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Elliot Jackson
Son of Mnemosyne

Let's get something straight—Elliot is the embodiment of apathy. If apathy was gay and had a very snarky sense of humor. He's generally indifferent to most things unless they catch his attention, and when they do, they have a more material feel to him than an emotional one. Few things manage to strike him with curiosity, but once they do, they captivate his attention for as long they have it. He is slow to obsession but once filled with it, he becomes irrational and cold. He has a low tolerance for nonsense, and to put it lightly, blatantly dislikes stupid people. Pointing out the obvious makes him sick and leads him to his snarky remarks, which makes him and sarcasm, not the best duo (although ironically, he's a very sarcastic person).

Elliot is extremely pessimistic about everything although has learned to keep his opinions to himself and fake his happiness in return for secrecy. After Mooyoung left him, he has learned that it's best to give people what they want rather than reality so he kept wary of how he did things and how he appeared to people. He became increasingly bitter as his heart eroded from loss, but on the outside, maintained his image as he continued on, forming a new life for himself.


Steve interestingly enough, hated literature. He avoided libraries, books made him vomit, and he'd rather die before touching a newspaper. A visual learner, Mnemosyne took interest in him and was determined to make him love literature. She began spending time with him under the alias of Anna and eventually the two fell in love. She disappeared, returning briefly to gift her love with Elliot but this only made Steve more bitter about literature. All of it reminded him of Ana, and in turn, created a hole in his heart.

A hatred towards his son grew alongside Elliot. For the most part, Steve restrained himself but there was always an aura of misery around him as a child. Eventually, Steve, delve into a habit drinking late, and Elliot began a habit of hiding in the cupboard to avoid his drunken father. They played hide and seek, which required Elliot to stealthily go about the house for if caught, he would take heavy beatings as his repercussions. When Elliot was ten, they moved to South Korea from Britain for business. The both of them, knowing no Korean, learned as they lived however shortly after, Steve died in a car crash.

Elliot was abandoned on the streets and struggled to live by himself yet managed. He was taken in by a gang whom at the time had no leader, but were a group of teenagers and young adults who had been in similar situations like Elliot. Unlike him, they weren't special. They weren't demititans. He was attacked by a monster and upon this time, he discovered his powers which he used to kill the beast. Amazed, the gang came to worship the twelve-year-old, and two years later, took him as their leader and head of arrangements. For two years, he led the police on a wild goose chase until he was stopped by a boy one year older than him. Elliot became fascinated with him and subdued to his requirements in return for companionship.

In the end, his gang was arrested and sent to prison while he continued running free. He made his living gambling in the streets and had become quite a good gambler. He lived amongst an abandoned apartment building and spent his nights talking to Mooyoung, whom he had fallen in love with. For several years, he lived in this rugged area, defeated monsters here, and loved here. He had never thought about leaving or fixing his broken life until Mooyoung left him. The loss sent a ripple through his life which made him bitter beyond measure. He began piecing his life back together and fled South Korea for the United States for which he found the Champions of Orthys.

He joined their ranks and remained a loyal member. However, when conflict arose, he lied to escape to camp, claiming to the Champions he would spy for them when in reality he needed time to collect his thoughts. Desperate to make his plan work, he left the CoO headquarters on the official terms that he was a spy when he honestly had no intention of doing so. He reached camp, and with the decision still in mind, posed as a newbie who had decided to finally come to Camp.








Basic Info
Full Name Elliot Spencer Jackson
Nickname Eli, Spencer
Birthday October 13th
Age 19
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Status Single
Sexuality Homosexual
Location Camp
Gender Male
Titles Idk
OOC Plans spicy love triangle + potential COO spy
Model Niclas Gillis
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 6'3
Voice Low/Cold
Body Style Slender
Mental/Emotional State Semi-Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasian
Past Relations
First Kiss Won Mooyoung
First Love Won Mooyoung
First Ex Won Mooyung
Most Recent Ex Won Mooyoung
Relationship Status Single
Dating(?) Jayden whatever his last name is
Sexuality Homosexual
God Parent Mnemosyne
Mortal Parent Steve Jackson
Half-Sibling(s) Children of Mnemosyne
Full Sibing(s) No one
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read weapons out of pure energy which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also write/read other objects that are for non-combative purposes
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can launch orbs of ink which burst upon striking the target, temporarily obscuring their vision. They can only launch three orbs of ink at a time.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read a shield of pure energy, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will blunt most attacks but slow the movement of the conjurer.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to revert time around them for a short duration in order to dodge an attack that was unforeseen. After doing so, this ability cannot be used for a while.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne gain memory of the contents of any written text - such as a book or a webpage - as soon as they lay eyes on it. They would still have to learn what it all means, however.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have an eidetic memory and can remember every detail of a previous fight with an opponent.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne are able to force everyone around them within a 10-meter radius to remember and dwell on an event from their past that emulates a certain emotion from the affected. The child of Mnemosyne can choose which emotion they would like their targets to feel, be it anger, sadness, happiness, ecstasy or anything in or ecstasy. The user cannot hold the targets under their control for more than a few minutes, and the effects of the power can cause those around them to become positive and motivated from their happy memory
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can use descriptive insults used both against themselves and their opponents to gain a temporary boost in speed and strength. The longer they maintain this boost, the more energy is drained.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can read/write wings into existence. This enables them to fly; the longer they maintain this state, the more energy it drains. They must rest between flights and cannot make long distance traveling without resting often. However the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic; they can also be customized to the user’s preference.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to travel back and forth in time, but they are unable to interact with or change past events they are only able to see the events play out. When they go forward in time they only see “possible” futures, that does not mean those future events will come to pass.
  5. Children of Mnemosyne can view the memories of another person that they can see, in real time. They may struggle to zero in on specific memories, however, and the target can notice and resist them if they are too forceful.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can temporarily rewrite details about the battlefield they are fighting on in order to alter it and gain an advantage over their opponent. This could include things like temporarily eliminating the shadows on a battlefield if they are fighting a child of Nyx or temporarily drying up the water if they are fighting a child of Poseidon. The change takes effect gradually and only lasts for a moderate time. The more complicated the wording of the change, and the less clear their description of it is, the more the user is drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can manifest a person or creature from any book in order to temporarily fight alongside them. The manifestation cannot be larger than 2-3 the size of the user and will dissipate after a short time. The person cannot be overly powerful and the user will have a hard time moving while the manifestation is in place.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can morph into a state of pure imagination. This grants them flight, receive enhancement in some of their abilities (Offensive 1, Defensive 1, 3 Month and 6 Month) and invulnerability to attacks. This effect only lasts for a short time, leaving the user extremely drained and temporarily unable to move afterward.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne typically have excellent memories, unable to forget details from their past and are therefore immune to the effects of amnesia and other memory-related illnesses.
  2. Though most demigods struggle with dyslexia, children of Mnemosyne usually do so to a lesser extent because their mother is the goddess of the written word.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can normally learn and decipher other languages incredibly easy. Ex: Hearing a woman speak Chinese would mean the user could somewhat understand even if they never heard the language before. If they then have a lengthy conversation with the woman in Chinese, they’d be considered fluent in the language afterward.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne often grow up to become great authors, English teachers, and historians.

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