Name: Clara Fifer

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance:  Short Very Light Brown Hair, Dark Blue eyes, a white eye patch over her left eye, 5'4, super pale skin, super light freckles of nose and cheeks, barely smiles.

Godly Parent: Mnemosyne

Mortal Parent: Arlan Fifer

Weapons/Possesions: A celestial bronze dagger: 4inch (secondary) and a celestial bronze sword. The sword is from camp and the dagger she found lying on the road while she was being taken to camp.

Personality and Past-times: Clara is weak physically, yet strong mentally. She has hypermobility which makes her weaker than she already is. Her tone is straight to the point, and she hates when people argue with her. She is fine with being corrected, as long as the person doing so does no specifically say that she is wrong/incorrect. She mainly reads fiction and often draws manga art to go along with the stories she writes. She is overall friendly, but people often don't like her because she can be quite snappy.

History and Backstory:

Arlan met Mnemosyne when he was working a nightshift at a 24/7 library and Mnemosyne was reasearching the change in modern language from when she origionally ruled over it. The two hit off imediately with conversation on how memory works due to a book about it on the front desk from Arlan reading it before she entered the building. Mnemosyne corrected most of the book and Arlan learned alot. Soon after this, the goddess got pregnant and left for Olympus to give birth. After so, she brought Clara to her father, and a celestial bronze sword and dagger for the demi-god's safety. However, Mnemosyne had to leave once again right after the birth, leaving Arlan alone with the newborn.

Clara grew up in New York with her father, but was origionally born in Scotland. Her father had a Fife accent which wore off on her as she barley left the house apart from to go to School and her Viola lessons/exams. Her childhood was very quiet, as she spent most of t reading the books her father brought her home from the library. Her education was close to most other children's. She came off as quite shy, an she didn't have many friends, but her teachers liked her and she was very confident when doing presentations.

Clara was born with a photographic memory. This made her very knowledgeable, but has also scarred her as she remembers everything she sees. When she was ten years old, she and her father were in a car crash when arriving at a lake park about half an hour's drive from their hough. Arlan had to suddenly turn the car in which they were in when he spotted an extreamly large dog/seal like creature about five meters from the pair. When Arlan turned the car he hit a tree a few feet from the lake, and his face slammed into the wheel, giving Clara only a view of her father's blood coated face. Arlan was still consious, so grabbed Clara and pulled her with him as he ran. Clara managed to pull away however, as the Telekhine was was catching up to them, so Arlan opened the boot of hid car to where he kept the child's gifts from her mother, and passed her the sword. Though unsure of exactly what to do, she did manage to defeat the creature (in quite a clumsy manner) by cutting of it's hand where it held a sword, then stabbing it. This incedent is what made her slightly scared of moving vehicles, and is very quite of Telekhines since this was her first monster attack. This incident scarred Arlan, but he was warned about such thing happening by Mnemosyne. After the incedent he then explained to Clara about her mother; who she was, and why monsters would attack her.

Though she had encountered a fair amount of monsters in her past, only few managed to get close enough to attack her (most of which were fought on her journey to camp) as she was always completley surrouned by mortals, so if a monster was to try attacking her (which wasn't as often as for other demi-gods since her sent was almost covered), people would be too close, and it wouldn't go to plan, so monsters rarley got to attack her. Her most traumatic incedent was when a male mugger cornered her in an ally on her way home from school trying to take her purse which contained $20. The man managed to get the money by stabbing her in the (left) eye, which she now wears a white eye patch to cover up as it is scarred and she is partially blinded. She could do nothing to stop the man, as her powers were not yet discovered. She now hates being alone, and this made a big impact when she was ariving at camp.

At school she didn't have many friends who stuck for long, apart from one friendly boy who was new to the school, and had only started that year, who would often chat to her. In the end the boy turned out to be a saytr, and convinced her to let him take her to camp by telling her about it (her then realising this was the camp her dad had told her about), then having her take pitty on him by saying that this was his first time and that he had waited along time for this, and that messing up could land him in trouble. However, only a few metres from camp, the saytr was murdered by an unseen monster (a Harpy) who was aiming for Clara, but missed, as she got into camp fast enough. The saytr was very un-experianced, so was very easy for the Harpy to kill. This scarred Clara, but she was lucky not to see it. Her father spent nearly week worrying about where Clara had gone before finally getting a message to say that she was at Camp Half Blood.

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