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Age: 17.

God Parent: Eros.

Mortal Parent: Lucina (Lucy) Lensure.


Green Eyed Boy

Personality: Shy, Outgoing (circumstantial), polite, loyal, friendly, confident (circumstantial), self-conscious, Cocky (circumstantial), understanding, nonsensical, eccentric (circumstantial), free spirited, romantic.

History: Lucina Lensure had been at her (late, as of now) sister's wedding, and had met a man there who claimed to be related to the groom, but kept avoiding the specifics of exactly HOW he was related. Nevertheless, she became smitten with him in a single day, and they began to see each other frequently. Eventually, the man told Lucina of his true identity, the god of love, Eros, and on the same night, Daniel was conceived. Shortly after, Eros left Lucina, but not without giving two parting gifts: A ring with a red gem in it, and a bow and quiver. He told her that one day, the child would need to defend himself, and he would need a weapon. Then, Eros disappeared, saying that he would return one day.

Daniel was raised for the majority of his life with only his mother, never having a true father figure at any point. This was due in part to the fact that his mother refused to marry anyone after his father, never able to move on from him, and always waiting for the day that he came back. Daniel lived a generally sheltered life in a safe neighborhood and with no economic struggles, and as a result, he never developed a sense of danger, usually wandering into situations that most people would realize were dangerous while he simply didn't notice. Because of this, he relied heavily on staying close to his friends in his early years, often mimicking what other people did rather than discover how to do things for himself. As

he began to grow, however, that led to his entire personality being a mixture of personalities from people that he had seen either in real life or on television, and he became incredibly impressionable until he reached middle school. For example, due to talking on the internet with British friends and watching British shows, Daniel began speaking in a "pseudo British" accent, often stressing his "a"s at odd points while the rest of his accent stayed Northern American, always saying "mum" instead of "mom", and saying "Oy" as either a greeting or a means to say "get over here".

While he was still in elementary school, however, he developed a fondness for archery, often shooting suction cup arrows around his room when he got bored. Other than that, he would only ever show any interest in doing something when with a friend, and he would almost always do what his friends suggested rather than do what he personally wanted. When he reached middle school, however, he became much more independent, hanging out with friends less and spending time alone more. When he became self-aware of how impressionable he was, he began using "placebos" on himself, convincing himself that wearing certain things would make him act differently.

For example, during his middle school years, he began wearing a coat, believing that it made him less shy and much more open and confident, despite that being entirely in his head. He also began believing that wearing a necklace increased his luck, and that wearing exactly three would give him great luck, which eventually made him more confident and likely to achieve any goal that he set his mind to, but inadvertently causing him to psyche himself out if any of the necklaces were removed, making his preformances poorer. He also wore a ring on his middle finger so that he could "aim better", and he believed that 13 was his lucky number.

At some point in his life, and he never realized when, he began swooning over every boy that he met, almost always developing a crush on whoever happened to be with him at the time. However, he never acted on his impulses, always too shy to say anything, and if he had his coat on, believing that his life would be cooler if he stayed single. This, along with being gay in the first place, ultimately led to him staying alive. During his first year of middle school, soon after he turned thirteen, a girl attempted to flirt with him specifically, ignoring anyone else in the area. He was wearing his coat at the time, so he tried to be cocky and brush the girl off, trying to show that he was uninterested, but she continued, trying to lure him to an enclosed area with nobody else around.

He had begun to give in to her when a completely random boy walked past his field of vision in the distance, and his eyes immediately homed in on the boy as his heart fluttered at the sight of his new crush. When he looked back, he realized that the girl had become part bird and immediately ran, having never seen anything like that before. He was chased for a good distance, out the school, across the town, and almost to his home, with Daniel hurling anything that was not firmly nailed into place at the creature.

When it became apparent that he was not going to outrun it with his knowledge of the town's geography alone, Daniel thought on his feet and grabbed a bucket from one of the neighbors lawns, then engaged the harpy. As the creature dived to attack him, he sidestepped, slapped the bucket on its head, hit the bucket repeatedly for good measure, and then went back to running, leaving an incredibly dazed and headache-induced harpy behind him.

When he managed to get home, he told his mother, who acted much less confused than Daniel had expected. She told him about his familial heritage, and they moved places to the other side of the country. During this time, Daniel was given his father's gift. The bow was normal, but the quiver held as many celestial bronze arrows as Daniel wanted, never running out. When Daniel went anywhere, he had to carry the weapons with him, hidden inside of a tennis bag.

He stayed alert throughout the majority of his next year, becoming paranoid about anything that seemed even slightly suspicious or out of place. This reached a peak when, on the way home from school, the same harpy from his first encounter appeared, clearly remembering him. He tried to reason with it for a few minutes, but only got the impression that it wanted to kill him and nothing more. Realizing this, Daniel darted away, opting to run instead of stay and fight. This time, however, the harpy was prepared, and was not going to be foiled by cleaning products for a second time.

It chased him into a field and swiped at his back, leaving claw marks and tearing both his shirt and his jacket. Realizing that his jacket was torn and basically ruined, Daniel swung his tennis bag at the harpy, smacking it to the ground. He then pulled out his bow and quiver as the harpy took its few seconds to recover. Daniel gave the harpy a chance to stop, to go away and stop attacking him, but it simply responded by swiping at him once more, alarming him and causing him to accidentally fire his bow, sticking it in the harpy's wing. With it unable to properly fly, Daniel ran away once more, this time completely capable of getting away.

On his fifteenth birthday, having hoped that the days of monsters were behind him, Daniel had a party with his friends at a local pavilion. At that party, the lone harpy had returned for a third time. When he saw her, Daniel ran from the party, with the harpy giving chase yet again. When he was far enough away from everyone else, he stopped, turned and pulled out his bow, along with a single arrow, yet he did not intend to use it. It was not until a boy from the party had followed them to find out what was wrong with Daniel that the decisive moment was made.

When Daniel saw the boy, he did what he always did: he lost focus on what he was doing and developed a sixty second crush. The harpy looked at the other boy for a moment and then turned back to Daniel. Realizing that he was distracted, the harpy ran at Daniel in an attempt to claw at him while he was smitten by a boy. At that moment, Daniel turned his attention back onto the harpy, narrowed his eyes, and let his body do the work for him, aiming and hitting the harpy seconds before it killed him, and watching it explode into dust.

Daniel went to the boy to explain, but the boy, clearly frightened by what he thought was Daniel murdering a teenage girl, ran off screaming. Daniel ran to his mother, and they fled the area immediately. Lucina prayed to Eros for help, and her ring suddenly glowed, the light from it pointing in a specific direction. Taking this as a sign from Eros, Lucina and Daniel followed the light, laying low from the authorities and spending two years traveling from one part of the country to the other, avoiding any large form of transportation, and staying at certain places for extended periods of time until they had to move on.

During one stop, at a hotel, when he was sixteen, Daniel was being followed by the neighbor's dog. the dog acted increasingly aggressive, until it eventually transformed into a hellhound in from of Daniel. Daniel ran through the hallways and down the stairs, closing and locking every door that he could, until he got to his mother and they left.

Following Eros' light, they made it to camp half-blood a few months after Daniel became seventeen years old.. Lucina told Daniel to go on without her after she realized that she could not go past a certain point, and that she wanted him to stay safe. She said that the monsters wouldn't attack her as long as he wasn't with her, and that she would be safe at one of her relative's house. With heartfelt goodbyes, Daniel bid farewell to his mother and journeyed into camp half-blood.

Weapons: A bow with a quiver of exactly 13 celestial bronze arrows, unless otherwise specified. Kyo13 (talk) 18:46, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

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