Welcome to Cheryl's Room

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Cheryl Anders - daughter of Dionysus • drinking queen
-If you not drunk ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get f*cked up

Message Me – Her door is closed and loud music is blasting from the other side of it. You can hear Cheryl singing with the music.

Welcome to Cheryl's room, where it is her own home. It is located in cabin 12 (Dionysus' cabin). Please knock before entering because if you don't she will throw a wine bottle (or beer, or whatever alcohol bottle she has) at your face. Underneath her bed, she kept hidden from everybody her violin and her secret. If you happen to take a peak at her case, don't tell her because she will freak and it won't look good in the end.

People who are allowed to go inside her room

  1. her cabin mates

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