in this world, not unless we make it. You loved your family, avenge them.

Four years passed, and Cecilia was now fifteen. During those four years, she had asked her father if she could take fencing lessons, hoping to improve her sword fighting encase anymore strange creatures came at her. Jack thankfully agreed, and, by the time she was twelve and had an encounter with a nasty Giant Scorpion, she was able to fight with a bit more ease. By the time she was thirteen, she had worked out how her bracelet worked, that is began shaking when it senses monsters and, when it’s being pulled on by wearer, it turns into a sword, thankfully she was able to do that before she was attacked by two Myrmekes. By the time she was fourteen, Cecilia – deciding to do some research – had discovered that all the creatures attacking her came from Mythology, which allowed her to process the attack by a Stymphalian Bird much better.

However, the attack that happened when she was fifteen was by far the worse, because it took someone dear to her. Cecilia had met a boy at school, a senior, and, after a few dates, the pair became exclusive. Jack was beyond enraged that his daughter was seeing someone older than her, even though there was only a two year age gap. Cecilia and Jack got into a huge fight about her love life, which drove Cecilia to run off to stay with her boyfriend until both had calm down. When she arrived, he had pretended to be sweet and caring, and offered her some juice, though, unknown to Cecilia, he had spiked that juice with a rape drug, seeing it as the only way to have sex with Cecilia since she kept turning him down.

When Cecilia awoke, she realised what had happened and tried to quickly find her clothes and get dressed so she could escape. She wanted to ask Jack’s advice over everything, wondering what to do. However, as she was walking down their street, she saw police cars and fire brigade trucks parked outside. Cecilia ran towards the burnt house, though one of the police officers stopped her and took her down to the station for questioning. One of his senior officers was being brutal while questioning Cecilia, believing she had started the fire after getting into an argument with Jack, especially since she couldn’t recall the events of that night. However, she finally admitted that her boyfriend drugged her and raped her. The arson team had to hand her over to the women’s violence unit, and they did all the necessary tests, however, they couldn’t find any evidence that she was raped, and were unable to do anything. The senior officer had her locked up, believing her to be the arsonist, without having any solid evidence. When they had her locked-up, they tried to take her fingerprints, the only problem being that Cecilia had inherited her father's Adermatoglyphia, which meant that she had no fingerprints, however, the senior officer simply believed that she burnt them off, as he didn't buy her story that she was born with no fingerprints.

While she was in custody, a social worker and lawyer came by, both wanting to speak to Cecilia. The social worker wanted to place Cecilia in a foster home the moment that the lawyer got Cecilia out, knowing that the only evidence against Cecilia was circumstantial. Even though she didn’t want to go to a foster home, she didn’t want to go to prison either, and agreed to the plan. The lawyer also spoke to Cecilia about her father’s estate, and told her that all the money her father left would be passed onto her on her eighteenth birthday. After a few hours, the lawyer was able to have Cecilia released, and the officer who was at the house with her gave her some stuff which they recovered from the fire, and apologised for everything that had happened. Cecilia hugged and thanked him before going with the social worker to an emergency home while they tried to track down a relative which could take care of Cecilia.


I don’t know if I can love anyone again, but I know I can’t keep living like this.

It turned out that, for one reason or another, Cecilia had to stay in the foster system, moving around from emergency care to emergency care. Even though Cecilia had living relatives, the social worker couldn't find a "suitable" home for Cecilia, as, since the Spall family were a big family of doctors, they worked unnatural hours, which the social worker didn't think was what Cecilia needed - even though it was all Cecilia had ever known. Every time that Cecilia grew somewhat comfortable of where she was, she was forced to move. The only skill Cecilia had gained was the ability to survive on nothing more than what she carried in her suitcase and purse.

When she had been in the foster system for less than two months, she decided it was best to run away and never look back, especially considering her current carers were horrible. Cecilia actually found it ironic that her decent and well-payed relatives were unsuitable because of their working hours, but her carers were alcoholic, abusive criminals who seemed to find a sick joy in tormenting and mocking Cecilia. While her current carers were gone, Cecilia packed both bags full with everything she needed and the few items she had from her family. After stealing some money, believing she deserved it after everything she had been through, she left the house and caught the first bus out of town.

Cecilia spent her time moving around from place to place, often stealing for money or food in order to get by. During her time, she had created some fake IDs in order to hide from the social workers who were trying to find her and return her back to the system, and have her arrested for stealing. Cecilia was planning on making a move to a different country, in order to put a whole ocean between her and the foster system. However, before she got the chance, she was attacked by another monster.

Before Cecilia could notice that her bracelet was shaking violently, the Harpy was already far too close and managed to slice her along her back. Cecilia made her bronze sword appear and used it to fight the Harpy, attacking it every time it came low enough for Cecilia to hit. While using her powers – having gained a small idea of how they work – Cecilia managed to shoot small rocks at the Harpy, which knocked it down from the sky and gave Cecilia the chance to slice its wings off. However, when Cecilia cut the wings off, the Harpy acted like a feral beast, lunging at Cecilia and slashing her with its talons. Cecilia managed to cut the Harpy’s head off before it managed to cut any vital organs. While Cecilia had gained enough basic understanding of her abilities that she was able to heal the minor cuts and scratches, she knew she would need a first aid kit to stop the bleeding on her legs, luckily, she was able to steal one and managed to apply basic first aid to stop the bleeding.

Discovering She's a Demititan

Look around you, we're all liars here, and every one of us is better than you.

Two months after the Harpy attack, Cecilia had managed to steal enough money for a one-way ticket to America, along with a fake American passport she had forged. The flight there was luxuriously peaceful, and, like she had hoped, people had stopped looking for her, or – at least – her disappearance was no longer on the news. When she had arrived in LA, she was - unsurprisingly - stopped by customs due to a minor fingerprint issue. Cecilia tried to explain to them that she had Adermatoglyphia, which was why she didn't carry any fingerprints. However, again unsurprisingly, they didn't believe her and instead believed they were burnt off. Not wanting to get into an argument with them, she agreed that they were burnt off when she was a child due to an accident. When they conducted a background check on her fake ID, which waved no red flags, and when they couldn't detect any weapons or explosives on her, they let her go, though also because they believed she was eighteen.

Cecilia booked a small motel room, in which she was planning to stay for a few days until she had gained an idea of the general area. Leaving all her luggage in the room, Cecilia went out for a walk, which she enjoyed due to being around nature. As she was walking in a more secluded nature area, she bumped into a strange man, and, after an exchange of cold words as neither would apologise, they both walked away. As they had squished a plant, which made Cecilia feel slightly ill, she used her powers to talk the plant back to life, having learned she could do that when she was thirteen and just randomly babbling while outside in her family's garden. Unknown to her, the person she bumped into actually saw what she did, and could instantly attribute this to her being a demititan, as he, himself, was one. Coming from a group that needed more people like them to grow their numbers, he formulated a plan to take her into their ranks.

While she was sleeping in her motel room that night, three members of the group broke into her motel room and collected her stuff, before taking her too. LA was home to a deadly group of assassins, a group made up of demigods and demititans, and they had intended to add Cecilia to their ranks. Making sure no one spotted them and had disabled all the security cameras that were there, they had drugged her and placed her in a van, before they drove off to their base of operations.

When Cecilia awoke, she was in some sort of interrogation room, though the lighting made it hard for her to recognise any other figures. However, while she couldn’t see anyone, the leader of the group was there with her, along with one of the assassins who kidnapped her. The leader – Elijah Adkins – spoke to her, and told Cecilia that she was a demititan. Even though Cecilia originally believed the man was crazy, he was able to persuade her eventually, referring to the monster attacks and her odd abilities. Eventually, Elijah gave her a proposition: she joins their group, and they will give her protection – both from the monsters and the police. Cecilia, wanting to be sure that she would never have to return to the foster system or serve jail time, agreed to Elijah’s deal.

Training as an Assassin

I would kill for you. I expect I'll have to before this is over.

Cecilia was intensely trained by Elijah’s son Marcellus, whom was a son of Hecate. Marcellus taught Cecilia about their world, though he left out that there was a safe place for demigods known as Camp Half Blood since his father had banned that anyone in the group know about it. During her training, Cecilia was also trained in how to use her powers, and how to fight monsters with her sword, and kill people with various guns. While Marcellus was training Cecilia, the pair became close and it wasn’t long before the two ended up in a casual relationship.

When her initial training was almost over, Marcellus revealed to Cecilia that, because they were such a large group, monsters frequently attacked them, though a small group usually took care of them. While Marcellus was showing her it all, a pack of Lycanthropes attacked them. Marcellus and Cecilia helped the group kill it, all firing silver bullets at the creatures. When they were dead, Marcellus took Cecilia out for dinner, and, during the dinner, he told her that she had officially completed her initial training and that the pair would be working together from that moment on.

Shortly after their first “date”, the pair were walking back to the base when they were attacked by a rogue assassin. While the pair were able to escape with some injuries, the whole thing ended with Marcellus shooting the assassin in the head, which shocked Cecilia. Marcellus brought her back to the base and brought her to her room, where he tried to comfort her. As a present for having completed her initial training, he had bought her a copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and read her one of the stories as she slowly fell asleep. The next day, keeping with the Assassin's tradition, Cecilia was given the first of her markings to signify she was now a trained assassin.

First Kill

Everybody dies sooner or later; don't worry about your death, worry about your life. Take charge of your life for as long as it lasts.

A couple of weeks later, Cecilia is sent out on her first assignment with Marcellus and another assassin. The trio were hired to kill a corrupt politician who was taking bribes and having the trail of a drug cartel covered up. Cecilia was to act as bait to lure him into a spot where the others would have an easier chance to kill him. When the plan was all in motion, everything was going smoothly, until the group also had to fight off the Lamiai. Improvising in order to help her teammates, Cecilia shot the politician before running off to join the group.

The trio tried to fight it using their weapons, though it ended up killing their other team mate. Marcellus, seeing no other option, used his magic to summon fireballs in order to kill the Lamiai. While the Lamiai was killed by the fire, it caused Cecilia to be reminded of her father’s death and suffer a panic attack. Marcellus tried to help her, doing everything he could to take Cecilia’s mind of it. The pair escaped the area, taking the body with them as they returned to the base. When they came back, Cecilia was given a marking which signified her first kill.

That night, Marcellus visited Cecilia, and the pair spoke about what happened. Cecilia told Marcellus everything that had happened which led her to leave Australia. As the two grew closer, their relationship grew more serious, until they were exclusively dating. However, even though the pair were happy in their relationship, others – especially Marcellus’ father, Elijah – were less than thrilled about it, especially since – in order to grow their numbers – members usually sired only demigod or demititan children and were forbidden to have children with one another. While none were worried about a casual relationship, many of them were worried a more serious relationship will lead to the rules being broken.

Engagement & Rebellion

Leading requires that your hands be drenched in blood. You, who have led so many to their destruction, know it.

Two years later, shortly after Cecilia’s seventeenth birthday, she and Marcellus were, in a sense, living together, with Marcellus reassuring everyone that the pair would eventually sire children with deities, when both were ready for it. However, one day, as Cecilia was getting ready for another day of training with Marcellus, she felt an odd feeling, one she hadn’t felt for eight years. Since she had developed her powers more, she was able to work out that it was due to the fact that there was a pregnant woman nearby, however, she was the only person in their room. After talking Marcellus into changing their training – telling him they should focus on learning more about their environment – she was able to secretly buy a pregnancy test in order to confirm her suspicions. However, Marcellus caught her and, after questioning her, she came clean, much to his shock. When they got back to the base, Cecilia tested everything and the results came back positive. When she told Marcellus, he tried to act happy – enough to fool Cecilia at least – however, he was worried about what would happen when the others found out. The next day, Marcellus proposed to Cecilia, wanting to marry her, and she said yes.

However, while the couple were happy together and, in secret, excited for the arrival of a baby, the joy was not shared with the rest of the Adkins family, mainly Elijah. He tried to pressure his son into ending the relationship with Cecilia, believing her to be a liability and that his son should be more focused in continuing the family line. Unfortunately, during one of their arguments, Marcellus let it slip that Cecilia was pregnant, with his daughter. In rage, Elijah almost killed his son for “betraying” him, Marcellus only being saved by his magic. Luckily for Marcellus and Cecilia, Elijah kept the news of his future granddaughter secret, though more because of shame than because of any love he bore his family. However, Marcellus had already decided that the only way to protect his future wife and unborn daughter was to murder his father and for him to take his place as leader of the assassins.

While Marcellus and his most trusted friends were busy planning the perfect attack, he kept his plans secret from his future wife, worried that any added stress on her would hurt her and the baby. However, she found out what he was doing when she overheard him discuss his plans with his friends and questioned him about it. He revealed his plan to her, much to Cecilia’s shock. Knowing that asking her to stay out of the situation would be met with poor results, he asked her to help him, and she agreed. Though, despite now having more help with the plan, he still wanted Cecilia to stay removed from the whole situation, despite knowing that it would now be impossible.

Three months later, when the group had everything sorted perfectly, they began executing their plan. Cecilia stayed a safe distance away from Elijah and the others while it was happening, however, Elijah had finally decided to take matters regarding his son’s love life into his own hands, by having Cecilia killed. While Marcellus and his friends were heavily focused on having Elijah killed, Cecilia had to try to fight of the highly skilled assassin on her own. Luckily for her, the assassin had underestimated her, and did not have any weapons on him, while she – thanks to Marcellus’ training – always carried a weapon on her, namely a fully loaded handgun. After kicking the assassin in the nuts, she shot him in the head, before walking away to clean herself off. During that time, Marcellus had managed to kill his father, and was waiting for Cecilia in their room. The pair spoke and the couple agreed to finish off the rest of Elijah’s friends.

Four months after that, the pair had killed anyone still loyal to Elijah, and Marcellus had successfully managed to take complete control of the assassins. He and Cecilia were preparing for the final touches for their wedding day, and Cecilia was now heavily showing her pregnancy. However, shortly before the couple’s wedding date, Cecilia went into early labour, which lasted for nearly two whole days before Cecilia finally managed to push their daughter out. During that time, one of the midwifes who worked with the assassins – a demigod daughter of Hera – told Marcellus that they may need to take Cecilia to a human hospital for treatment. Fortunately, that proved to be unnecessary as Cecilia finally gave birth to a baby girl, whom she and Marcellus had agreed to name Kyna. However, before Marcellus had the chance to meet his daughter, Cecilia’s midwife warned her that marrying Marcellus would end badly for both Cecilia and Kyna, though she took little heed of it, believing the midwife to be crazy. Three days after Kyna’s birth, Cecilia and Marcellus were married.

Leaving the Assassins

You do realise that we could all be dead, and all because you couldn’t stand being lonely in your role as wife. That’s the job, get used to it.

Four years into Cecilia’s marriage with Marcellus, cracks were beginning to form, despite Cecilia initially believing everything was fine. She was spending most of her time with her young daughter, while Marcellus handled everything to do with the assassins. At his insistence, Cecilia even stopped doing any work among the assassins, instead being a full time mother, as Marcellus still wanted to protect them both from all dangers, especially since, at the time, Cecilia was pregnant with the couple’s second child.

While Cecilia enjoyed staying oblivious to any problems in the marriage, she couldn’t help but notice the change in her husband’s behaviour, most importantly the fact that he was spending less time with herself and their daughter and more away on business. Deciding it was best to investigate so she could ease her worries, she inquired about it to one of Marcellus’ friends, who told her that Marcellus was usually gone on more personal matters and it had nothing to do with the assassins. Now being more worried, Cecilia did further investigation into the matter, and discovered that he was having an affair.

When Marcellus came home that night, Cecilia confronted him about the affair, which he denied at first, until Cecilia revealed she saw him with her own eyes. Knowing now that keeping it secret wouldn’t work, Marcellus admitted to it entirely, which devastated Cecilia. Not wanting to stay with a cheater, Cecilia handed him divorce papers, however, instead of agreeing to it or even trying to talk with his wife about it, Marcellus had the divorce papers burnt before bashing Cecilia’s head in.

When Cecilia regained consciousness, she discovered that the baby had died, and that she was locked in the bedroom. When she started banging on the door to gain attention, Marcellus teleported into the room and stopped her. He told her he would keep her locked up until she “came to her senses” and that he had taken their daughter far away from her. Cecilia – in rage – lunged at him, though he threw her into a wall, and pointed a gun to her neck, threatening to pull the trigger if she does anything “stupid”. He warned her that the walls were soundproof and that no one could help her before teleporting away again. When he left, Cecilia went into labour and gave birth to a four-month-old fetus.

Marcellus came to visit Cecilia every day, though the more time he had her locked up, the more she grew to hate him. However, she concealed her hate, hoping that he would show her where their daughter was. Cecilia forged an escape plan, which would allow her and Kyna to escape Marcellus, however, she knew she needed to have Marcellus believe that everything was back to how it was before she could see Kyna again. However, one night while Cecilia was sleeping, Marcellus decided to take certain…liberties with her, and Cecilia woke up during the rape, and tried to fight him off, though he quickly tied her up. The following day, when Cecilia confronted him about it, he denied it was rape, since a husband cannot rape his wife.

Unable to stay with Marcellus any longer, Cecilia knew she had to leave that day, whether with or without her daughter. Following through with the plan, she managed to unlock the door and make the perfect disguise, rendering her unrecognisable to anyone who didn’t know her that well, which was a bill that fitted many of the assassins who lived at the base. However, curiosity took over her and, when she was outside her daughter’s room, she couldn’t help but take a small peak, and discovered that she was still there, fast asleep in her bed. Not wanting to leave her daughter behind, Cecilia woke Kyna up. At first Kyna didn’t recognise her mother though, due to her extremely trusting nature (and ability to recognise her mother’s voice), Kyna believed Cecilia when she revealed her identity. Taking some of Kyna’s most precious items (her teddy, doll, and the Sherlock Holmes book that had once belonged to Cecilia), the two of them managed to get out of the base, take Cecilia’s equipment, and use her car to escape the base before anyone knew the pair had left.

Summer Romance

Your actions spared no one, saved nothing and cost us all dearly.

Weeks passed, and the pair were now living in a luxurious penthouse apartment under false names, with Cecilia using the money she “stole” from her joint bank account with Marcellus. Cecilia tried to give Kyna the best she could, though it was hard when Kyna continuously asked for her father. However, the more time went on, the easier their new life became, especially since Cecilia was leaving fake clues around the country to cover up the pairs real location.

One night, Cecilia decided to go out and have some fun, and arranged for a babysitter to take care of Kyna. She had decided to go to a club and when she arrived, she instantly had a few shots before dancing. While dancing, she met a man named Zavier Lindsay, though she had a funny feeling that he wasn’t all he claimed to be. The pair kept talking and, during there chats, Cecilia noticed the lights in the club were changing in brightness very subtly. Becoming more and more suspicious of Zavier, she dared him into doing a trick with a lighter she handed to him, and, when she realised it was lit (as it could no longer be lit), she knew who Zavier was, though she didn't say anything, enjoying her time with him far too much.

He eventually came home with Cecilia, where Kyna was already in bed and Cecilia payed the babysitter extra for not revealing to anyone that Cecilia had brought a man home, especially to another person who lived in the apartment complex who always threatened to call the police whenever Cecilia did something “wrong”. While Cecilia doubted she would be arrested for bringing a guy home, her various kills and being listed as a missing person in Australia led her to want to avoid that, especially since she also had no idea whether Marcellus had given any information to the police.

The next morning when Cecilia woke up, she was surprised that Zavier had stayed. When he questioned her about her surprise, she revealed that she knew Zavier wasn’t mortal, that he was, in fact, a God. Zavier fessed up and revealed himself to be Apollo. Cecilia asked him why he didn’t just disappear at the first chance he got, and he admitted that he did like Cecilia, and he figured that Cecilia would leave at first opportunity she could, as he recognised the markings on her as Assassin Markings. The pair agree to stay in a relationship for a short while, as they both did like each other.

Two weeks into their relationship, Cecilia woke up one night from a nightmare about her time with the assassins. Apollo woke her up and tried to comfort her, though, shortly before she went back to sleep, she felt something odd, and was terrified by what she knew it meant. When she climbed out of bed and tried to calm herself down, Apollo joined her and she revealed she’s pregnant with his child. Apollo was happy that Cecilia was pregnant, though it was more because he had grown to care for her, and wanted her to have some happiness in her life.

Apollo left a few weeks later, though told Cecilia that, when the time was right, she should take their child and Kyna to Camp Half-Blood for protection. Since Marcellus did eventually tell her what Camp was – though, instead of calling it a “safe-heavan”, he used his father’s description, that it was a “forsaken-hell” – she was confused as to why Apollo would want to send their child there. Apollo told her that it was a safe place for Demigods, and that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if Cecilia took herself, her daughter and her unborn baby there then, though Cecilia refused. The pair exchanged goodbyes and Apollo left. Shortly after Apollo left, Cecilia got a new – and much more legal – job, as a secretary to a powerful CEO.

Becoming a Nymph

I want her dead. I want it over with. Finished.

Life was good for Cecilia and Kyna in the coming, even becoming peaceful. Kyna was in Kindergarten and Cecilia was enjoying her work, being very good at her job. However, as Cecilia slowly comforted herself in the thought that she and her daughter were safe, she started becoming sloppy in leaving fake trails behind, or covering up real ones, and that sloppiness was going to cost both Cecilia and her children their lives, especially since Marcellus had never stopped – and would never stop – hunting Cecilia and making her pay for everything “she had done” to him.

One fateful night, Cecilia was attending a party of sorts, a masquerade business function. Trusting the babysitter would take very good care of Kyna, Cecilia tried to have a good time, though nothing that would endanger the baby. Talking to the friends she had made, Cecilia was having a genuinely good time at the party, until she started seeing faces that looked vaguely familiar. Since it was a masquerade, she couldn’t be sure, but, to her, it did seem as though at least ten of her former assassin allies were there.

Eventually, a stranger offered to dance, and – though his voice did sound vaguely familiar – Cecilia couldn’t place a name to it, and tried to tell herself he was just someone she was currently working with. However, during the dance, Cecilia heard him quote Shakespeare, and remembered it as something Marcellus used to say to her: “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” Knowing that Marcellus found her, she tried to leave, though he warned her against it, telling her that their daughter’s life depended on it. In a bid to protect their daughter, Cecilia stayed with Marcellus, and tried to fight the overwhelming urge to kill him.

The pair sneak off outside, and the two speak about what has happened recently, especially concerning their separation and Cecilia taking Kyna. During their discussion, Cecilia began to suspect that Marcellus was lying to her and tried to leave. However, she and Marcellus erupted into a fight and Marcellus – when he saw her baby bump – realised she was pregnant and, in rage, threw her against a wall, knocking her unconscious but not killing her.

Cecilia woke up in her and Marcellus’ old room, bound up in chains and partially naked. Cecilia tried to escape, though it was pointless. When Marcellus came in, short sword in hand, he revealed to Cecilia that he had taken their daughter away from her, as payback for her taking Kyna away from him. Before Cecilia could say anything against that, he gagged her mouth and stabbed her, telling her that what he was doing was his well-deserved revenge, and slowly cut out her womb, before throwing it into the fire and disappearing. Cecilia died a few minutes later due to extreme blood loss, though it wasn’t the end.

Apollo quickly found out about the whole thing and, feeling sympathy for Cecilia and at a grieving Rhea’s request, he turned Cecilia into a Music Nymph, taking some inspiration from her name, as Saint Cecilia was regarded as the Patron Saint of musicians. He managed to take Cecilia’s body away from there and back to her apartment, where he waited for her to wake up. When she awoke, Apollo explained what happened and Cecilia, in anger, lashed out at him, which caused the pair to fight. After a while, the pair had calmed down, and were able to have a slightly more rational discussion, and, at the end, Apollo told her that it may be a good idea to head to Camp Half-Blood, and forget the assassins – especially since he knew she wanted revenge – however, Cecilia was too caught up in her grief and desire to have her daughter back and make Marcellus pay, that she refused, to which Apollo didn’t argue with, even if he hated the idea.


I have no doubt the revenge you want will be yours in time. If you have the stomach for it.

After the whole incident, Marcellus had moved the assassin’s base, as, even though he was pretty certain that Cecilia had died and did not know that she had been brought back as a Nymph, he still believed that there would be some people coming after him and Kyna, though he believed it could have been Cecilia’s former lover. Not knowing where the assassins were, Cecilia decided the best way to go about it was to hunt down all the assassins she could until one of them decided to give up the location of the base. It took her a few months, but eventually she found an assassin who was willing to reveal everyone’s location.

She used all her skills to collect as many weapons as she could carry, especially since she was now a Nymph, and that meant that she would now be weaker power wise, though she was still an excellent fighter, and still very good with her weapons. When it was the middle of the night, she managed to sneak into the base, and silently killed most of the people there until the alarm was raised. While she managed to kill most of the assassins, when she was forced to fight Marcellus, he had the upper hand as he knew precisely how Cecilia fought, and could easily predict her moves.

During the fight, Marcellus almost killed her, the only thing that stopped him being an interrupting from Kyna. Not wanting to fight in front of his daughter, he stopped, and told Kyna to go back to bed, however, when she saw it was her mother, she didn’t leave, and tried to stop her parents from fighting. However, when she stood between her parents. Marcellus stabbed her, seeing it as the only way to get to Cecilia. When he killed their daughter, Cecilia, driven by pure rage, attacked him, and almost stabbed him with his own sword, though he teleported away from there in order to save his own life. However, when she turned back to where Kyna’s body was, she saw it had completely disappeared.

When she returned to her apartment, she found Apollo there. He explained to her what had happened, that Marcellus had manipulated the mist in order to make Cecilia think that Kyna had been there, even if she wasn’t. Apollo begged her to let Marcellus and Kyna go, to try to live her own life, and go to Camp where she would be safe. However, Cecilia still refused though, per his advice, decided to leave Marcellus and Kyna behind her and told him she would return to Australia, to live a life there. Satisfied that she was going to leave her assassin life behind her, he let her go. Cecilia packed her stuff, including some of Kyna’s stuff and used fake IDs in order to board a plan and head back to Australia, choosing to live on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Back In Australia

They tried to destroy you by taking your pride, your strength but those things cannot be taken, not from you, not ever.

When Cecilia arrived at the Gold Coast, she used her money to buy an apartment, before spending the first few days researching what happened to her relatives. Since she was earning a steady money stream from having placed her apartment in LA up for rent, she wasn’t so concerned about getting a job. However, as time went on, she started feeling lonely, especially since – while she had tracked down most of her family – she hadn’t approached them or made contact with them, mostly because she had no idea of what to say to them if she did reach out. After faking school records, she began studying a Diploma in Music Industry with TAFE, passing the audition thanks to the fact she was a Music Nymph.

Because of her studies, Cecilia got a job at a Music Studio, where she was working as a P.A. to a producer. While she enjoyed her job, the despair she felt for her daughter often overwhelmed her, and she would sometimes find it hard not to fly back to America and find out where Kyna was. The only thing that stopped Cecilia was the fact that Apollo visited her once every three months, to try and persuade her to go to Camp Half-Blood and he often talked her out of going for revenge. When she asked why he visited her often – since she knew about the interference law – he told her that she had become a Nymph, and there was no law preventing him from speaking to her.

Four years into her life back in Australia, Cecilia had slowly grown used to her new life, and Apollo’s visits had slowly begun to stop. She had become a producer at the recording studio she worked at to make her hours for the Diploma she now had. While walking home from working, she noticed that her bronze bracelet was shaking violently. Knowing that there was a monster nearby, Cecilia began walking faster to get home, not wanting to fight the monster and believed it was just there to attack a Demigod that must’ve been nearby. However, when she realised her bracelet was still shaking violently no matter how much she walked, she turned it into a sword, believing a monster would be coming, which it was.

A poltergeist – summoned by an assassin daughter of Melinoe – attacked Cecilia, and, even though she was fighting with her CB sword, it didn’t do much to the intangible creature. While Cecilia was trying to get rid of the very annoying poltergeist, the daughter of Melinoe was able to sneak-attack Cecilia and knock her to the ground, sword out of hand. The poltergeist disappeared, though now Cecilia had to fight the highly skilled daughter of Melineo, who Cecilia quickly recognised as Marcellus’ mistress – Diana. Cecilia managed to grab her sword and the two fought, with Diana revealing that she was fighting Cecilia as a way to take revenge on Marcellus leaving her for Cecilia when she arrived. Finding it funny that Diana wanted to use Cecilia as revenge against Marcellus, she laughed, which gave Diana another chance to attack Cecilia by surprise, though, this time, she was able to avoid it, and actually used it as a chance to pierce Diana threw the chest before she left the scene.


Before you dare to trust anyone else, you must first trust yourself. Your own power. That strength I thought I’d lost, I have it.

Knowing that it wouldn’t be all too long before she was linked to the attack, she rushed home to pack her stuff, where Apollo was, waiting for her. Already knowing what happened, he gave her the address of Camp Half-Blood in a note, and a reassurance that she was doing the right thing. Having packed everything and arranged for tickets to New York, she got into a taxi just in the nick of time, as she could see the police arriving. Unknown to her though, Diana didn't actually die (by some miracle), and the police were not there for her but for someone else who lived in the apartment building. Thankfully, the police didn't think of following the taxi leaving the apartments, and, within two hours, Cecilia was on a plane to New York.

When she arrived, she ordered a cab to go to Long Island, making sure she didn’t raise too much suspicions as she had no doubt that Marcellus would have employed every method to have her found – including the police – using her criminal history against her. When she arrived and the cab driver left, she followed the address Apollo gave her to Camp, and, after searching for a while, she found it. At first, she couldn’t believe it had been that easy, until she felt her bracelet beginning to shake, very, very violently.

Cecilia transformed it into a sword and threw her luggage onto the ground just in time before the Harpy came at her. Using the training and knowledge she had received from the assassins, she fought the Harpy, slicing it’s wings off before aiming at the head. However, the Harpy – in the vicious rage – used its talons to claw at Cecilia’s left leg, before she managed to cut its head off. Picking up her stuff again and turning her sword back into bracelet form, Cecilia – with a limp – walked through Camp’s borders.

What if this is what my life’s going to be like from now on?

26th of April, 2017

My dear Kyna

Well, I must say, Apollo has finally learned how to be persuasive. I am writing this to you from my Infirmary bed, healing up from a nasty Harpy attack, at Camp Half-Blood. It feels nice being here, somewhere safe, away from all the troubles that plague me out there, though it would be so much nicer if you were here with me. I hope that, one day, we'll be reunited again, until then, this will be the closest I get to writing to you.

Love, mum

27th of April,2017

My dear Kyna

Somethings will never change, like Infirmary beds being really uncomfortable. I moved into my new room here, and it is huge, large enough for there to be a living room, kitchen and study along with a bed and bath room. I'm glad I can fit a study in there, I am still needed at work, those lazy executives wouldn't survive a week without me. Also, I am still receiving money for renting out my apartments, and I need to be available 24/07.

The town that surrounds this Camp is really nice, I may even move into the town itself, but I promised Apollo I would stay at Camp for, at least, three months, but, if I hated it, I could leave. I hope those three months pass as quickly as possible, the sooner I can find you and we could hide somewhere far away from your father.

Love, mum

07th of May, 2017

My dear Kyna

Well, a new addition to the family joined me today, a Wolfdog sent by your grandmother, Rhea. I found the animal in the forest here, and I decided to name him Havoc, after one of the many lines from Shakespeare that your father would quote. "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war." Maybe one day you'll meet him.

Love, mum

We all bear scars...Mine just happen to be more visible than most.

Physical Appearance: While Cecilia never really believed it, she was often described as a pretty young woman. She has dark brown hair which is naturally straight though she has been known to make it look wavy-like on special occasions. Cecilia has hazel eyes and is Caucasian, though she has a slight tan due to heading to the beach all the time. She stands at roughly 6'0" and weighs about 162 pounds. Cecilia has the appearance of a twenty-two year old as that was the age she was when she was turned into a Nymph. She has markings all over her body - which look like tattoos - that are resemblant of her time as an assassin. Her one "physical flaw" would be the scars she has on her stomach, where the womb was, which she got from being stabbed. Her model is Poppy Drayton.

Style: Cecilia has a slightly provocative style. She often wears singlets which reveal some cleavage, accompanied by skinny jeans and combat boots. While she is a Victorian girl, she often travelled, especially to beaches (this only got worse when she started living in LA and GC), where she would often be spotted in bikinis with sunglasses. Cecilia loves to accessories, often wearing different kinds of accessories, the only thing that she always has on is her bronze bracelet, and only because that turns into her weapon. She is always spotted with her purse (which contains everything a young demititan and former assassin would need), and is usually wearing headphones, which became even more common when she was turned into a Music Nymph.

Cecilia is a ruthless fighter, but she lived five years of her life as a highly skilled assassin, and that has left its mark on how she fights. While her best weapon would always be her fist (more specifically, the years she spent learning martial arts), she often uses her CB sword, even though she is now a Nymph. While she is very good at close combat, she is also a sniper, though those are not skills she uses anymore. Most of the time, she uses her brain when fighting, though when someone truly angers her (often when taunting her about her baby) she becomes a blind fighter, and attacks anything and everything with ferocious force. As a former assassin, she is very quick and stealthy, though, while that works great for sneak attacks, it means she has terrible defence. Cecilia is usually prepared for fighting monsters, as her CB sword in bracelet form always shakes if a monster is within a 10m radius and, the closer the monster is, the more it shakes. As an assassin, she also has excellent skills with explosives and formulating plans of attack, which had helped her rise in the ranks.


Havoc - Cecilia's Wolfdog

Havoc is Cecilia's Wolfdog, he's a present from her mother Rhea. Wherever Cecilia goes, Havoc is usually not that far away, unless Cecilia has told him to do something else. Despite not having an empathy link to Cecilia, he is pretty good at sensing her emotions, though that is probably because she does not have a great variation in her emotions. He is fiercely protective of Cecilia, and distrusts everyone near her, not even Cecilia's cousins are exempt from this.


Havoc was a present from Cecilia's mother Rhea. Cecilia found Havoc while she was walking around the forest, getting used to camp. When she found the animal, it was bleeding lightly, and Cecilia (due to being a former assassin), used the basic first aid kit in her bag to bandage the wound up. When she was finished she noticed a note on the animal's collar, one addressed to her. It read:

​"Dear Cecilia,

​I know I have not been in your life that much, or really, at all. Just know that being away from my children is one of the hardest things I've had to do, but even I cannot change the rules. I have watched over you, and I know how hard life has been for you, especially after your father died. While I cannot change what has happened, I hope that you may now find some comfort at Camp, where I know you will be safe. I have sent this Wolfdog to you, in order to help and guide you on the next stage of your life. You always did love these animals.

​Love, mum."

At first, Cecilia didn't want to take in Havoc, though he kept following her around, until she finally agreed to let him stay. He follows her everywhere, and refuses to be in a different room from Cecilia unless she gives him explicit orders, and even then he hates being away from her.

Poppy Drayton (4)
Poppy Drayton (3)

Name Relation Feelings
Rhea Mother Haha, yeah, no comment
Jack Spall Father I miss him
Kyna Adkins Daughter Don't make me discuss my children
Stillborn Adkins Baby Stillborn Son Don't make me discuss my children
Unborn Spall Baby Unborn Child Don't make me discuss my children
Apollo Ex-lover It's complicated
Marcellus Adkins Estranged Husband I am going to find him, and I am going to kill him
James Spall Cousin Meh, he's okay
Bowen Spall Cousin Meh, he's okay
Harmony Spall Cousin She's more fun to be around than the boys

Poppy Drayton (1)

Celia ~ Nymph
Owned by Huntress

-Daughter of Rhea, Music Nymph

Poppy DraytonGIF (7)

 – "No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone."
The Gods have no mercy, that's why they're Gods.

  1. They can curse others to only speak in rhyming couplets that can take days or even weeks to wear off (depending on strength and number of people in the spell), the longer it lasts the more energy it drains
  2. They can curse others to sing everything, that can take days or even weeks to wear off (depending on strength and number of people in the spell), the longer it lasts the more energy it drains
  3. They have a minor ability to inspire the musical talents in those around them
  4. Their music can calm those around them for a short time
  5. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  6. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  1. They can sustain a high pitch with their voice, that is so loud it will temporarily stun anyone around them, its effects are temporary and it effects everyone around them, friend or foe. They can also do this with a musical instrument as well.
  2. They can infuse magic into their song and ‘charm-sing’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-sing for a few minutes or until control is relinquished
  1. They have such a beautiful voice, that when they sing, people can't help but listen, this can often distract enemies while in battle
  1. They can play any musical instrument, even if they have never seen it before
  2. They have pitch perfect singing voices


  1. Children of Rhea have the ability to shoot small sharp pieces of rocks from their palms for a short time, the longer they use this, the more energy it drains.
  2. Children of Rhea have the ability to generate minor earthquakes, causing anyone within the immediate vicinity to lose their balance.
  1. Children of Rhea have the ability to summon a thick wall of earth, roughly 2 to 3 times the size of the user, that dulls attacks coming to it on contact. The larger and longer the wall is used, the more it drains the user.
  2. Children of Rhea have the ability to create quicksand or pits around a small area for a short time. Over time it will slowly solidify, allowing anyone stuck in it to slowly regain their footing.
  1. Children of Rhea can "feel" nature and the elements. They can feel for all biomes (forests, deserts, tundras, wetlands, mountains, etc). A tree naturally falling or predator catching their prey in a near by forest would be felt by the user, leaving them feeling calmly relieved. Unnaturally, would leave the user sickened. They can detect natural changes as well (raise in temperature, humidity, etc).
  2. Children of Rhea have the innate ability to see through the flow of generations of each person, enabling them to see (in both past and future) their appearances and genealogy. However, the further they perceive, the more it becomes obscure and energy it drains from them.
  3. Children of Rhea can sense the fertility of women, when they are pregnant, what the state of the baby's health is and what sex they are.
  4. Children of Rhea have the innate ability to talk plants to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death.
  5. Children of Rhea are more powerful when surrounded by pure Earth, especially when up in the mountains.
  6. Children of Rhea can live in very high-up conditions where the air is thin, high air-pressure and high cold tolerance, and an immunity to the effects of vertigo or similar cases as well as the ability to move on the mountains without artificial help.
  1. Children of Rhea can move, shape and otherwise manipulate any "earthen" elements, including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt and soil. They cannot, however, make any object or weapon that is larger than the user, nor control any man-made materials.
  2. Children of Rhea are able to heal minor wounds when touching dirt or rock.
  3. Children of Rhea can use dirt, mud, rock,stone, etc. to teleport anywhere on Earth. The user merges with the earth beneath them and reforms elsewhere. The further they travel the more energy it drains.
  4. Children of Rhea have the ability to slightly calm the minds of everyone near them, no matter what side they are on.
3 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Rhea are able to create armor around them from earthen materials, such as stone, crystal, soil, and mud, for a short time. The armor's appearance can vary from person to person, but they often have a theme of defense and durability to them. The longer they maintain the armour the more energy it drains.
6 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Rhea are now able to control the flow of generation to cause someone or themselves to age significantly, either turning them younger or older, which can be used in a multitude of purposes. The longer they maintain them in either way, the more energy it drains from them.
9 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Rhea have the ability to transform into a lion, granting them heightened senses and enhanced physique. The longer they retain this form, the more energy it drains and the more time they need to rest between transformations.
  1. Children of Rhea tend to exhibit parental attitudes, making them excellent parents and even strong leaders.
  2. Children of Rhea are skilled in comforting others and bringing them to ease.
  3. Children of Rhea usually prefer or enjoy being outside, or in natural settings.
  4. Children of Rhea make excellent genealogists, as their mother was the Titan of generation.

Name Etymology:

  • Cecilia: Latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius, which was derived from Latin caecus meaning "blind".
  • Freya: From Old Norse Freyja meaning "lady".

When combined, her name would mean "blind lady", which was her code name while working as an assassin.

Note on the name Cecilia: Saint Cecilia regarded as the patron saint of music and musicians.


  • Galeophobia – The fear of sharks
    • Bondi
  • Pyrophobia – The fear of fire
    • Very likely to stem from the fact her father died from an Arson Attack
  • Coulrophobia – The fear of clowns
    • Her best friend made her watch horror movies with clowns, she never really recovered from the shock


  • Book: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • TV show: Toss between Sherlock (BCC) or GoT (HBO)
  • Colour: Purple (and all the shades of it)
  • Food: Pizza
  • Singer: She doesn't really have one, the closest would be Ed Sheeran
  • Quote: Most badass quotes from GoT

This Goodbye by Beth Crowley- Lyric Video

This Goodbye by Beth Crowley- Lyric Video


I am someone who has an overwhelming need to know who my enemies are. - William Atkinson, Clearwater Academy

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