Air Arena

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  • The objects in the arena have been charmed to almost defy gravity, floating around, boulders, rocks, etc.
  • At the base level of this arena is just normal ground with vegetation/shrubs/grass and trees, as well as varying size terrain, ranging from a few feet tall, to much taller
  • Floating high above in the air is small islands, some with greenery and vines hanging down towards the ground, ranging in size and height from the ground, so that even if a person didn't have the power of flight, if they are an adept climber, everything is spaced out enough they could climb as high as possible, as well as utilise some of the smaller floating debris to aid in their climb. Some of the floating islands even have small waterfalls
  • Between the floating islands and the tall peeks and trees, there are plenty of shadows and places to hide
  • On two sides of the arena there are 2 automaton birds stationed, currently in "off" mode, they are roughly 6 feet tall.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.

Jae 3.jpg

[[|Jae]] -Child of Ariadne
-Shining Guide

 Age: 15  Height: 6'5  Weight: 135 pounds
 Sexuality: Bi Curious  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Korean Jikdo Sword
 – The worst labyrinth is your mind

she walks into the arena and frowns. "Can't believe this is happening." she mutters. Her armor is on, it's the light brown and lightweight kind, made of thick, fine, leather. Her curly hair is pulled back into a  low braid, away from her face. Her sword gleams at her belt in it's holder.  She is wearing a light pink long sleeved shirt under her breast plate with blue jeans and a pair of form fitting leather boots. Her hands have on light weight leather gloves. She waits for her opponent to arrive.

Red was the only one to post so she wins "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

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