Air Arena

Arenas aire2
  • The objects in the arena have been charmed to almost defy gravity, floating around, boulders, rocks, etc.
  • At the base level of this arena is just normal ground with vegetation/shrubs/grass and trees, as well as varying size terrain, ranging from a few feet tall, to much taller
  • Floating high above in the air is small islands, some with greenery and vines hanging down towards the ground, ranging in size and height from the ground, so that even if a person didn't have the power of flight, if they are an adept climber, everything is spaced out enough they could climb as high as possible, as well as utilise some of the smaller floating debris to aid in their climb. Some of the floating islands even have small waterfalls
  • Between the floating islands and the tall peeks and trees, there are plenty of shadows and places to hide
  • On two sides of the arena there are 2 automaton birds stationed, currently in "off" mode, they are roughly 6 feet tall.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.

Scott Macdiarmid

Scott -Demigod
-Savage Highlander
Age= 13     Height= 5'5     Weight= 107 lbs      
Sexuality= straight     Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= Scottish
God ParentHephaestus      Main Weapon= Celestial Bronze Claymore and Targe Shield

 – 01:46, April 30, 2013 (UTC)

Scott enters, wearing armor similar to that worn by medieval Scots warriors: a light set of chainmail, and a leather chest plate and gloves. This armor isn't extremely heavy, so Scott can still maneuver with fine speed, while still having a copious amount of protection. Scott is equipped with his Scottish-style claymore, along with his spiked targe shield. The claymore is quite large, so while its speed is slower than that of a common broadsword, it still can inflict quite a lot of damage onto enemies, and the targe's spikes can have the shield be used as an offensive weapon as well as a defensive tool. Scott looks up to the skies, and remarks one of his ancestors "Robert the Bruce... I'd like to honor this battle to you, for claiming control and fighting for Scotland." Scott prepares for his opponent to arrive, his armor adjusted, sword ready, and targe firmly strapped onto his left forearm.


[[|Adam]] -Child of Apollo
-The Shining Rockstar

  Height: 5'10 
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Bow/Arrow and a Knight Sword
 – 02:00, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

*He enters the arena, his torso covered in chainmail, over his yellow T-shirt. In his black jeans pocket is his guitar pick. That can turn into either a bow or his broadsword, strapped to his left thigh are a case full of ninja stars. On his back, is a quiver full of arrows. His leather boots have spikes on the tip.


Adam: He explores the arena a bit, before seeing Scott and one of the many floating islands on his left. Vines hung down from it, allowing Adam to climb up to the island. Which he does, upon reaching the island Adam is in a good shooting range of his opponent, pulling out two arrows from his quiver, as he commands his guitar pick to turn into it's bow form. Adam notches and fires the two arrows, aiming towards Scott. Adam hopes to surprise Scott and injure his legs, which would make it harder for him to move across the whole arena.

Scott: he notices his opponent attempting to take him down "I don't bloody think so, hotshot." Scott quickly creates a large smokescreen that is dense, keeping him hidden and hopefully obscuring Adam's view. Suddenly, 2 flares of light emerge from the smoke: fireballs. Scott had thrown two fireballs, each about the size of a golf ball directly at Adam. While small, they travel very swiftly at Adam, hopefully so that they will obscure his aim, burn some of his arrows, or even hit his armor and steam cook Adam like a lobster in a fancy kitchen.

Adam: *He jumps to his left, the fireballs flying past him harmlessly. A strong breeze passes by, clearing up some of the smokescreen, just enough for him to see Scott. He fires another carefully aimed arrow towards Scott's cheek, not interested in close combat. He then advances towards the vines he climbed, commanding his bow to take it's sword form. Adam uses it to cut the vines, not wanting Scott to be able to climb up and reach him*

Scott: Scott makes a burst of smoke, but the arrow was shot only a split second before. Scott, concealed in the smoke, not being able to lift his targe fast enough, blocks the arrow with his shoulder pad. Scott isn't hurt, but the armor on his left shoulder is now a little more weak and exposed. Scott, not being able to reach Adam as easily as he'd like to, decides to try a dirty move: the smokescreen he made before the arrow hit him is still lasting for a few more seconds, and he quickly makes a tiny cut on his hand to release some blood. He then begins splattering the blood on his face, making it look like the arrow actually did hit him in the cheek. Scott then lies down and plays dead, making it appear realistically that he died or was knocked out from the arrow shot. When the smoke screen clears away, Scott is completely motionless and he silently breaths, so he would look blacked out completely to anyone with clear eyes.

Adam: *He looks over the edge, looking at Scott. Seeming sorry for the kid he thinks his dead, but he's open to the possibility that it's a trick, so he walks over to a short tree next to him. He uses his sword to cut through it by the front base,taking a few minutes to hack through it.He's able to do since the sword is only half Celestial Bronze, the other half being regular steel. The tree was only 2 feet thick but 10 feet tall. It falls off the island and towards Scott*

Scott: Now that the moment is right, Scott quickly moves away from the tree toppling towards him. Knowing that he can't let Adam react by charging at him, Scott does a modified version of an old Viking war technique, the shield throw. He lights his targe shield on fire, and quickly throws it like a giant wooden-steel frisbee towards Adam. His throw is not only accurate, but thanks to the winds in the arena, his shield stays gliding through the air with very swift momentum and speed velocity. The shield's fire is blazing hotter and brighter, and the shield's course is angeled just right to hit Adam head-on. Waiting for the attack to react, Scott also gets up on his feet and is prepared for whatever may come next, while mockingly yelling at Adam "Present from Scotland, wanker who's afraid to use a sword!"

Adam: *The flaming shield strikes Adam in the chest, knocking him down on the ground and leaving a burn mark on his chainmail, Adam moans in pain as he gets up and kicks dirt on the shield, putting out the flames on it. He considers using it for himself, but decides it's too damaged so he kicks it into the pool of a nearby waterfall. Where it sinks to the bottom, Adam did this to make sure Scott can never reclaim it. He turns around as he pulls out another two arrows, as his sword forms into a bow and he notches the arrows, firing towards Scott's chainmail, hoping to damage it. Adam then turns around and sees another tree, 10 feet tall and 2 feet thick. Just like the last tree, he cuts the side of it after his bow reverts to it's sword form, but only 3/4 way through.

Scott: Scott dodges one of the arrows with ease, but another one unluckly hits his leather chest plate, piercing through his armor and scratching his chest under his leather and chain. Scott pulls the arrow out with minor pain, but the arrow itself substantially weakens the armor covering Scott's upper chest. Scott looks to see what his enemy is up to. Realizing what Adam is planning with the tree, Scott also has a plan of his own. He throws fire, but not in the form of an offensive fireball, rather, Scott has thrown his fire so that it morphs into the form of a disc. The disc of fire was not created for Adam either; Scott's target is the tree. The disc of fire is unstable, but luckly is able to keep its form for the whole glide. When it hits the tree, the embers strike right at the 1/4th of wood Adam didn't cut like a blazing circular buzz saw created of flames, unlike a fireball, which would've probably just burned the entire tree. The tree's supporting bark is burned, and the tree falls. Unfortunately, Scott's full plan to squash Adam isn't successful; the tree instead falls back and over the island, now no longer a use to either fighter. Scott decides he cant let himself get attacked with arrows again, so he runs in the opposite direction of Adam's location over towards a large boulder, and takes cover behind it. Scott is safe behind the rock, so he readies his sword, expecting a possible melee fight with his foe.

Adam: *He smirks a bit as saw Scott move behind the rock, Adam considers jumping down and fighting him close range. But he figured that's exactly what his opponent wants and decides he must keep the battle long range, so he sees a floating boulder off the edge. He jumps off the island and onto it. He struggles to maintain balance for a moment, but he manages to do so. Adam then sees a large number of the floating boulders across the arena and some right above Scott. So Adam jumps and hops onto a few of the boulders, until he lands on one 15 feet over Scott. Adam smirks as he commands his bow to switch to his bow form, notching two arrows and firing them down at Scott. He then fires another two more succession.

Scott: One arrow misses Scott, but another hit him in the shoulder. Scott feels pain and looks up to see his opponent. Scott yanks out the arrow with slight difficulty, but cauterizes the wound shut with heat summoned from his hands. Tired of Adam sticking to ranged combat, Scott isn't going to be a target any longer. He summons yet another smokescreen, however, unlike his other smokescreens which were used for stealth and confusion, this one is completely for attacking Adam; Scott summons the smoke to be extremely dense, drowning out oxygen and infecting the air like a plague. He launches his cloud of smoke straight up at Adam, so it will hopefully suffocate Adam, and force him to fall off his platform, and finally force him to face Scott face-to-face. While Scott let's his smokescreen do the dirty work, Scott hurries to the other side of the boulder, where there are luckly no rocks hovering above him, so he won't be able to get shot by Adam from the floating rocks again if his smokescreen somehow fails. Scott has grown very tired from the fight, and takes a moment to rest and regain his stamina.

Adam: *He coughs heavily as the smokescreen reaches him, causing Adam to have a hard time breathing. He considers jumping off, but he thinks the fall could be dangerous. He conjures a small source of light, so he can see through the smoke and see another boulder two feet from the one he's currently on. He jumps on that one and then another 3 feet below that one, he coughs some more as he's away from the smokescreen that starts to fade in the breeze. Adam sighs as he jumps down on another boulder 5 feet below him, before jumping down on the ground, barely able to keep his balance. He dashes around Scott's boulder, hoping he's behind it or still nearby. He's 8 feet away from him as he sings a very high-pitched song in Scott's direction when he sees him, hoping to distract him as he notches and fires two arrows towards his back, not quite aware that he's running low on arrows.

Scott: Scott was luckly abe to regenerate most of his energy, but he doesn't feel like running around. When he hears the high-pitched note, it hurts Scott's ears, but it notifies him of Adam. When the arrows are shot, Scott's reflexes make him summon a small burst of fire to burn the arrows to ashes mid-air. Scott quickly charges at Adam, and summons a fireball in his left hand. Scott raises the fire, charging it up for a powerful ball of flames-- until he's only about 2 feet from Adam, in which Scott discards the fire, and makes a right-to-left cleave with his claymore sword. As Scott swings his sword, he injects a bit of heat from his hands into the blade, making it so when it hits Adam or another target, it will cause some rather serious burning to whatver he hits.

Adam: He conjures a cloak of light to protect himself, guarding against the claymore. But the winds begin to blow heavily in the arena, Adam commanded his bow to transform into it's sword form, as the cloak subsides. He hacks towards Scott's sword arm, hoping to cut through his leather gloves as he does so.

Scott: The sword does not fully cut through Scott's glove, aside from it making a scratch. Scott replies to this attack with a kick. However, it is no normal kick. Being able to summon fire from almost anywhere from his body, Scott commands himself to light his left foot on fire. While it burns, Scott does a left-side lead kick at Adam's chest, with his foot ignited and blazing like a torch. He hopes to cause Adam some severe after-burns, knock Adam back, or even achieve both of those at the same time. During this, Scott also grabs onto his claymore's hilt with both hands, increasing his weapon's stregnth for his next possible attack.

Adam: *He jumps back, narrowly avoiding the kick. But the winds help blow out some of the flames, something Adam is grateful for. He considers using a light beam, but remembers Scott would have a resistance to burns. Clearly being a child of Hephaestus or Phlegethon, he swings his broadsword at Scott's ankle hoping to make it harder for him to walk.

Scott: The buff of Scott's chainmail armor covering his legs defends from his ankle beng injured, however, the swipe from Adam's broadsword made Scott lose his balance. Scott, deciding to use this loss of footing as a combat advantage, launches himself at Adam. Scott also ignites parts of his own body on fire, practically making him a human meteor. Due to the weight of his armor and blazing flames, Scott will hopefully topple and burn Adam, or even land on top of him, keeping cooking his opponent like fast food on a grill. On the negative side of this attack, Scott loses the grip on his claymore, which skids about 2 feet away from the fighters. Until Scott can regain his sword, he will have to fight with hand-to-hand combat and powers.

Adam: *Adam was shocked as he had no idea that Hephaestus kids could manipulate fire to that magnitude,the winds are still blowing, putting out some of Scott's flames as Adam is tackled by him. He falls on the ground and moans in pain as some flames jumped on his body, he quickly rolls on the ground. Putting them out, but some first-degree burns remain on his body. Adam jumps up as he sends a wave of infection towards Scott, which would give him a very bad case of hives. They would create red bumps on his skin, they would be very itchy and have a burning sensation. Even though Scott would have a very hard time to scratch the hives since his body is covered in chainmail, Adam swings his broadsword towards Scott's chest. The wave of infection drains a good amount of Adam's energy, causing him to breathe heavily.*

Scott: The hives irritate Scott to quite a bad extent that he didn't even attempt to defend himself against the broadsword. It strikes through his leather plate, leaving the weakened chainmail, and a small hole that caused a hard wound on Scott. Scott decides to save his energy and not to instantly fight back, even if this is a good time to attack his opponent; instead, he makes for his claymore. When Scott picks up his blade, he realizes running back and trying to slice Adam or using powers would be a waste of time and stamina. Instead, Scott makes a dangerous move. It's hard, it's risky, and it's one of the most dangerous tactics invented by those trained in the art of war: Scott throws his sword. The claymore's weight makes it hard to throw it far, but luckly that isn't nessecary as Scott's enemy is only a few feet away. The claymore rotates clockwise, spinning in the air, flying towards Adam. Where and if it will hit Adam is hard to tell, but if not as a strike, the claymore could serve as a distraction.

Adam: *He fails to dodge in time, the sword hits his stomach swiftly. The attack broke a few of his ribs and knocked him on the ground, but could've been far worse, since his chainmail and the fact that the sword was spinning saved him from being impaled. He decides since the battle is nearly over, it's safe to use most of his remaining energy to sit up and send a wave of disease towards Scott. To go along with the hives, Adam hopes to give Scott flu-symptoms, nausea, vomiting, sore-throat and congestion. Most of his energy leaves him as he nearly collapses, Adam commands his sword to switch to it's bow form one last time. As he notches two of his remaining arrows and fires them at Scott's chest, he then pulls out and notches his last two arrows from his quiver. Firing them at Scott's chest as well. Adam then falls on the ground, his eyes closed and barely conscious.*

Scott: Scott is overtaken by the sicknesses, and the arrows damage him severely. Scott is luckly able to hold back from the vomitting, but the others illnesses make him too weak to move around. He can only lay back, thinking of what will happen. Is this the end? Scott is unsure. He thinks of his friends. He wishes they were here. His friend Ryuu Takao could just destroy Adam with his samurai-tactics, or his other friend, Joseph, could heal and cure Scott. But no; Scott was alone in this battle. All hope seems lost until he sees it: the automaton bird on a nearby spire. Scott can tell it's not just a statue, for he can sense all of the gears and oil churning inside of its bronze body. Scott concentrates on those mechanical pieces. He imagines the rotors turning, the cogs revolving, the oil powering through the bird's metal veins like blood. Suddenly, the automaton bird Scott was concentrating on roars to life. Scott, while he may be physically injured, is not mentally injured. The nausea makes it hard to concentrate, so sadly Scott is not able to make the bird do specific fighting moves, however, he can still launch it. Scott does all he can do with the bird: use it like that of a Japanese kamikaze pilot. Scott uses his mind to make the bird glide rapidly towards Adam with extreme momentum and velocity. When the bird finally lands near Adam, it explodes into hellfire. Bolts fly, gears soar, oil rains from the sky like black tears dripping from the face of Zeus all the way from Olympus. With Scott using his mind, he can only sit and wait, and pray to the gods his plan had worked.


Judge Adam/Hydro Scott/Craft Points Possible
  • Grammar/Spelling -2
  • Defensive -6
  • Offensive -7
  • Fairness -18
  • Balance -7
  • Strategy -4
  • Creativity -12
  • Effective Char Use -16
  • Judge's Discretion -3
  • Grammar/Spelling -4
  • Defensive -6
  • Offensive -6
  • Fairness -14
  • Balance -9
  • Strategy -2
  • Creativity -13
  • Effective Char Use -14
  • Judge's Discretion -3
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 5
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 75 71 100
  • Grammar/Spelling - 3
  • Defensive - 6
  • Offensive - 7
  • Fairness - 16
  • Balance - 6
  • Strategy - 4
  • Creativity - 13
  • Effective Char Use - 15
  • Judge's Discretion - 3
  • Grammar/Spelling - 4
  • Defensive - 6
  • Offensive - 6
  • Fairness - 14
  • Balance - 6
  • Strategy - 3
  • Creativity - 11
  • Effective Char Use - 14
  • Judge's Discretion - 3
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 73 67 100
Total 148 141 200
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