Dimitri is quiet, cold and mysterious. If he doesn't like you, he drops hints and acts rather bitchy towards you. If he likes you, he shows it by being more outgoing and fun. He detests weak people and cowards. He detests slutty girls, as well. Dimitri is usually found practicing his powers or his use of weapons. He likes confronting campers, too. When he sees a girl who looks like any of the gang members and/or acts like them, he acts colder, as he's remembered of the bastard traitor, Ashton, and the paranoid Gods.


Dimitri's history began with his mother, Dana Henderson, Daughter of Aphrodite. Dana Henderson was in a Halloween Party, when she saw Hades and Thanatos. They both caught her eye, just like she caught theirs. As Dana was a bit... slutty, she slept with both men different nights, knowing they were Gods. The morning after she slept with Thanatos, she woke up with a huge headache. Looking next to her, she saw a note with a watch and a small bostaff. The note was of Thanatos. It said that he knew they didn't use protection, so he left a watch and a small bostaff for the child that was developing inside her if it was his child. It also said that the bostaff would grow for it to fit the child perfectly and to give it to him once he turned 12. Dana was sure she wasn't pregnant, so she ignored it. Three weeks later, she found out she was indeed pregnant, due to morning sickness.

She didn't want the child, so she decided to give the child up for foster care as soon as it was born. Nine months later, baby Dimitri Henderson was born. She didn't even look at him. She simply named him Dimitri and told the nurse she wanted to give him up and handed her the small bostaff and watch with a note that said to hand it to him once he turned 12 in a small bag. The nurse looked at her weirdly, but quickly called and handed him to Child Services. He was taken to an a foster house, where he lived for the following six years. Those six years were sad years for Dimitri. He grew up unloved and bullied by other foster children, as well as the orphanage workers. A few weeks after Dimitri turned six, he was adopted by a 18 year old married couple, who's names were Liam and Sophia Crawford. They're house was checked, as well as they're backgrounds and everything was clear, so they were allowed to adopt Dimitri. His last name was changed to Crawford and helped him fit in the family.

He met his new adoptive uncle and aunt a few weeks later. They were: Ashton and Kendria. They were clear sighed mortals, while Sophia was a Daughter of Aphrodite and Liam was a Son of Demeter. They were all part of a gang, but nobody besides them knew. Not even Dimitri. They were all demigods. They suspected Dimitri was a demigod, as Aphrodite had told them there was a demigod that would have a horrible future if they didn't take matters to their hands. Aphrodite had also given them a brief description of him. After Aphrodite contacted one of them, confirming they're suspicions, they wanted to adopt into the family. Anyways, that's where Dimitri grew up for the next six years, learning non-stop for a reason that was unknown to him. They home-schooled him and made sure he exceled in Greek Mythology. They also taught him how to use Weapons after he turned 9. To summarize it, After he left the orphanage, Dimitri had a good life.

He was taught how to speak Ancient Greek, as well. They were wary when they took him out to have fun like regular children, though. They knew that with 2 demigods and Dimitri, they'd attract many monsters. They tried getting Dimitri everything he wanted, without turning him into a brat, but Dimitri never actually asked for anything. As he grew up, though, he was a curious child. He was always asking questions. Liam and Sophia enjoyed watching him grow up, but they knew that sadly sooner or later, he'd be all grown up, so they spoiled him rotten. Dimitri never threw tantrums, neither.

Once Dimitri turned 12, it all began going downhill. Sophia and Liam told him about his heritage and how the Greek Mythology was real. They also gave him the watch and now medium sized bostaff. Dimitri was shocked and went into denial, until they gave him the watch and bostaff. They also taught him how the weapons was activated. Dimitri was still in denial, so they all showed him part of their powers. He then reluctantly accepted it, but began hating his father more for not talking to him at least once. Anyways, The training got worse for him, except this time, he was using Celestial Bronze weapons.

Two days later, he encountered a harpy on his way home from the supermarket. He wisely tried avoiding it, but didn't succeed. Luckily, he was far away from the harpy to have an advantage and run. When the harpy caught up, he lured it to an area with less mortals around and switched to his sword. The harpy lunged, but he swung his sword across it's wings, injuring it. He then swung it again across the harpy's legs and it's stomach.

One week later, Dimitri encountered a hellhound in his backyard, while he practiced with his sword. He immediately slapped his watch, and his shield appeared. The hellhound lunged, but he dodged every attack he could. He did get injured, but it wasn't that bad. He then swung the sword across the hellhound's body, turning it into dust.

Weeks later, while he was home alone, he was attacked by a fire-breathing horse. Luckily, he already knew how to use his weapons, so he slapped the middle of his watch and clicked the bottom on the bostaff, turning it into a sword. He used his shield to shield himself from the fire and the sword to kill. He dodged every time the horse lunged, and when he had an open chance, he took it and swung it across his legs, injuring it. He then swung it across it's body, turning it into dust. When his parents came back, they panicked as they saw Dimitri covered in monster dust. Dimitri explained what happened, so the gang agreed that he would always be with an experienced gang member.

When Dimitri turned 13, he was attacked by two dracaenae, while he was with Ashton and Liam. Ashton and Liam managed to kill one, but were a bit injured. Wanting to prove himself, Dimitri turned his bostaff into a sword and made his shield appear. He dodged every attack and lunged every time he had a chance. One time, he swung the sword across it's body, turning it to dust.

Months after Dimitri turned 14, he was attacked by a Giant Scorpion in the woods nearby his house. He immediately switched to sword and slapped his watch, shield appearing. When the scorpion went to attack him, Dimitri swiftly dodged. He then used his sword to stab him in multiple places, which almost turned him into a Dimitri Corpse. He then backed away and used his shield to protect himself every time the scorpion lunged. When he had access to the scorpion's underside, he immediately stabbed it multiple times with the sword. When he came back to his house, he saw the bodies of the gang members- his family, covered in blood. The only ones that wasn't there, was Ashton. Next to his mother's body. Walking over, he read it. It said: "This is what happens when you trust someone who you know NOTHING about. You were too much of a problem for my gang, so my solution? Murder you." -Ash. This note enraged Dimitri, his hate towards the arrogant and paranoid Gods grew, for not watching over their children. He also began thinking that mortals were traitorous weaklings, who just wanted more power.

Dimitri packed a bag with clothes, money, two hunting knives and food and ran away. He lived in the woods for a year, and when he turned 15, he got attacked by a hellhound. He switched to his sword and slapped his watch, shield appearing. The hellhound lunged, but he blocked with a shield. He lunged with his sword, and slashed against it's body several times, turning it into dust. He later found out he was broke with no more money, so he hunted for food and cleaned his clothes in a nearby river.

For the rest of the year, Dimitri continued training, hunting for food and working out with what he could in the forest. Six Months after Dimitri turned 16, he was attacked by another fire-breathing horse. Following the same routine for killing monsters, he used his shield to dodge, and the sword to lunge. He swiped the horse's legs, turning it into dust. Dimitri continued training and working out, getting stronger. During that year, he also found out who his Godly Parent was. To his luck, it was his favorite God. Well, not his favorite, as he hated all gods, but the more passable one. It was Thanatos. He found out because when he woke up one morning, he saw a young Girl near him. Gripping his bostaff tightly, he growled: "Who are you?" The young girl, a bit scared, replied quickly. "Amelia, Daughter of Thanatos. Father contacted me through a dream to find you and lead you to camp. You're a Son of Thanatos." She explained. "I'm not going to a Camp full of weak annoying brats." He snapped. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Either you come willingly, or I'll use force." She growled. Unfazed, Dimitri slapped his watch, shield appearing, and switched to a sword. He got in a fighting stance, as did she. A full blown fight happened, but in the end, Amelia won. She did know how to control her powers, though. Dimitri was walking with Amelia to camp, when an idea popped into his head. One night, he unexpectedly slapped his watch and before Amelia could do anything, he knocked her out by hitting her in the head with his shield.

Six months later, 17 1/2-year-old Dimitri was attacked by a wild harpy. Sighing, he switched to a sword and slapped his shield, making the shield appear. He followed the same routine, dodging every attack, but this time, he used his sword to badly injure the harpy's wings. After the wings were badly injured, he continued dodging every attack and used his sword to lunge. He didn't injure it, unfortunately, so he just kept attacking, until he swung the sword across it's body, turning it into dust. After that, he continued walking.

That night, Dimitri was still walking around the forest when he came across a girl and two boy. Hesighed quietly and climbed a tree, reading to begin jumping from tree to tree until he was far enough. As soon as he got to the tallest branch, boy #1 shadow traveled behind him and pushed him back to the floor. Then came the girl came out of nowhere and slammed him against a tree. She had a dagger against his throat. "State your name." She growled. Feeling the need to tell her, he did. She asked him a bunch of questions like: What are you doing here? What's your age? Godly Parent? Are you a camper? History? And Dimitri, being charmspoken, spilled every detail of his life. She took all of his weapons and began to think. She should kill him, as he could be a spy. She could just make him swear on the Styx... So that's what she did. He had to swear on the Styx that he wasn't a spy or camper. After not getting turned into fries and boy #2 said he wasn't lying, the girl warily told him about the Broken Covenant. if he didn't join, she'd slice his throat open with the dagger that she was holding, which was still close against his throat. "Were you spying on us?" She raised an eyebrow accusingly. "What? I wasn't. I swear on the Styx." He sighed, as he knew that if he didn't swear, bye bye life. The girl looked at boy #2, and he nodded. "I do know I want to join the Broken Convenant. It's time for the gods to pay."


(Months 3, 6 and 9 are locked)


  1. Children of Thanatos can use astral energies to make weapons for a short period of time, the larger the weapon, the more energy consumed. Only 1 weapon may be created at a time and it cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  2. Children of Thanatos have the ability to drain some of the life force out of a person, so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to conjure a protective dome of astral energies around them, which will protect the user from attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Thanatos can sense any death, whether it be mortal, demigod,nymph or monster.
  2. Children of Thanatos can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased.
  3. Children of Thanatos heal slightly every time they deal damage to their opponents.
  4. Children of Thanatos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Thanatos are able to call forth recently deceased spirits to aide them for a short time.
  3. Children of Thanatos are able to enchant weapons with soul-damaging powers, the effect only lasts for a short time.
  4. Children of Thanatos can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos are able to feast on the darkness around them and empower themselves for a short time, enhancing their strength and speed. After the effect wears off, the user will be somewhat worn out and unable to use the power again for the rest of the fight.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to temporarily split their souls in order to create a duplicate of themselves to aid them in combat. This duplicate and can only fight using whatever weapon the user has and possesses a weaker version of their powers. The user and the duplicate will possess a telepathic link. The longer the duplicate is maintained, the more energy is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to morph into a spirit for a short time. Whilst in this state, they are invisible (except to those gifted with powers over necromancy), intangible, able to fly, and their powers over astral energies and necromancy are enhanced. Though they are intangible by default, they can make themselves tangible to attack others or if they wish to be seen. If they attempt to attack anyone while still intangible they will automatically become visible and tangible. While in this state they are also able to drain the life-force of anyone they touch to a slight extent, however they cannot completely drain the life-force of the person. The user is extremely drained once the transformation ends, unable to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Thanatos generally have morbid personalities.
  2. Children of Thanatos are generally not frightened of death.
  3. Children of Thanatos normally prefer the idea of a quiet, peaceful death. They also tend to dislike the idea of people losing their lives violently.
  4. Children of Thanatos can grow up to make great morticians.



Sophia and Liam


Adoptive Parents


I will do all in my power to avenge them and put honor to their names.

Ashton and Kendria Uncle and Aunt I will have Ashton's blood on my hands. I will slowly and painfully murder him. I will also avenge my aunt.

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