I love music like my mother. my father, a music producer, is always looking for improvement. I love to read, write, sing, play my guitar, look at the stars, and be around animals.


Mark met Harmonia at a concert in LA. Mark was listening to the music to see if he liked it and wanted to produce it, when Harmonia, attracted to the sound of the music, spilled hot cheese on him. "she was like music to my eyes," As Mark described her. They looked into each other's eyes and fell in love. after the concert, Mark took Harmonia on a date. they had loads of fun eating churros by the ocean, riding on the ferris wheel, getting their pictures taken in a photo booth, playing laser tag, and watching the stars. they didn't talk to each other for a long time after that, but when they got re-acuainted, they were unseperatable. Harmonia went to work with Mark, and everyone loved her. Everyone said that Harmonia made Mark act like a child. But she never distracted Mark from his work. he got it all finished early to spend time with Harmonia. When Mark introduced her to his parents, Marks dad said, "Harmonia like the Greek goddess?" and she replied, "Yep, just like that." After monthes of discussing children and marriage, Mark proposed to Harmonia, who was then pregnant. Harmonia told him that she WAS the ledgendary Harmonia, and apoligised. so after I was born, she left. Mark, left in shock, took time off his job and went to live in South Dakota. He forgot all about me, living with his parents, until monthes later. he returned to LA to pick up his 5 month old daughter. His parents had named me Dakota, because they thought that their son would never return from South Dakota to retreive his me. Mark took me and we moved to San Antonio, Texas. He raised me there, with the fear of the possibility of someday loosing me. Mark moved his business to Texas and continued his billion dollar progect.

I grew up rich and content. I lived in a big house with a big farm and lots of animals. My bedroom was on the top floor of the house and heavily guarded. I never found out why until the monsters started attacking. eight year old me loved to sing and dance and play instroments. I knew how to play many things, including guitar, violin, piano, trumpet, drums, saxiphone, base, and many more. she recorded her first song at the age or nine, and continued recording as I grew older. I recorded full albums and became quite popular within the state. I loved my childhood, and by age 13, I learned to love life itself. At school, I always noticed a tall burly boy spying on me, I approached him and we became friends. his name was Clint.(little did I know that Clint was a satyr.) A small health incedent at the age of 15 was a minor setback in my career. my father began to fear that the time to leave for camp was approaching. He was right. shortly after my hospital release, an empusa attacked me. Clint jumped right in and killed it. Clint called Mark and told him that it was time. My dad wanted to see me one last time before my departure, so he hurried home. apon doing so, larger monsters were approaching. a gorgon and a minotaur arriving just as we left. we drove safely to Camp Half Blood, but we saw several monsters attempt to attack as we drove


Before we left, my dad gave me a bow and quivers from my mother. and a vile of powder on a necklace. I don't know what the powder does..

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Name Relation Feelings
Mark Reed Father Misses him
Clint Dupo Escort to CHB and friend good friend
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