Cheryl Anders
daughter of dionysus • drinking queen • former lieutenant


Personal Information

Full NameCheryl Anders
BirthdayAugust 17, 1997
Age21 y/o
Zodiac SignLeo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationHeteroromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee
Living SituationDionysus' Cabin - Her bedroom
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish
Weapon(s)Celestial Bronze sword


Cheryl is very blunt but also outgoing. Loves to drink and never loses in a drinking competition. Cheryl is also head-strong and isn't afraid of anything (except for blood; Hemophobia). She also doesn't care on what people think of her. Doesn't like those people who think they know everything but they don’t. Expert on wines and loves wine tasting. She also acts a bit tomboyish and sometimes a rebel (not all of the time but on occasion). She’s also very athletic as well having to play soccer ever since she was 5 years old.


Natasha Anders is a bartender at the local bar in her hometown. Derek (Dionysus) happened to be at the bar she worked at. Having one of too many drinks, he came across Natasha and she was drink as well. They made love (but they were drunk) after a small chat. After that incident, Derek left her and a couple of days later, Natasha got pregnant with Cheryl. The day after Cheryl was born, Dionysus left a present for her on the steps of Natasha’s house for Cheryl: a necklace that was in a shape of a wine flask and a gold hair clip that can change into a CB sword. Cheryl had it rough in her childhood. She acted very tomboyish and never had girls as her best friends. Cheryl also always hung around the boy’s group. But as she grew up, her friends ignored her since she was a girl and started acting a bit more girlie than she used to be. Cheryl then was by herself, all alone with nobody around her to hang out with. Cheryl then didn't like the fact that her mother always ignored her and spent her money on alcohol instead of their essential needs. When Cheryl was 13, that hit the mark of monster attacks for Cheryl. Cheryl was at the backyard, playing soccer in the nearby open areas of her backyard. All of a sudden, a harpy appeared out of nowhere and attacked Cheryl. It slashed her with its claw which eventually knocking out the hair clip she had on her hair. It then turned into a sword to Cheryl’s surprise. Cheryl ran towards the sword and used to slash at the harpy. It disintegrated soon after. Cheryl then ran back home. She tried to forgot about the monster attack but failed. During the next year, Cheryl got her education by homeschooling. She got minor attacks when she was 14, but they weren't all too severe as the first monster attack she had (just a harpy passing by her and she slashed it with her sword again. It disintegrated after 5 deadly slashes) At age 15, she got her second monster attack, this time it was a hellhound. But in this monster attack, a satyr, who was her protector, ran up and helped her. He used his reed pipes to keep the hellhound in place so Cheryl can attack it using her cb sword. It disintegrated. The satyr told her she should go to camp and she did, only for a week of sword training but that was it. She went back home to take care of her mother. When it was half-way in the year when she was 15, her mother died because of an alcohol over dose. She was put in a foster care soon after but ran away because of the harsh living conditions and the poor treatment she got. At age 16, she lived on the streets for quite awhile. (But she was being secretly watched by her satyr protector again). She stole to live and was seriously addicted to alcohol. When she was living on the streets, two hellhounds came up at her and attacked her. She took out her clip and it transformed into her sword. Cheryl then slashed wildly at the two hellhounds, getting a lot of scratches and scars from the both of them. She ran and ran as fast as she could. With the two hellhounds behind her back at all times. Just when she thought she was about to give up, her satyr protector and a demigod came to her rescue. He personally escorted the demigod and Cheryl back to camp. But in the middle of their journey, they lost the demigod to an Empousai but they disintegrated the monster and still trudged forward. Once they finally got to camp, Cheryl and the satyr were beat up badly. Cheryl was immediately claimed by Dionysus and she stayed at camp since she got claimed.



  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to force a state of mild drunkenness on another person for a short time.
  2. Children of Dionysus can fire powerful blasts of wine with high water pressure, the equivalent to that of a powerful fire hose.


  1. Children of Dionysus can null the pain of any wound for a short time.
  2. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create a field of energy around them, anyone who steps through it will feel intense thought of madness and insanity. The opponent will be driven mad and completely forget about the battle or the user. This power is purely for defensive use, since the user cannot move while the field is in place. The longer the field is kept up, the more energy in drained. If an opponent already taken by the insanity attempt to attack the user, they will see horrible hallucinations which will make it even harder to attack. Once the field vanishes, the target immediately regains their sanity.


  1. Children of Dionysus have an innate partial resistance to the effects of alcohol.
  2. Children of Dionysus can turn any beverage into wine and create small amounts of it out of nothing.
  3. Children of Dionysus emit an aura of drunkenness, people would at least feel slightly drunk around them. It can be shut off for a long time if they please.


  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create thick ropes of grape vines which can be used for a multitude of purposes. The user may telekinetically control the vines.
  2. Children of Dionysus can enhance themselves through wine consumption. This can help them heal quickly heal minor wounds, sharpen their senses or focus, or increase their stamina; however if they consume too much wine, the user may become unpredictable, delusional to the point of hurting themselves, or rampant in anger.
  3. Children of Dionysus can cause someone to hallucinate things that aren't really there, the longer they maintain the hallucinogenic state the more energy it drains.

3 Month Power (unlocked)

  1. Children of Dionysus are able to summon predatory cats to their aid and command them since their father presided over them. Only up to 3 big cats can be summoned and controlled at a time. They may attack opponents and hunt them down for the user. The longer the creatures are used, the more summoned and the bigger they are; the more energy is drained. Ex: The user may summon lions, tigers, leopards, panthers etc.

6 Month Power (unlocked)

  1. Children of Dionysus can turn wine into objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only up to 3 combative/non-combative items or 1 semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly 3 times the size of the one that conjured it. When the construct touches an opponent of the user, the opponent will feel the effects of a light buzz, extremely long contact with the construct can cause drunken stupor; but both effects go away after a short period of time. The longer they maintain combative/non combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.

9 Month Power (unlocked)

  1. Children of Dionysus are able to turn into a predatory cat for a short time. Such as lions, cheetahs, leopards or panthers. They can turn into either a full big cat or a humanoid cat form. In the human/big cat form, they are twice as faster and stronger than before. Their senses are also quite sharper as well. They also tend to be more violent and volatile in this state. Once the transformation ends, the user is extremely drained. Using the hybrid form is more draining rather than the full cat form. They will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Dionysus generally have a taste for alcohol and partying.
  2. As Dionysus is the patron of plays, playwrights and acting, his children often make good actors and playwrights.
  3. Children of Dionysus are typically fond of and are favored by predatory cats, nymphs and satyrs.
  4. Children of Dionysus tend to give into thoughts of madness and insanity.


Face ClaimLindsey Morgan
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight120 lbs
Voice TypeAlto
Blood TypeAB positive
Distinguishing MarksTattoo
Body StyleEctomorph
TattoosDolphin, on her left hip
PiercingsBoth ears

Family Information

MotherNatasha Anders
Full SiblingsNone
Half SiblingsKim, Digger, Oz, Ria, Demi, Lito
Other RelativesNone


Significant Other(s)None currently
Best Friend(s)TBD
EnemiesChampions of Othrys
OtherMarc (ex),

Name Etymology

Given [ ]
Middle [ ]
Surname [ ]


Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First KissMarcellus Ryder
First CrushKevin Blazer
First LoveKevin Blazer
First TimeMarcellus Ryder
Pet(s)Gin and Vodka
Sports PlayedFencing
Instruments PlayedNone
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental Illnesses
Criminal Record
Medical Record

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