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Name: Clara Moore

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Current Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Alex Moore


Clara is around five feet seven inches tall, weighs approximately 138 pounds, and has an agile body. She has brown hair with bangs that go over her forehead and often cover her eyes. The color of these eyes are light brown color with a carefree/childish look to them. For clothes she usually wears an orange Camp Half-Blood tee-shirt and jeans.


Clara has always been fascinated with the supernatural. As a child she would look up at the stars all night long to try to see an alien, she looked for Bigfoot tracks in her yard, she read thousands upon thousand of books about monsters in every myth, and thanks to her photographic memory, she was able to remember all of the information.

Clara is a very smart, energetic, and athletic girl. She's the type of person who won't take "no" as an answer. Clara uses her high intellect to be extremely persuasive. During her middle school years she read a lot of psychology, this caused her to be a master of persuasion.


Clara's parents met in a cafe in the spring of 1995. They started out as good friends, but they quickly started to have romantically feelings for each other. Shortly after that, on November 12th 1996, Clara and her brother fell out of her mother's head like most children of Athena. Clara was a very healthy baby however, her brother wasn't as lucky. Her brother died soon after his birth which made Clara an only child. After Clara's birth, her mom left Clara a special necklace and then left.

Clara's childhood was average for a child that had ADHD. She was kicked out of a lot of schools and had to move from place to place to find a school that would accept her. This didn't make Clara a lonely child because she was very good at making friends when she wants to. During her moving she took up many hobbies which included: Kendo, Karate, and reading.

When she was eleven she managed to stay at a boarding school for three years in a row. This boarding school was located in Oklahoma. During those five years she met a fellow female demigod whose name is Sarah. They discovered that they had a lot in common and the caused them to quickly become great friends. Little did they know that satyr was close by and was preparing to Clara and Sarah to Camp Half-Blood.

Two weeks before Clara's 14th birthday, she was attacked for the first time while she was walking to her dorm. When she reached an empty entered field a hellhoud ran towards her from behind. She tried to run away, but the hellhound was too fast. As soon as they raised their claws were about to strike, thick vines reached out from the ground an ensnared the hellhound. This was the work of the satyr that was sent to bring them to Camp Half-Blood. While the hellhound was traped, Sarah drew her dagger and let her instincts take control. It was took 4 minutes for the hellhound to be defeated. While the satyr didn't say so, he guessed that Sarah was a child of Ares.

After this incident, the satyr quickly took Clara and Sarah to Camp Half-Blood. Did Clara protest or ask questions? Of course not, her fascination with the supernatural caused her to be more curious then hesitant. During their journey they ran into a harpy a year later. They would defeat the harpy the same way they defeated the hellhound. In addition to the attacks they took took the long way to Camp Half-Blood stop the attacks. Sometimes they would roam around at a city for a couple of weeks so that they could rest. They continued this lifestyle for three years, and on Clara's birthday a harpy attacked and this time Sarah and the saytr were asleep.

A little voice inside her head told her, to clench the necklace. When she did so the necklace transformed into a pair of twin swords. Clara took Kendo throughout her life, but she didn't know how to use twin swords. It took Clara a while to get used to the swords and with the help of Sarah and the satyr they were able to defeat the harpy. After the fight, they were able to drive peavefully to Camp Half-Blood.


  • A star shaped necklace that can transform into a pair of Celestial bronze twin swords when Clara clenches it in her hand. 
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