Daenerys is very happy go lucky, she loves to be outside and hang out. Since her time encapsulated in the clouds, she finds the new world fascinating and entertaining.


Daenerys was created shortly after the fall the Titans. She was created by Zues as a gift to a young king whom assisted in hiding Zues's affairs from Hera by complimenting, and adoring her to cause a distraction. Daenerys was happy living with her husband and had many children by him, but as time passed her husband aged as did her children, while she remained eternally young and beautiful. Daenerys grew depressed with the passing of her love and eventually her children. During this depression Daenerys retreated into the clouds from which she was created. From this seclusion Daenerys observed the world's passing, watching everything that has changed, and learning from her observations. Finally after a few millennia the pain of losing her loved ones has dulled and happiness began to shine into Daenerys. But in the latest centuries so much had changed Daenerys knew she would not be able adapt easily due to her time in seclusion. So upon her return to the world Daenyers chose to come to Camp Half-Blood in order to slowly associate himself with the modern world.



As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys can cause small clouds to become extremely dense which forces them to fall from the sky, the larger the cloud the more energy is used

As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys is able to create small solid clouds and use them as a projectile weapon


As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys can create and solidify a wall of clouds, can only block one attack

As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys can temporarily cause her body to become intangible, but the longer she stays intangible the more energy she use


As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys can create a small cloud, solidify it, and uses it for transportation

As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys can change aspects of her appearance to become a vague image of something else


As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys is able to observe the world from a bird's eye view by looking into a pool of water

As a Cloud Nymph, Daenerys is able to levitate and float near endlessly


Name Relation Feelings
Zeus Creator He gave me life there is nothing I wouldn't do for him
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