Clara Saxe-Coburg

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Clara Saxe-Coburg
The Basics

Full Name:   Clara Victoria Saxe-Coburg
Nicknames:   -
Born:   -
Age:   21
Status:   Alive
Gender:   Female
Species:   Demi-God
Native Language:   -
Languages Spoken:  



A young son of Zeus, William Dunsay was born to Lady Elizabeth Dunsay. She begged her husband to keep it a secret, and to say William was his son. He agreed, as she had said it was a mistake, and she only loved her husband. William grew up loved and spoiled. He was protected, so had no monster attacks that hurt him. He soon grew up into a handsome man. Hera despised him. As soon as his parents died and he decided he no longer needed protection, an adept fighter, Hera started sending things to attack him. She watched him, enjoying it. But soon, she started to develop feelings for him. He looked just like Zeus in human form.

She saw that he had got a fiancé. She sent a few monsters to kill her. The woman, named Violet Worthstrom, was killed. Hera then went to her funeral and talked to William. She got him drunk, and slept with him. She ends up pregnant, and not just one child, but three. Zeus was convinced it was an immortal child. When she gave birth to the three children, she waited a day to take them to their father.

William Dunsay had been good friends with Queen Victoria. He decided to name the girls Irene Victoria, Clara Vitoria and Rosabell Victoria, being obsessed with the queen. Two days after he was given his children, he was out with Queen Victoria, when someone attempted to shoot her. He jumped in front of the bullet, and it ended his life. Grateful, Queen Victoria took in his three daughters. Queen Victoria changed their surname to Saxe-Coburg, and treated them like her own children. Queen Victoria told them all about their father. The children were well looked after, and they got on well with Queen Victoria’s real children.

The girls liked to walk in the Palace Gardens. One day, when they were ten, they were attacked by a hellhound. A guard came, who happened to be a satyr, and fought the monster. A few more hellhounds came, and he killed them too. Two months later, another hellhound attack. Irene jumped in front of her sisters, and was killed. The satyr guard killed the hellhounds, and took Irene's body to the Queen, saying she had fallen from a balcony. They buried her, and continued life. Now 17, the two remaining girls were thinking about their future. Clara wanted to maybe become an Adventuress. Not Rosabell. She wanted to fall in love, start a family, all of that. One day, whilst walking in Windsor Castle, Clara saw a bunch of women and girls out of the window.

She decided to investigate. They were holding weapons, and seemed to be hunting. She ran out of the castle, making sure no one saw her, and followed them. The leader revealed herself to be Artemis, and told Clara she was a demigod, as was Rosabell. She invited her to join the Hunt, and Clara agreed. She convinced Rosabell to join. Rosabell agreed, not wanting to be alone, having already lost Irene.

Meanwhile, Irene was a ghost. She refused to pass on. Melinoe offered to speak to Hades and ask him to revive her. In return, she would work for Melinoe. When the time for the deal had come, Hades refused to give her her old body, without the scars and other gory stuff (she was ripped by the Hellhound). He was in a foul mood. Instead, he put her into the body of a newborn, struggling for its life. It died, but suddenly, it came to life. She would always be a child of Hera, not Mortals.

As she grew up, her family saw that she was ‘different’. She was attacked by monsters, all the things normal to a demigod. Aged 12, on a visit in America, she and her parents were in a park. She was struck by lightning, and almost killed. Soon, her memories flooded back. She insisted her mortal parents that she wasn’t their child, but Hera’s daughter. Rhonda and Daniel Perry tried everything to convince her otherwise, until a satyr explained everything. He took Irene to camp, who was angry at Hera for abandoning her, at Melinoe for using her for almost 100 years.

Clara and Rosabell had been traveling with the hunt for years. They were fairly loyal, until one day, when they were being attacked, Artemis and the rest of the Huntresses abandoned them. Clara and Rosabell was found by a girl with long brown hair. She recognised the two, and told them that it was Irene. She told them what had happened, and that she was at camp. They in turn told her everything. They started catching up, and Irene left camp to be with her sisters. All 19, one day they were attacked by six harpies. A BC member saw what was going on, and killed the harpies. He convinced them to join the BC, and they are now part of Civitas Popularis. Irene has taken her original name and getting rid of the name given to her by her parents (Which was Eliza Perry). The Saxe-Coburgs are now back together again.

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Clara S-C
General Personality

Clara is the shiest of the three triplets, and is socially awkward. She's intelligent, and is best in subjects like maths and science. She prefers to be on her own or with one of her sisters. Clara isn't so great at making friends but loves adventure.

General Information

Current Location: Camp
Pets: -
Likes: Trees, Adventures, The outdoors, Her sisters
Dislikes: -
Fears/Phobias: People in general
Hobbies: Climbing
Motto: -
Things She Won't Do: -
Person They Secretly Admire: Herself
Most Influenced By: Irene.
Moral Compass: -
Immediate Goals: -
Long Term Goals: -


Name Relation Feelings
Irene Sister Love her with all my heart
Rosabell Sister Love her lots
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