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Dove is honest– to the point of being blunt, optimistic, loyal, and often takes walks around camps; she always finds conflicts to settle. She hates weapons and when she sees one, she gets very upset. She fragile on the topic, and gets bad flashbacks sometimes. When she upset, violence-induced or not, she tends to shake or even flee. Dove can be delicate but she is not afraid to stand up for watch she believes in, or who, even if she just met them. Also, this is kinda personality: super afraid of the dark.


Jeff Paxton worked as a diplomat for the united states for 10 years. He was extremely devoted to his job, and Harmonia, under the name Grace, found that attractive. She arrived a week later as a newly hired diplomat, whom Jeff was assigned to train. They started to meet after work hours to "go over papers", which really meant dates. A year later, Dove was born. Harmonia made Jeff promise to name his daughter after the beacon of peace. Why did he have to? Wasn't she going to stay? He proposed, but she declined, telling him she'd have to leave the state of New Jersey, and her "job" altogether. He asked why. So soon they got into a long talk where she explained everything: camp, their daughter, herself. He didn't believe her at first, of course, but she calmed his mind (literally) and Jeff realized she was the "real deal". Jeff also vowed not to tell Dove until she showed signs of a power. This was because she might hurt herself trying to use her untrained powers.

Dove was raised with strong values like amity and honesty. In her childhood, she was very popular; she never got into skimmishes or arguments. Overall she was sort of a goody two-shoes, and despised violence and weapons. At 12 years old, began to work in an anti violence charity called The AVC. He knew about monsters and though he was concered about Dove, he hoped that if she was attacked on a trip with them, the mortals could hide her. At 13, on an AVC trip down the jersey country, a giant scorpian attempted to attack her, sensing she was of age. Dove suddenly had the wild instinct to concentrate on peace, tranquility, surrender, and she did, shaking; the monster back away. But it wasn't enough. Someone else in the AVC mission along with Dove was a boy she recognized as Adam. Adam was in a wheel chair mostly, and yet always insisted on being with these trips and Dove. He tossed her a celestial bronze sword that she barely managed to catch, and took that as a sign to fight. And yet she didn't know how. Adam stood up, revealing hairy legs of a sheep. Or was it a goat. What WAS he? He yelled directions, and Dove followed them, tears streaming down her face until golden dust clouded her vision. It was moment she'd never forget. Dove always disliked weapons but now, she might never look at one the same again. It was even scarier thinking she might need to.

Above her head appeared the symbol of Harmonia. She smiled up at it, not knowing what it meant, and promptly passed out peacefully. Jeff met Dove at the hosptial and when she got discharged that night, her father decided to explain everything to Dove, feeling guilty that he didn't abide by the honesty he taught Dove to have. And so, a month later– on her birthday, Jeff decided Dove needed to be trained; the attacks could only get worse, and drove her to camp half blood. He helped Dove out of the car, and hugged her, explaining that she shoud only come back home if she is safe. Jeff then told her to run and fast as she can without looking back, and so she did, never realizing there was a monster after her. She didn't see it, and it was never identified. So, Dove Paxton arrived in the late morning, seen gripping an olive branch and a suitcase. A suitcase with a celestial bronze sword in it.



  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to force a false state of peace upon someone, making them blind to any attack for a very short time.
  2. Children of Harmonia have the ability to amplify their physical strength for a short time; however, they suffer from a sort of withdrawal once the effects have subsided.


  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to charm a single weapon into being unable to be used for any sort of offense for a short time.
  2. Children of Harmonia can make a pact with a single person at a time, making it so that each of them receives a lesser effect from every wound; however, any wound that one of them receives, the other receives as well, to the same lesser degree.


  1. Children of Harmonia have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  2. In their presence, people form friendships more easily, or reach agreements more easily.


  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to slightly calm the minds of everyone near them, no matter what side they are on.
  2. Children of Harmonia have the ability to charm a weapon so that it heals wounds, rather than causing them; this drains the child of Harmonia and the user of the weapon extremely.

3 Month After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia have the ability to greatly amplify the abilities and powers of a group of people near them; the user, however, is extremely drained from this action.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia are able to charm all the weapons in the immediate area around them to not attack for a short time, but that includes their own.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Harmonia are able to everyone in their immediate vicinity to become so harmonious they lose their will to fight, but that includes themselves.


  1. Children of Harmonia tend to have well balanced and harmonious personalities.
  2. Children of Harmonia are good at overseeing treaties between people.


14 (often acts older)


Name Relation Feelings
Jeff Paxton Father Dove feels like he didn't deserve heartbreak
Harmonia Mother Dove hopes to meet her
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