Charlie is a sweet, caring and nice girl as long as you're on her good side. She can be really bitchy and annoying if she doesn't like you, though. She has a deep hatred towards the Gods and Mortals alike. She can't even stand being near a mortal without murdering him/her in cold blood. If she doesn't know you yet, she'll act neutral towards you, until she knows you better.


Charlie's mother, Delia, was a Daughter of Apollo. She met Acheron in a Club nearby her house, where she was drinking away all of her stress of being a demigod. To be honest, she hated being a demigod and the Gods. The tipsy Delia and Acheron talked a bit and got to know each other better. They continued getting to know each other for two months. Acheron went by the name Andrew. Two months later, he finally asked her to be his girlfriend, which she accepted. A week later, they had sex. The next morning, when Delia woke up, she saw Acheron was gone and on the bed was a note with two daggers and a necklace with a Arrow charm. Now suspecting that Andrew was a God, she grabbed the note and began reading it. The note said: Dear Delia, it is me, Andrew. Being honest, I am truly Acheron. You know, from Greek Mythology? Well, I guess you're pregnant with our demigod child. I believe you know what to do, being a demigod Child of Apollo yourself. I decided to leave our child a weapon that you could teach him/her how to use. Well, good bye, I guess. -Acheron

Delia quickly moved on from Acheron a few days later, but began slipping into a depression she forced herself to leave, when she found out she was indeed pregnant. Johanna moved from New York to London, England. Delia tried escaping the Greek Mythology and living a normal life with her child, but it was to no use, as her unborn child was going to be a demigod. Those nine months were hell to Delia, especially since she was going through the pregnancy alone. Eight months later, baby Charlie White was born.

As Charlie grew up, she was a unhappy child. As a baby, she cried a lot. She was always fuzzy and mad. Once Charlie turned two, her mother began going on dating sites, from which she met and dated a few guys. But, since Charlie was a very unquiet and unhappy toddler, she drove the men away. That all changed when she turned 4, when her mother began dating a clear-sighted mortal man named Jeremy. Charlie was usually quiet when he was around, and it was because he was different from the rest of the men. And not the good way.

When Charlie turned 7, Delia married Jeremy not knowing all the horrors he would do to them. He began abusing them and taking their money away. Every time Charlie did something wrong, he'd beat her up or hit her with his belt. If Delia or Charlie disobeyed him, he'd beat them. On Delia's case, he would even rape her. It was horrible. Charlie had to see every day her mom take beatings and get raped.

Once Charlie turned 10, it all took a turn for the worse. They went broke, turning Jeremy into a big ball of rage. The beatings got worse, he began drinking and smoking more often, and he forced Delia to sleep with him more often. The odd thing, was that when Delia was in pain, Charlie felt slightly more stronger, giving her the encouragement to try and save her mother. She'd usually grab a frying pan and hit her step-father's leg with it as strong as her arms could hit. She also took risks and tried hitting him in the head, unsuccessfully. This enraged Jeremy, so the beatings to Charlie worsened as well.

While all of this happened, Charlie always thought of her biological father. Wondering why he left her and Delia. Wondering if things would be different if he stayed. Charlie knew that she'd find her father, and when she did, he'd regret leaving them. That was basically all of Charlie's childhood. Charlie couldn't attend school, so when Jeremy was passed out, her mother would teach her how to write and read. Fortunately, Charlie didn't have dyslexia. Only ADHD. Luckily, when she turned 11, they already had enough money back.

Once she turned 12, Charlie was attacked by a hellhound at her house. Charlie was literally frozen in shock. Just as the hellhound was about to kill her, he mother came in and immediately took notice of the monster. She immediately grabbed her necklace and pulled it, making a sword appear. She lunged at the hellhound just in time as it lunged at Charlie. She swung the sword across it's body, turning it into dust. Charlie was freaking out. Her mother decided to tell her about Greek Mythology being real. She told Charlie everything, including who her father was. Charlie then began hating the Gods with a deep passion for knocking up women and leaving them with demigod children without guiding them to safety. Three weeks later, Charlie and Delia decided to flee the house and Jeremy, with as much money and clothes as they could. They successfully fled to New York, where they bought an apartment with two rooms, a kitchen, a small living room and a bathroom.

Delia home-schooled Charlie and taught her all about the Greek Gods, the monsters, the monsters' weaknesses and strengths, as well as the regular mortal classes. Delia also gave Charlie the weapons her father left her and began teaching Charlie how to use the bow and arrows, as well as daggers. By the time Charlie turned 13, she knew the weaknesses and strengths of monsters, as well as the Gods, their attitudes and wars, which only added fuel to Charlie's anger. If what her mom told her was true, then the Gods only feigned caring for the demigods, because they fought they're wars. Charlie also began developing a deep hatred to mortals, just like her mom hated mortals. They despised the mortals after what Jeremy did to them. No mortals or Gods were worthy of demigods and their strengths.

Weeks after Charlie turned 13, she was attacked by a flock of 4 Stymphalian Birds on her way home. Sighing, she changed her route to the nearby subway station. She lost the birds on the station, as the noise was too much for them. A week after that, she was attacked by a hellhound, while she was camping with her mum in the woods. Her mom was going to summon her sword, but Charlie stopped her, wanting to kill this monster by her own. She pulled her necklace, the bow and quiver appearing. She grabbed ran to a tree and climbed it to the top, while her mom hid a few trees away. She notched an arrow and as soon as the hellhound spotted her and was going to lunge, she fired the arrow, which hit the hellhound's shoulder, she notched and fired another two, which effectively turned the monster into dust.

A year later, while Charlie was 14, she was attacked by a Scythian Dracanae on her mum's new house's backyard. She immediately summoned her bow and quiver. She slowly walked backwards, and notched an arrow. She aimed at the dracanae's chest and as soon as the monster lunged, she fired the arrow. It didn't kill it, only injured it. The dracanae scratched her in the cheek, making Charlie jump back. She notched another arrow, before releasing it and turning it into dust. She made her way back home and got a bit of nectar and ambrosia.

Three weeks later, she was attacked by a harpy in her own house. She immediately summoned her bow and quiver. She notched an arrow and since the harpy moved a lot, she failed to get a good shot. She then notched another one and aimed at her wings. Fortunately, she damaged the wings. She notched another arrow and aiming at it's heart, released. It turned into dust.

A year after that, she was attacked by a harpy in her backyard, as well. Following the same routine as last time, she summoned her bow and quiver, notched an arrow and aimed at the harpy's wings. The moment the harpy moved towards her, she fired the arrow, injuring the wings. She then fired two more arrows. One at it's chest, and the other at it's thigh. The harpy then turned into gold dust.

Two weeks later, she was attacked by a dracaenae. She summoned her bow and arrow and climbed a nearby tree. She notched an arrow and released it, hitting it's left shoulder. She notched and released another, hitting it's stomach. She released the third one and it hit it's chest, turning it into dust.

After that attack, Delia gave her daughter a Celestial Bronze Sword that used to be hers. The training turned more intense and that same year, Delia met a trained Son of Acheron. Delia explained the situation to him, and he agreed to help, as he owed her a favor for saving his life before he found and joined the BC. Unknown to Charlie and Delia, the guy was a member of the Broken Convenant. The Son of Acheron's name was Jaxon Davenport. During that year, he trained Charlie with the powers whenever he could.

One year later, while she was walking around New York, she was attacked by another hellhound. She successfully lured the monster to an alley. This time, she used the sword her mom gave her to kill it. She got the sword out of it's hiding spot (inside her coat) and got in fighting position and when the hellhound lunged, she dodged. That's all they did. One lunged, another dodged and vice-versa. The hellhound then took her by surprise and gave her some damage at her back. Charlie got pissed and lunged, swinging the sword across it's body and turning it into dust. Once she got home safely, she had a bit of nectar that her mother had been given by Jaxon. After that encounter, the training with powers AND weapons got worse. And so did her hate for humans, campers and gods.

Weeks after she turned 17 she was encountered two demigods. The demigods tried taking her to camp, but Charlie refused. Both demigods then decided to use force. She used her powers to send a mental blast making them feel pain without having injuries. While they were in pain, she used her daggers to stab them both in their shoulders. She then ran back to her home, feeling a bit more tired. Three days before she turned 18, she encountered a harpy in the woods nearby her home. She did the same as always. She used her bows and arrows to injure the wings and shot two more. One to her shoulder, the other to it's chest. After it turned into dust, she jogged back home. Jaxon, who was waiting for Charlie at her house, then explained everything to Delia and Charlie about the BC. Charlie, excited, immediately wanted to join. With her mom's approval, Jaxon made her take a vow for her loyalties (Just to be sure) and led her to her new home.



  1. Children of Acheron have the ability to send a mental blast, causing a person to feel pain (there are no real injuries, the pain is entirely in the person's mind), the effects last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes
  2. Children of Acheron have the ability to charm their weapon to inflict more damage on their enemy, for a short time, this does not increase the odds their weapon will hit, only increasing the potential for damage.


  1. Children of Acheron are slightly more powerful when others around them are feeling mental or physical pain.
  2. Children of Acheron feel less pain than others might.
  3. Children of Acheron are able to temporarily alleviate the pain in someone, the wounds are still there, they just don't feel the pain for a short time


  1. Children of Acheron can become completely immune to pain for a short time, allowing them to think clearly and continue to move despite grievous injury.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Acheron, while experiencing pain, especially after receiving an injury, are able to channel this pain increasing their agility and combat skills for a brief time, the longer they try to channel the pain, the more energy it drains.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Because Acheron is an underworld god of the dark river waters of Acheron children of Acheron have the ability to Shadow Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more energy drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Acheron are able to trap someone in an illusion that they are being tortured in excruciating pain for a short time, while they are maintaining the illusion they are incapacitated and the longer they maintain it the more energy is drained.



Delia White




She loves her mom and thanks her for making her realize how cruel and cold the Gods are.

Acheron Father She wants to make sure he fades on her hands.
Jaxon Davenport Half-Brother She is very grateful to him for training her. She loves him.
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