Name: Claire Elizabeth Evans

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Current Age: 13

Birthday: July 18th 2000

Mortal Parent: Joshua Evans

Appearance: Claire has curly brown hair. It goes down two inches below her shoulders. She has fierce stormy grey eyes. She's 5'2 and has and athletic figure with tan skin. She usually likes to wear her hair in a bun and almost always wears grey converse.

Personality: Claire is very smart. She's at the top of all her honors classes. She usually reads books and stays quiet. Though she is really tough and will attack people who insult her and her siblings. She is quick tempered and is always ready to throw insults and always has snappy zingers, comebacks, nicknames, and plans at hand.

History: Athena met Joshua Evans at Harvard where he was studying to become a college math professor and found out he could see through the mist. Athena had then developed a liking for him and later blessed him with a child (By blessed I mean a mind child. I understand Athena is a virgin goddess) the next day while they were studying. Joshua was of course shocked when Athena explained to him that the Olympian gods were real and that their minds had been unified to create a mind child. Athena said that she must be raised by her mortal parent. Joshua took her hesitantly and named her Claire. Athena gave him a bow and arrows and told him to give it to Claire when the time comes and that she'll be very talented at it. She also told him the location of Camp Half-Blood. After college, Joshua and Claire moved to Manhattan.

At the age of 4 Claire was already doing exceedingly well in spelling, alphabet, and counting. She had learned how to speak at the age of 1 and was doing advanced work in spelling, alphabet, and counting at the age of 3. All her teachers were astonished and were constantly asking what was Joshua's secret. He never told them or Claire a thing. At age 5, Claire had been put in a 2nd grade class. Her father would also take her to archery lessons starting at age 7.

It was about one month until she was about to turn 13 when Claire got attacked by a hellhound the size of a grizzly bear. Her father managed to give her the bow and arrows. After a while, due to her training, she was able to defeat the hellhound. She dodged and shot. When the hellhound was defeated, Joshua drove Claire to Camp Half-Blood. He told her to run over the magical boundaries and that she'll be safe from any danger. When she got past the boundaries and turned around her dad waved at her goodbye. The two have been in touch ever since.

Possessions/Weapons: Celestial bronze dagger she got from the armory to use as a secondary weapon is always around her waist and the bow and arrows her father gave her.

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