Urban Arena

Urban arena
  • This arena is essentially a small abandoned city, overgrown with vegetation and some of the buildings crumbling in decay.
  • Located in the middle of the arena is a small abandoned park, with a pond
  • This arena has all the typical things you'd find in an abandoned overgrown city, everything from flat surfaces to small buildings to tall skyscrapers, some crumbling, some still standing, lots of dark places to hide, including an underground subway tunnel. There are abandoned cars, and things can still be found within the buildings, perhaps even a few stray cats or dogs, or some smaller creatures such as rats and spiders.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • This arena also possesses a more rural arena, possessing large mansions, estates and houses.


Lexi Mansin ~ Daughter of Aphrodite
Lexi WB!3
She skips into the arena smiling, due to her past win. Her grey eyes are sparkling in the light and it makes it look like her irises are dancing. She is wearing a chainmail breastplate, yoga pants, and hunting boots. Underneath her breastplate is an Adidas tank top. Her bow and quiver (that is magically filled with arrows every time it is released from it's mist form) are both in marble form, the marbles are in her pocket. An array of daggers is situated along her belt, each dagger with a different colour and design. She looks around her and sees multiple crumbling buildings, very few are not in a pile of rubble and debris, and most look like they could fall at any moment. She spots the park next to a pile of rubble and debris, the park has multiple benches and picnic benches spread out on the lush green grass. To her left is a fountain, with two swan statues placed to form a heart, with the water shouting from the statues' beaks. To her right is a lush garden, she uses a dagger to slash some of a bush, and beyond that is yet another bush, leading her to think it is a maze. She decides to sit on the fountain's rim, as she awaits her opponent.
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[[|Ana]] [[|-Child of ]]

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She strides into the arena, a confident, yet grim, grin is situated on her face. She, being slightly cautious of her new opponent, is wearing arm and shin guards, but, refuses to wear any more protection than that. For a top, she is wearing a plain black t-shirt, and, she is wearing black leggings to match, with a grey belt attached to it, for multiple purposes of course. Her hair is in a tight ponytail, to keep her hair out of her face. For shoes, she chooses ballet flats to keep her as agile as a snake, but, so she could abandon them quickly if necessary. On her back are two sickles, ready to be brought into battle at a moment's notice, attached to her belt is a small sheath, where a dagger is perched precariously in it. As she walks in, before noticing her opponent, she takes a look around. She notices some small snakes and mice living in the overgrown vegetation all around. She slightly smiles at them, feeling not so alone anymore. Off to the edge of her vision, she notices 2 abandoned cars, crashed, with the oil still, even now, slowly leaking out of them. A little ways away, off to the other side of her vision, she notices the entrance to the abandoned subway tunnel, and, she starts to make a mental note of where everything is, in case they become of need. Finally, she notices Lexi, and, smiles slightly at her. She calls out to her, her voice was soft, yet, could be heard clearly from a distance. "Hey, you. You're my opponent, right?"


  • Lexi: She stands up and curtsies, looking at Ana "Why yes, yes I am." She forces a smile and after sizing Ana up, takes off towards a half destroyed building. The top of the building has a giant hole in the roof, as she approaches the stairs, she notices that most of the steps are broken or about to break. She walks up the stairs with caution, trying not to break the steps, as she reaches the next floor, she notices one of those half wall/shelf things (commonly used in kitchens and stuff) she runs behind the half wall/shelf and hides behind it.

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