Celaena Kingsley
Daughter of Hecate • Ex-Huntress


Personal Information

Full NameCelaena Amortentia Kingsley
BirthdayFebuary 14th
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationHeteromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceLondon, England
Living SituationHecate's Cabin
Languages SpokenEnglish and French
Weapon(s)Celestial Bronze Crossbow


Celaena is a complex mixture of anger, sorrow and sarcastic quips but definitely has a soft and sweet interior beneath her cold shell. She is generally pretty untrusting of just about everyone outside of her wolf pack and tends to stay well away from strangers out of fear and caution. Having been hurt before, she often struggles to accept any sort of physical contact and it mostly makes her very uncomfortable or nervous. She also spooks easy when men with loud voices try to assert their authority over her.

However, she can be an absolute ray of sunshine when you get close enough to see the kind girl on the inside. The only way she really knows how to show affection is through baked goods and fierce protecting. She is loyal to a handful of people at Camp Half-Blood and wouldn't be afraid to lay her life down for them. Just don't get on her bad side because she can hold a grudge. Being able to age normally again isn't about to stop her from haunting you to the grave and beyond. She is a fiesty little thing with a knack for pestering those she loves.


It was on a cold day in December, the weather in 1834 contributing to some lengthy blizzards and bouts of sickness - it was within that month that James Kingsley opened his own Apothecary shop in the wealthier part of London and immediately sky-rocketed through the social ranks. He became the talk of the town after his remedy for the common cold became a huge hit among the people. But it was one frequent customer that always seemed to capture his eye - a strangely beautiful young lady that raised eyebrows wherever she went with her outlandish ideas. James was smitten by Ana the moment he discovered that she was a healer that actually made her own tonics, selling them at lower prices so that the poor could afford them. Their relationship developed over the span of a year before Ana had fallen pregnant with his child. It came as a shock to learn that Ana had completely vanished the following day, leaving no indication of where she would be or when she would return.

Over the course of time, James began to lose hope that Ana would ever return with his child and continued to sell medicine to the wealthy people of London. Whispers about Ana fleeing with the baby begun to taint his reputation and lower the value of his product. Months passed and James woke to the sound of someone else within his home. He discovered no intruder, just a basket with a infant child, what appeared to be a crossbow and letter of explanation. It was that night that James discovered he had a daughter, Celaena, as she was called by Ana - no, Hecate. The goddess of witchcraft had learned his weakness and manipulated him for her own fun before dumping a child into his arms to raise. James was so furious that his denial led to the disbelief that Ana was actually a Greek goddess. Celaena was raised to believe that she was no different than any other child.

That was until Celaena was eight years old and she nearly launched a fireball into her father's shop while he was away, attracting the attention of a harpy. Thankfully, Celaena had found the crossbow that was from her mother nearly three years ago anf used it to kill the beast in an alleyway beside the Apothecary. The monster attacks continued throughout most of her teenage years and she got surprisingly good with the crossbow, which she learned was celestial bronze. With the help of her abilities and strong mixtures of medicine that her father made below their apartment, Celaena managed to remain safe until she was seventeen years old. James finally gave Celaena the letter from her mother.

James took Celaena with him to attend an important charity ball in Wales, the pair taking up keep in a small cottage in the beautiful countryside. That evening, Celaena went hunting in the woods and left her father alone in the cottage. A spark from the woodstone caught the dry wooding of the walls and the entire place went up in smoke and flames, killing her father as he slept. Celaena, with nothing left of her life chose to join the hunt when she discovered Artemis had been watching her in the countryside for a couple weeks. Feeling pity for her situation, Artemis made Celaena a huntress and she joined the ranks among other females. Life was spectacular up until her entire life was shattered for a second time - Celaena had been taken advantage of one night as she slept by a male companion of the hunt and her chastity was stripped. Artemis was furious that the oath she had sworn was broken and turned Celaena into a wolf, forcing the girl to pay the debt she owed to the goddess by joining the hunt. Celaena was granted her justice when Artemis presented the man who destroyed her life - and Celaena destroyed his in favor. Her wolf instincts didn't let her hesitate to rip the man to shreds.

Hundreds of years passed and Celaena still followed the huntresses with her pack - a group of males who had also been indebited to Artemis and turned into wolves to aid in the hunt. Eventually, she learned to trust and even love them like family so when it came time for Artemis to release them from their metaphorical contract, Celaena refused to stay behind as the others went to Camp Half-Blood and so she joined them.



  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to fire an intense beam of magical energy which will burn anything it touches. The ability can also be focused into small magical bullets, which have better range but are less damaging than a beam.
  2. Children of Hecate have the ability to use magic to electrically charge something made of metal for a short time.


  1. Children of Hecate are able to create a protective dome of magical energy around them for a short time.
  2. Children of Hecate are able to become ethereal in form for a short time, which temporarily causes all attacks to go through them. In this state, they cannot attack an opponent and if they do their ethereal state will dissipate instantly.


  1. Children of Hecate have the innate ability to see in all directions at once.
  2. Children of Hecate are innately stronger at night.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to communicate with the dead to gather information.
  4. Children of Hecate are adept at making potions and elixirs, however potions used in battle cannot be overly powerful or altering to the events of the battle. Potions that can automatically heal all wounds or restore all energy are examples of over-powered potions. Only descendants of Hecate/Circe and Lampades can create potions. Overconsumption of potions can result in overdose symptoms and some potions could have side-effects or not work at all.


  1. Children of Hecate can conjure spells to teleport themselves and allies. The further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Hecate can cast a levitation spell on themselves for a short time which will allow them to fly, the longer they levitate the more power it drains. The spell can also be used items and enemies.
  3. Children of Hecate are able to use some healing spells to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major wounds. Fatal wounds cannot be healed.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate are able to control the Mist around them, allowing them to create optical illusions that can fool even demigods. The illusions can confuse enemies with false memories, alter the appearance of the user or their allies, change the appearance of items or weapons or even alter the appearance of the environment to an extent. Changes to the Mist only last for a short time, mist control is less draining than custom spells. (6 month)

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to create new spells, whether they were trained, self-taught or devised the spell on the fly. The spells can be minor, such as locating, summoning animals, divination or controlling emotions. Or they can be more advanced and powerful such as controlling the elements, pure magical energy, necromancy, curses and summoning monsters or magical guardians. Spells cannot be overly powerful or controlling. The more complex and powerful the spell, the more energy it drains from the user.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Hecate have the ability to focus all their magical abilities into transforming themselves into any living being, or even a being of their own imagination. This power is, in essence, the ability to shapeshift into anything the user can imagine. The user can transform into another human, an animal, a monster, or anything in between. The transformation can last as long as the user wishes it to, but the longer they hold their form the more it drains them. They cannot cast any spells while the transformation is in place and they cannot transform into anything overly powerful. (Like a rabbit that can make people’s heads explode with a thought. ) The form they shift into cannot be larger than 2 to 3 times the human size of the user, and after the user resumes their regular form they are severely drained. Unable to move from exhaustion and they could possibly faint. This power can only be used once in a fight.


  1. Children of Hecate typically love the magical arts, many of them are known for writing spellbooks. Her children have created/re-introduced and improved spells and techniques all over history.
  2. Necromancy is commonly a favored magical art among children of Hecate.
  3. Children of Hecate are known for being quite mysterious.
  4. Children of Hecate are often more active and exhibit better moods at night and in dark environments.
  5. Children of Hecate wield innate knowledge and understanding of the Mist.


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