Dorian is a talented kid. He can play all the saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, French horn, mellophone, baritone, tuba, guitar, violin, cello, harp, bass guitar, drums, piano, harmonica, flute, lyre, cithara, Barbitos, Phorminx, Epigonion, pandouris, Percussion instruements, Accordion, Bag pipes, trumpet, Recorder, English horn, and Trombone. He can also sing. He also writes all genres, does all kinds of dance, does drama, and does art. He also wrote music. He also does tennis, basketball, archery, swimming, and soccer. Unlike most demigods he dosen't have Dyslexia, but has ADHD. He is very smart, and is in the smart honors and AP classes at his school. He is openly gay, and dosen't care what people think about it. He is very generous and caring. He is friendly, and a major flirt. He is very hyper and outgoing. He is an expert at basketball and other missile weapons or games. He can learn instruements and new things very quickly. He recently learned How to play the lute, Oregon, Autoharp, banjo, mandolin, viola, pan pipes, fife, ocarina, flugelhorn, cornet, dulcimer, psaltery, shaman drums, kalimba, concertina, and the electric guita, violin, and cello. That is 51 instuements in all.


Hellen met Apollo at a art museum. He introduced himself as Brendan Mason. He asked her out on a date and she said yes. After the first date, Hellen knew she was in love. After a couple dates, Brendan came over to her house. A couple months Later she got pregnant. She told Brendan and he seemed excited. 9 months later, on July 14, Dorian was born. Brendan told Hellen who he really was. Hellen, loved him so much, that she believed him. He then told her he had to leave. She agreed to keep the child, and watched him leave with Dorian in her hands.

Dorian grew up like a normal kid. He went to school, had friends, got good grades. He had special talents though. By the time he was 8 he had mastered about 14 instruements. When he was 10 he knew 26 instruements. His father noticed that he was musical, and sent him a box. When Dorian opened the box he found 6 instruements that he had never seen. At the bottom of the box there was a note that said, From Dad. Dorian looked up what the instruements were. They were instruements from the ancient Greek world. He soon mastered those to. 34 instruements. He soon began to sing to, and could sing in all pitches. He also began drama, writing, art, and dancing. By the time he was 12 he was the most talented person in class.

When he was 13, he joined the basketball team and tennis team. He was the best on the tennis team and the second best in basketball. One day after basketball practice, his teammate, Hayden Clark, started to act weird. He then turned into a huge man. Dorian tried to get away, but the giant hit Dorian across the room. Dorian hit the wall and fell to the ground. Dorian got up and ran for the exit. When he got through the door the giant kicked his foot through the door and kicked Dorian in the back and sent him flying. When he hit the ground he looked back and saw a trail of gold dust in the wind and a hoof turning the corner of the school.

By the time these seasons were over he noticed something different about himself. When he was 14, he came out as gay at school. He got made fun of everyday. He would just ignore it and it didn't bother him. Soon every one just stopped it. He also experienced weird thing after the season. He was attacked by a snake lady, a huge dog, and a another giant. Each one ended with gold dust, and hoof prints.

For high school he was accepted to a special school for the arts. There he was in the honors and AP classes. He also had his first boyfriend here, Austin Pallwaker. His mother didn't know he was gay, so when he invited Austin over to spend the night. That night he lost his virginity. He would invite Austin over all the time, and Hellen never found out. 5 months later he told his mother about it. She wasnt happy about it but she accepted it.

When he was 15, almost 16, he entered a singing contest. He didn't expect to win but he did. The prize was a studio recording, and a cd made. He soon became quite famous, but not as much as Justin Bieber or Beyonce. He had concerts every week, he was so close to becoming very famous. His agent wouldnt allow him to tellchis fans he was gay. Everyday on twitter he would get messages from girls saying he was hot, but he would sometimes get thise messages from guys saying he was hot. He loved those messages.

One night when he was doing a concert in New York, in the middle of the song one of his dancers turned into a flaming headed beast. Dorian screamed and tried to get off the stage but she trapped him. Then his other dancers turned into the same things. He couldn't escape. His fans were screaming and running for the exit. Then one of his body guards drew a sword and killed one of them. He then grabbed Dorian ran for the exit. They got his mom, and got in a car. The bodyguard explained that he was a demigod and Dorian was too. They got to a hill with a tree. The bodyguard told him to go over the hill. Doriandid as he was told. But when he looked back he saw the beast killing his bodyguard and his mom. He went to help but they told him to run. He did as he was told but didn't like it. He entered camp and was claimed by Apollo. He then was taken to his cabin where he cried himself to sleep. The next day he discovered that both his mom and his bodyguard were dead, and he was given a bow and arrow from his father. He is sad, but is trying to make friends.



  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to focus intense beams of light from their eyes which will burn through objects and melt through regular metals.
  2. Children of Apollo can create solar flares that come off their body, and essentially act as ropes of intense heat and plasma. These ropes can act as extensions of themselves and used in a whip like manner.


  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to create a very large protective dome of bright light and heat around them. No one can enter their dome without feeling intense dehydration, and have the ability to faint. People cannot look into the dome so the user can effectively conceal themselves in plain sight.
  2. Children of Apollo are able to foresee potential future attacks, allowing them a short span of time to prepare for these attacks.


  1. Children of Apollo feel stronger during the day and heal quicker during the day.
  2. Children of Apollo have the ability to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major for themselves and for others, but not fatal wounds
  3. Children of Apollo are able to withstand heat and plasma, although both can feel uncomfortable
  4. Children of Apollo have the ability to manipulate the light around them to be bright or darker
  5. Children of Apollo can see through extreme brightness.


  1. Children of Apollo can teleport themselves by manipulating light photons. Essentially, it’s them moving at the speed at which light travels, but using the light itself to help them travel and travel through objects that light can pass through. They need to be careful to not attempt to travel anywhere that has something that blocks light, because it will immediately halt their travel.
  2. Children of Apollo have the ability to create multiple temporary light sources, like sparks of bright light, which act as flashes that can either temporarily affect someone’s vision, or distract them.
  3. Children of Apollo can curse someone to sing loudly for a fair amount of time, the target can fight and operate while singing. But they cannot hide and could suffer from a sore throat over time.
  4. Children of Apollo have a minor degree of control over diseases and plagues, and not to the extent that they can cause death. They also have minor control over infections, but not to the extent that they can cause death. They can cause a person to temporarily break out in hives, rashes, and boils. They can also cause a person to feel overcome with minor flu-like symptoms such as nausea, congestion, sore throat, etc for a short amount of time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo can create massive waves of heat and radiation that can span a large area around them. This can cause people to get heat stroke, dehydrate quicker, and if close enough to the user, cause hallucinations. The longer this power is used, the less hot it becomes, until the user simply runs out of heat and energy.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo are able to manipulate music in their head to play outside of themselves, and amplify it in different places in the surrounding areas, so much so, that they create shock waves from those areas. This essentially allows them to create miniature music explosions capable of blowing people away. They have to be able to visualize the area in which they're sending the music. No one is immune to the sound so this could cause potential danger to themselves and their allies. The more they use this power, the more exhausted they become.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apollo have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a bright purely plasmic state for a short time and while in this state, the user is granted flight, immune to all attacks, receives a boost in their already existing photokinetic abilities and anything they touch is intensely burned. Due to their brightness, looking directly at them is extremely painful. Once the user changes back they will be extremely drained, nauseated and immobile for a long time.


  1. Most children of Apollo are experts at basketball and other missile weapons or games.
  2. Since Apollo is the God of Music, his children are natural musicians and singers. Able to master any instrument instantly and learn any song with ease.
  3. Since Apollo is god of prophecy and oracles, his children are innately better at interpreting prophecies than others.
  4. Children of Apollo can grow up to become great doctors in any field of medicine.
  5. As Apollo is the god of protection of the young, his children are often inclined to protect and defend those younger than them.
  6. Children of Apollo are usually in better moods during the day and enjoy waking up early.
  7. Children of Apollo are more likely to be born with perfect pitch
  8. Children of Apollo are natural shots, and generally have good vision.



Apollo Father He dosen't know him, but loves him.
Hellen Solrus Mother He loved her very much, and was lad she accepted him. He is grieving that she is dead.
Austin Pallwaker Ex-Boyfriend He misses him very much. He didn't want to leave him but had to.


  • Plays 51 instuements.
  • Isnt Dyxlesic, like other demigods.
  • Is openly gay.
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