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Chriselda is gentle, graceful, and playful. Due to traumatic events in her past she has become slightly insane, which she is aware of as she will occasionally refer to herself as “broken”. Her whimsical voice and flightly gestures only add to her seemingly childish nature, and she almost skips when she walks. Also, Chrissa has a tendency to wander off which often gets her into trouble. She is comfortable around others, even strangers, but has a habit of invading their personal space. The girl acts vague and somewhat quaint, is often saying words that no one understands, and it is not uncommon to catch her talking with an imaginary version of the deceased Jonas. Although her whimsical nature and hallucinations often cause others to overlook her, Chrissa is intelligent and is able to be cunning when she needs to. Primarily, she is a kind, forgiving, and sympathetic young girl who is determined to not let her disability stop her.


Craig Farlin received his first magic kit at the age of nine. He never seen without the plastic wand, performing for strangers at restaurants or on the streets, and was a fan-favorite every year at his school’s talent show. Deciding not to attend college, to his parents dismay, Craig instead pursued magic. He was still performing at children’s parties when at the age of thirty-one. Then, he met someone who would change his life forever.


  Maggie Brilland was returning to college to practice alchemy. Her clever and quiet persona captivated Craig and he fell for her instantly.  They were together for only three months, but the man had planning to propose to Maggie when she mysteriously disappeared. He was used to her being gone for a couple days, sometimes a week, and then come back without explanation. But this time was different. This time, every trace of her existence was gone. This time, he never heard from her again... except once. Almost six months after Maggie left, Craig returned home from the bar, a place he had begun to visit regularly, to find a small baby girl lying in a basket weaved from what looked like string made of gold. A letter sat in the basket beside her and, even though the baby was crying, he pulled the note out first.

Dear Craig, I hope you can come to understand why I have left. As a goddess I have a duty that I must fulfill. This is your daughter. Take care of her. Make her strong and protect her. Love her, for she will do great things one day. -Maggie Hecate

  Craig hated the innocent child. All she did was remind the man of his lost love. He hated her so much so that he even wished to kill the baby girl. So, he did... or at least attempted to. Pulling a small gun from his dresser drawer, he aimed it at her head and fired. When the bullet was no more than halfway to her small form, a green mist surrounded it, and by the time it reached her the bullet had transformed into a chocolate brown teddy bear. Shocked by this at first, Craig quickly assumed it to only be the alcohol or drugs affecting him and thought nothing more of it. Though he took care of her, Craig Farlin did not love her.

  When Chrissa was three, Craig met a woman named Juliette Santos. A fake blonde who wore too much eye-makeup, she used Chrissa’s father for money he didn't have. The woman moved into their trailer not long after they met and began dating, taking up half the place with the "As Seen On TV" products she couldn't seem to stop buying. Craig quit magic and began to work part time jobs, one of these including selling drugs while making sure Juliette had her own stash. Two years later they had a son named Jonas. He had curly black hair, glowing green eyes, and a bright smile that made Chrissa adore him even more than she thought possible. A year after he was born Juliette ran off to California with bulky man with bloodshot eyes and a permanent snarl. Craig was left with nothing but Jonas and another broken heart.

  Not long after Chrissa had turned eleven she and the seven year old Jonas were home alone while their dad was working his shift at the local deli. Jonas sat on the ripped up couch watching ‘The Wiggles’ while Chrissa lay on the floor coloring. Then, she heard a whisper in her ear. Standing to see if the voice was coming from outside, she stumbled back and everything went black. The next time her eyes opened, an unseen eidolon floated away from Chrissa as someone carried her towards a large fire-truck. Before her was flame. It engulfed the trailer she had called home all her life. As firemen subdued it, one of the neighbors pointed at her and screamed repeatedly, with both terror and disgust, "El diablo destuye todo."

  The fire finally died down and two firefighters rushed back towards Chrissa, checking for injuries. The only significant wound she had received was a long burn mark on her left leg reaching from her heel to her mid calf, and resembled the look of a snake. She also had three small scratches on her upper lip made by fingernails, as if someone had clawed at her. Yet she felt no pain. She couldn't talk. Chrissa merely choked on tears and could only make out "Jonas" as she pointed toward the rubble. After less than thirty minutes of searching, the firemen and police recovered the remains of a small body that belonged to none other than the redhead child’s beloved half-brother. Officials interviewed a few neighbors who had witnessed the event, learning Chrissa had set the fire herself. One man claimed to have seen the fire come from Chrissa's own hands, but this was assumed to be an exaggeration. After further investigation, evidence led them to discover that Jonas had been locked in a room, assumedly the bathroom, and had tried to bust his way out of the room, even leaving scratches on the wooden door which was severely damaged in the fire. Chrissa was marked as mentally ill and unstable. Sent to a mental institution, St. Angus' Psychiatric Center, her father never told the young and frightened child goodbye out of disdain and spite. She spent four years there with her doctor, a kind older women named Jana Goodwin. Jana was a demigod as well, and, after helping Chrissa significantly recover from the traumatizing event, helped her train and learn to control her magic. She taught her about the Greek gods and goddesses, and the Greek history and mythology. Despite her dyslexia and ADHD, Chrissa learned quickly.

  Although Jana was very protective of Chrissa, she could not protect her from everything. There were multiple incidents of monsters hiding throughout the hospital. Her second encounter, and most scarring, was occurred when she was twelve years old. Returning to her small, all white room after a training session with Jana, Chrissa walked in and collapsed on her cot. No more than five minutes later the redhead heard her door creak open. She turned over just as the lock clicked. A tall, lean woman stood before her. Dr. Lancaster. Chrissa licked her dry lips and asked "Can I help you? I thought our session was tomorrow" The woman cackled a horrendous laugh. "I was becoming impatient." she whispered in response, moving closer. Before the child could comprehend what was happening, the woman quickly began to transform into a harpy.     

  Chrissa wanted to scream, but couldn't seem to make a single noise. She pushed herself against the wall, shaking as the harpy stared her down. The girl slowly began to reach for her left index finger which held her ring, Axelia. The harpy saw the motion and jumped for her. She dived to the right and rolled, crashing into her bed. A  whimper escaped her lips as she turned the jewel orb on the ring around in full circle. It transformed into into a thirty- inch scepter. She slashed the pointed end at the harpy making a small cut on its arm. It recoiled back, allowing the redhead an opening. But Chrissa’s mind went blank and she could remember none of her training. The monster snatched her arm and yanked her to the ground. She awkwardly fell on her arm and cried out. Axelia fell out of her hand and slid away. The monster leaned over her and caressed her face with its long nail as Chrissa felt a tear fall down her face. The thing bared its teeth and raised it clawed hand in preparation to rip her apart. The redhead kicked it in the stomach which did not faze it much, but allowed her enough time to slide out from under the harpy and grab her staff.

  "Come back, my little monster.", the a harpy screeched.

  "You are the monster.", the young Chrissa yelled back, aiming her staff.

  It let out another shriek-like laugh and replied, "We are both monsters. We are both killers. The only difference between the two of us is that one will die today."

  The harpy lunged and Chrissa barely dodged it, receiving a long gash along her left arm. The child screamed in pain. Pointing Axelia at the harpy, she summoned a ball of fire that caught the monster's right wing. It hollered and tried to bat the fire out, but Chrissa was quicker. She scrambled to its side and stabbed it in the chest with Axelia's point. The beast’s final screams were lost as it disintegrated into a small pile of sand. But the fire did not disappear. It surrounded Chrissa, trapping her. She screamed a guttural cry and tried to run, but was only stopped as more flames appeared.

  "It hurts." a voice behind her whimpered. She turned around and saw Jonas curled up in a ball on the floor. She reached out to him. The second her finger touched him, his body began to burn and char until it was coal black. "You did this to me." he screamed. Chrissa fell against him, crying hysterically. Jana slammed the door open causing the fire and Jonas to disappear. She ran forward and wrapped her arms around the child as she sobbed.

  The girl faced only a few other monster attacks after that. Two months before Chrissa's seventeenth birthday Jana released her from psych. Telling her to escape to Camp Half-Blood, a haven for the girl, a satyr friend of Jana's named Cypress guided her. Chrissa set off with a small backpack holding nothing but a picture of Jonas, a magic wicca book, and a leather journal that had once belonged to Jana which held spells and potions that Jana had created.

  It took Chrissa almost six months before she arrived at Camp Half-Blood. Not only having to battle monsters, but her own hallucinations too, the redhead was exhausted. But when they arrived in Long Island she was not scared. Chrissa ran through the woods and stopped right outside the border. She wanted to cry with joy. Her smile glowed and as she stepped into the safety of camp, Chrissa fainted.



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Name Relation Feelings
Craig Farlin

Mortal Father

distant, she is not very close to him and he hates her
Jonas Farlin Mortal Brother  died at young age in fire, the siblings were very close
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