She is a very quiet girl who does not trust... She is strong willed but does not often show that... She feels that she is alone, and only wants family, and trust, but even though she wants trust, she does not show trust in anybody..... To strangers and even her family it seems as she has gone mad.


Before Ella's Birth

Baharia was born in London, England and was raised in her mother's house, before leaving off on her own. Baharia was distantly related to a roman demi-god. Baharia's mother died (for unknown reasons) and was adopted by Bella. She met Ella's father (Hephaestus) in a restaurant and had a very long conversation with him. She eventually invited him over to her house. When she had Ella, Hephaestus visited once, and told her about Camp Half-Blood

Ella's History

She was born into a rich household, growing up with her mother for a short while. When Ella was 3, the house was set on fire and her mother died in it (investigators think it was a murder). Ella was at her aunt's house for the night, as Baharia was out for the night.

She was taken in by her grandmother, Bella, who had many mental and personality disorders. She grew up in a very stressful and crazy household, when she was with her grandmother, as Bella often got arrested for assults and battery (she hated other people), until was arrested for murder when Ella was 10... She left the manor and stowed away to New York by ship (she was in the storage with the animals while on it). She wandered, remembering what her mother said about a camp half-blood before she died, looking for the camp, asking everybody she knows. She stumbled into a satyr and it lead the way to Camp Half-Blood. Ella is now 12.

Combat & Abilities





Weapon of Choice

Silver Dagger that turns into a sword


Hand to Hand combat


 Vindictiveness, Inability to move on.

Quests Led


Quests Been On




Name Relation Feelings
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